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Who invented the hydrogen bomb, and when?

Who invented the hydrogen bomb, and when?

Do you know who invented the hydrogen bomb? And when did it? If you do not know, then let us know today, who invented the hydrogen bomb and when it happened.

Who invented the hydrogen bomb, and when?

Hydrogen bomb is also called thermonuclear. If we talk about the world's most destructive weapon, then thermonuclear i.e. hydrogen bomb comes in the first place, although it has not been used yet. But its tests have proved that it can endanger the existence of human civilization and all the creatures of the earth in a few minutes.

This is because a hydrogen bomb is 1000 times more powerful than an atomic bomb. We have seen the power of the atom, when America dropped atomic bombs on two cities of Japan during World War II, both the cities were completely destroyed.

Who invented the hydrogen bomb?

For your information, let us tell you that the world's first hydrogen bomb was invented by Hungarian -American physicist Edward Teller . Under his leadership, on November 1, 1952 , the first test of this bomb was done on an island of Enewetak , a coral island group located in the Pacific Ocean, and this test was named Ivy Mike . In this way America became the first country to invent the hydrogen bomb .

Born in the year 1908 in the country of Hungary, Edward Taylor did his university level studies in Germany. After this he came to America in the year 1935. The main reason for Edward's coming to America and joining defense research and research was the communist movement in Hungary and the rise of Hitler's Nazi army in Germany. Because at that time Hitler's army was capturing one after the other in the countries of Europe. Edward was also greatly influenced by this. In such a situation, Edward became a supporter of developing dangerous weapons like the atomic bomb to stop Hitler's army.

When the Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb since the United States, Edward persuaded the President of the United States to work on the hydrogen bomb project, as the United States and the Soviet Union (today's Russia) were considered close rivals at the time. . After getting approval from the President, the world's first hydrogen bomb was tested in the year 1952.

When was the hydrogen bomb invented?

The hydrogen bomb was first tested by the US on November 1, 1952 , and thus the hydrogen bomb was invented?

What is Hydrogen Bomb?

The hydrogen bomb is a variant of the atomic bomb that uses Deuterium and Tritium. The bomb consists of a three-stage detonation that helps detonate the main reactor. For this main reactor to explode, 5 million degrees Celsius or more of the heat is needed from the first two explosions. When a hydrogen bomb explodes completely, its energy is equal to the temperature of the Sun.

Its explosion has so much power that its wind can throw any person for many kilometers. If any person sees its light, then he can also be blind. All life in the island and the entire surrounding area on the island where the US tested this bomb had ended.

Which country currently has hydrogen bomb?

At present, 9 countries of the world have successfully tested thermonuclear (hydrogen bomb) bombs. Officially the following countries have hydrogen bombs.

1. United States of America (USA) - America is the first country in the world to test this bomb in 1952.

2. Russia - Russia is the second country in the world that made this bomb in 1954.

3. England (United Kingdom) – This is the third country in the world which tested this bomb in October 1957 under the secret name – Operation Grapple.

4. China - This is the fourth country in the world which tested this bomb in 1967.

5. France - France tested this bomb in August 1968.

6. India - India successfully tested this bomb in 1998 under 'Operation Shakti'.

7. Israel - In which year Israel did the first test of thermonuclear bomb, it has not been clear yet.

8. Pakistan - In which year Pakistan did the first test of thermonuclear bomb, it is not clear yet.

9. North Korea - The name of North Korea has been added to this list only two years ago. North Korea completed testing a miniature version of the bomb on January 6, 2016.

How does a hydrogen bomb work? 

Such a huge amount of energy in this bomb is generated by the same process by which our Sun also emits infinite energy i.e. 'Nuclear Fusion'. Chain reaction is also involved in this process of fusion. In this chain reaction, two isotopes of hydrogen – deuterium and tritium – combine at very high temperatures to form helium. The high temperature for this reaction is generated by nuclear fission. It is only because of the chain reaction that this nuclear weapon is able to generate such a huge amount of energy.

What is used as fuel in a hydrogen bomb?

Hydrogen bombs use the heavy isotopes of hydrogen deuterium and tritium as thermonuclear fuel.

How is a hydrogen bomb different from an atomic bomb?

According to nuclear experts, a hydrogen bomb can be 1000 times more powerful than an atomic bomb.

The main difference between these two is the 'explosion process'.

There is a difference in the way H-bombs and atom bombs generate energy. 

On the one hand, in the H-bomb, the process of fusion combines two lighter nuclear nuclei to form a heavier nucleus, which produces thousands of times more energy than the atom bomb. On the other hand, in the atom bomb, heavy atomic nuclei are split into two lighter nuclei, due to which it produces many times less energy than the H-bomb and the effect of its explosion is also less.

Important facts about Hydrogen bomb 

The H-Bomb can be 100 to 1000 times more powerful than the Atom Bomb.

The unit of measurement of the explosive yield of an atom bomb is 'kiloton'. Where each kiloton is equivalent to an explosive capacity of 1000 tons of TMT. The same, the explosive capacity of a hydrogen bomb is measured in 'megatons'. Where each megaton is equivalent to the explosive capacity of one million tonnes of TMT!

The first H-bomb tested by the US in 1952 was 1000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan and twice the explosive capacity of the total bombs used in World War II .

The first test was conducted by the US on the island of Namu on May 20, 1956, by dropping a hydrogen bomb from an aircraft from an altitude of 10,000 feet, which had an explosive capacity equivalent to 15 million tons of TNT. The width of the fireball generated by this is about 6 km. And it was brighter than 500 suns.

By the year 1980, about 40,000 thermonuclear weapons and equipment were stored in the ordinances of countries all over the world, whose number decreased to less than 10,000 by 1990.


So friends today in this article you know who invented the hydrogen bomb? And when did it? Although the atomic bomb has been used, but the hydrogen bomb has not yet been used to attack any country. And let's hope it never gets used because we have seen the devastation of the atomic bomb. Which completely ruined both the cities of Japan. Since the hydrogen bomb is 1000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb, its use can endanger all life along with mankind.

People also ask

Who invented the atomic bomb?

The atomic bomb was invented by American-born scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Who is the discoverer of hydrogen bomb?

The hydrogen bomb was invented by Hungarian-American theoretical physicist Edward Teller.

Which is the most dangerous bomb in the world?

In the list of dangerous bombs, there is also the name of MOP i.e. Massive Ordnance Penetrator, called Bunker Buster of America. Its official name is GBU-57A. Its length is about 20 feet and weight is 14 thousand kilograms. It is said to be the world's largest non-nuclear bomb which can detonate up to a depth of 60 meters.

How many hydrogen bombs does India have?

The number is not known with certainty as the situation regarding hydrogen bomb in India is not clear. India tested the hydrogen bomb in 1998.

How many nuclear bombs does India have in 2021?

Talking about India, in the year 2020, India had 150 nuclear bombs, while in 2021 their number increased to 156. India made six new nuclear weapons last year and now it has about 156 nuclear warheads.

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