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What is courier service business? How to start courier service business?

What is courier service business, meaning, agency, how to take franchise, how to open company (Courier Services Business, Plan, Franchise, Profit, Opportunities, Model, Profile)

How to start courier service business? , Courier Service Business

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Courier Service Business: In today's time, the lifestyle of man has completely changed, in which he has included many services for his convenience. Due to which his works are completed very easily. Today we will talk about the courier service involved in such services.

The importance of courier service has increased a lot in the present times. In the past, people used to exchange their documents through couriers. But at present people are sending any medicinal product from one place to another and country to abroad.

When this service was started, this service was used by only a few people. But in the present time when the person is so busy. The use and trend of this service has increased a lot.

What is courier service business

What is Courier Service Business

In today's busy lifestyle, a person uses various services to perform his work. If we talk about courier service, it is used to send important documents and goods from one place to another.

Because the person himself is not able to go from one place to another due to his busyness. So he is able to send his goods from one place to another, from one city to another and from one state to another by using courier service.

Therefore, such a person or business company, which provides this service to its customers, is called courier business. Courier business is providing this service to its customers at national and international level.

Courier business is the name of a company that provides such a facility to different types of companies and general public, under which they send and deliver their important documents and other materials from one address to another. Simply put, if a person wants to deliver any of his goods to another person, then he does not need to go there himself. All this work can be done by the courier company. In exchange for these services, the courier companies ask the consumers to pay some fixed amount and the consumers comfortably pay that amount to the company.

Scope for Courier Company Business in India

Nowadays it has become very common to order goods online while sitting at home. In such a situation, the courier company earns the most because they deliver the goods ordered by you from shopkeepers and big showrooms. In return, they get commission and some fixed amount. If we talk about the courier market in India, then let us tell you that according to the estimated figures of the year 2015 to 16, the courier market had an annual profit of about 14 crores. And gradually in the coming time it has reached 20 crores from the year 2019 to 2020. Whereas even today there are many places in India where the courier industry has not reached. In such a situation, if you choose courier business as your profession, then you can earn profit in it day by day. Because in today's time Amazon, Flipkart and don't know how many such companies have been formed which work to deliver goods to the consumers sitting at home. In such a situation, if you start your own courier business by joining these companies, then you can easily earn more money with less investment.

How to start courier business?

While starting the courier business, there are two options available to the businessman, out of which the first option is that the businessman should start his own courier company. But starting his own courier company in this way may cost the businessman very much, which will be in crores. If we talk about the second option, then the businessman can start this business even by taking a franchise of an already popular courier company.

It costs less than the first option. So it depends on the businessman that with how much capital and cost he wants to start the business. The first option will cost the businessman a lot, while by choosing the second option, all the expenses and management of the business from logistics to transportation are completed by that company only.

Therefore, many courier service people start their business by taking a franchise, which reduces the cost and also reduces the amount of risk.

starting your own courier company

If the businessman wants to start his own company, then the size of the businessman's investment will be big and while starting the courier business, the businessman can start it from a small area as well. In which he can start his services from a particular area or city where he can provide courier service to the customers.

In this, he will have to set up his own transportation expenses, logistics, warehouse, etc. and he will also need to open his own office in related areas, which will cost him a lot. Therefore, only such people should set up their own courier company, who have a lot of investment potential and arrangement.

Apart from this, in opening his own courier company, the businessman will need to register his company, in which he will have to choose a particular entity from the various types of business entities, under which he will have to legally register his company. If the businessman wants, he can also register the business as partnership, proprietorship and private limited company.

How to set up courier business in India

There are 2 ways available to set up courier business in India. Let us understand both the options in detail:-

How to set up your own logistic and courier company :- According to this option you need a fair amount of money to start your own logistic courier company. Although you can set it up on a small scale as well but in that also you will need more money because to associate with a courier company you need a lot of employees who can work with you and deliver them to the customers' homes. Could deliver the goods. Therefore, if you want to start your own courier company in India, then for this you will have to raise a number of investors, who can invest in your business together with you, and after that you will have to register your company as a private limited or a registered company. Have to make

Joining a reputed courier company or taking a franchise :- If you cannot raise much money then you can join a reputed courier company or start a separate business by taking its franchise. In today's time, there are many such courier companies in India who are ready to give you the franchise, just you need the following things to take the franchise of the courier company :- 

  1. Registration letter of license and tax payment for taking franchisee,

  1. All the documents of association with the company from which you are taking the franchisee,

  1. After taking the franchise, you have to find the place where you want to open your company.

  1. Instead of taking the franchise, you also have to deposit a fixed security amount, that amount depends on the courier company, how much money they want to take from you or any person while taking the franchise.

