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Mug Printing Business Idea 2022 - How to Start a Mug Printing Business in 2022

Mug Printing Business Idea 2022

How to Start a Mug Printing Business

In today's fashion era, most of the people want to use fashionable products even in their homes. This is the reason that in this era of fashion, different types of businesses are also developing. One of these businesses is also of mug printing. As you must have heard the business name of mobile cover printing, and T-shirt printing. This is the same type of business. In this article, we are going to give you detailed information about this business, such as what is Mug Printing Business, how to do mug printing, so that any person can do it easily after getting complete information about this business. So let's know how to start mug printing business.

Mug Printing Business Idea

How to start mug printing business

It is often seen in movies, TV shows that the mug used for the scene is made stylish by printing. That's why many people use printed mugs for the promotion of their home, company or gift. That's why the business of printed mugs is going very well nowadays, which you can start very easily and earn good profits. Here all the special information related to this business is being given. Step by step information about how to start mug printing business is being given below, now by reading this, you can start mug printing business very easily.

Raw Material for Mug Printing

For this work mainly two raw materials are required, one is sublimation mug and the other is sublimation paper. Apart from this, printing paper and sublimation tape etc. are also required, which are as follows:-

  • Sublimation Mag

  • Sublimation Paper

  • printing paper

  • sublimation tape

  • Designing a Laptop

  • Graphic Designing Software (Coral Draw and Adobe Photoshop)

  • Printer to print out designs

  • Then the printing machine

Raw material price for mug printing

  • Sublimation Mug : Rs 75 per mug

  • Sublimation Paper: Rs.230 per 20 pieces

  • Printing Paper: Rs 330

  • Sublimation Tape : Rs.300 (20 mm)  

Mug Printing Machinery

For this job you need the following machines.

1. Printer

A printer from which you can print.

2. Computer

A computer with Corel Draw and Photoshop features.

3. Then the printing machine

Mug printing requires a mug printing machine once the design is printed out.

Cost of machinery for printing

Printing machine price

1. Sublimation Printer : Rs.30,000

2. Then printing machine: Rs. 5,000

Where to Buy Mug Printing Raw Material and Machine

To buy Raw Material and Mug Printing Machine online you can visit this website:

  • https://www.indiamart.com/

  • http://www.amazon.in/

  • https://www.snapdeal.com

Then the process of printing

How to do mug printing

After buying all the items related to mug printing, now the number comes that how to print mugs from that material. Follow all the steps given below to do mug printing.

  • For printing, first you have to prepare that design with the help of computer and any designing software. While preparing the design keep in mind that the size of the design for the mug should be 203/85 mm. The design needs to be created with the help of CorelDraw or Photoshop and saved in JPEG format.

  • After preparing the design, save it in JPEG format and take a print out of it with the help of Sublimation Printer. Sublimation printers are needed because with this you can remove the mirror design of any print so that it can be printed directly on the mug after it is printed. However, by mirroring the design, it can also be printed with a common printer.  

  • After taking out the print of the design, now turn on the mug printing machine and leave it for some time so that it can heat. Till then cut the printed design well from the paper and stick it on the mug with the help of sublimation tape.

  • After pasting the sublimation tape, leave the printing machine on for some time. About 330 degree temperature is required for the machine to heat up.

  • Now set the timing by placing the mug in the printing machine. This process takes at least two to three minutes to complete.

  • After that remove the mug from the machine and remove the sublimation tape. Thus you will see the design printed on the mug.

Mug printing cost and profit

The cost of printing a mug is only Rs 2! Hence the cost of printing a cast and a sublimation cup for Rs 2 is Rs 75, i.e. the total cost of a mug is Rs 77! This cup can be easily sold in the market for Rs 299 and can get a profit of around Rs 200 per cup.

Time to print a mug

A mug requires a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes to print (Mug Printing Business), and your design gets mounted on the mug. For larger sized mugs, this time may take up to 5 minutes.

The printing machine has the facility to set this timing, as soon as it is completed, the machine starts sounding an alarm.

Total expenses for mug printing business

Any person can start the business of mug printing with very little investment. It would not be wrong at all to call this business a low investment business. If you have a budget of 50 thousand to one lakh rupees, then you can start this business. 

The total cost of setting up this business is up to Rs 25,000. With this much money, you will be able to buy a machine and set up your own private business at your place.

Space requirement for mug printing business

If you are doing this business on a small scale in a low budget, then you can start it from a single room of the house. If you have less space in the house, then you can start from any shop.

For which you will have to pay rent. But keep in mind that this type of business can benefit you even in urban areas.

200 square feet space is enough to set up this business and store ready made stock.

Marketing for the business of mug printing

The biggest marketing area of ​​this business (Mug Printing Business) is online marketing. There is a lot of demand in the market for different types of printing mugs. After printing the mugs, you can easily sell them on online e-commerce platforms. Such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal.

Apart from selling on the online platform, you can also sell them in the wholesale market. This type of product is mostly in demand at gift stores.

Apart from this, there are a variety of fancy markets in the cities, where you can sell your products.

Packing of printed mug

After the mug is printed, it needs to be packed properly, that is, after printing the mug, you need to packaging it well, for which first you have to make small boxes of some cartoons. , which are cup size. You can put printed cups in it. If you want to make your packaging stylish, then you can make mug (Mug Printing Business) related design on this cartoon packet. 

License for the business of mug printing

To start and run any kind of business it is necessary to be legally aware. This will not hinder your business in any way. You can register the place from where you want to do business, under the MSME of the Government of India. For this you will need Aadhar card and you can also do it online. If the business starts running well, then get a bank account and PAN card made in the name of your firm.

Thank you.

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