  1. All types of your financial details like bank statement or photo copy of bank passbook should also be present with you.

  1. To take a franchise from a courier company, you are given a letter of acceptance from the courier head office, which is very important to have with you.

  1. There must be an agreement between you and the company with which you are doing the franchise.

There are many companies in India that are ready to give their name as a franchisee to that person who wants to invest in this business and want to do this business. Such as Indian Postal Service, DHL Express India Private Limited, Blue Dart Express Limited, First Flight Courier Limited, DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited etc.

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Courier Business

Courier services can be delivered to consumers only with the help of a vehicle, for this it is very important to discuss which vehicle you choose or think is the right vehicle for your company. Because your choice of vehicle depends on 2 things that how far you are expanding your courier business and how much quantity you have to courier. For example, if you have to serve consumers within a radius of 10 to 15 kilometers, then you can buy a 2 wheeler for this. But if the quantity is more then you will have to resort to bigger vehicles like goods carriage magic or tempo. Apart from this, if you have to deliver courier within a distance of 200 to 300 kilometers or more, then you may have to take the help of a truck for this. You also need some investment to get all these vehicles, Like for a smaller vehicle you will have to invest less money and for a bigger vehicle you will have to pay more money. So the choice of any vehicle depends on the expansion of your company and the capital of your company.

Essential Equipment for Courier Business

There are some items in the courier business which are very heavy in weight and large in size, and which require less human labor to lift. Some equipment is required in the courier company to lift such items. Such as large trolleys which are helpful in lifting large goods easily and keeping them in the vehicle. Some of the equipments are cargo straps and tapes etc. which you can buy from the market.

Selection of Office Location for Courier Service Business

Before starting courier service business, it is mandatory for you to choose the location, where the population of people is high and the paperwork is more. Courier business runs well there. Cities with high population include Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata etc.

If you want to start your business in one of these cities, then it can be the best location for you. Apart from this, the business of couriers runs in a better way in other cities as well.

If you want to provide your courier services by associating with big company, then you can set up your office in the middle of business places. Apart from this, if you want to provide domestic services through your courier business, then for this you can set up your office near any residential area so that people can reach you easily.

Following are the criteria for courier company

  • Before starting courier business, you will have to obtain necessary license and tax registration also known as GST registration by the concerned departments, only then you can start courier business.

  • Where do you want to set up your courier business? If the place is rented or taken on lease and own place, which is set to open the business.

  • A security deposit is demanded from the businessman by the courier company, which is determined differently by different companies.

  • To check the financial status of the person who wants to start courier business, copy of passbook and bank statement are demanded.

  • The acceptance letter provided by the head office to the businessman is also to be submitted.

  • The businessman will also need to obtain a logistic agreement from that company before applying for courier business.

Documents required for registration in courier business

  • Copy of Enrollment Consent obtained by Municipal Corporation License,

  • Complete copy of the site and layout plan of the place where you want to start your company,

  • Copy of NOC obtained from Fire Department,

  • A flow chart on which you have given complete details of the manufacturing process,

  • Copies of all types of complete profiles of all employees working in your company,

  • State wise copy of fees to be filled,

  • If you want to provide courier services related to food, then you will also have to obtain FSSAI license from the Food Department, a copy of which also has to be submitted at the time of application.

  • Also copy of pan card

  • All types of id proof of the applicant,

  • Full proof of ownership of the company owner,

  • If the company is in partnership then it is necessary to have a partnership deed.

Required License and Registration Process for Courier Business

To get the license by registering in courier business, you should follow the following procedure:-

  • In this, first of all you have to fill the application on the letter head of the company.

  • You will get all the information related to the application form by visiting the government municipality where you want to set up your company. You will also have to do all the process related to the application form for the license there itself.

  • Separate application form is to be filled for all types of business, domestic, national and international.

  • Depending on the status of the application form, you also have to pay some prescribed fee.

  • While filling the application, you should have full details of your partner, if available, and related companies and with whom you want to work in association, in that letter.

  • After obtaining the company certificate, you also have to show its copy at the time of registration.

  • If there are many investors in your company, then you have to fill all the details and dates related to them in the application form.

  • You will also need to collect the ID-D and passport copy of the directors and shareholders of the company.

  • In which country, city and region you want to start your business, you have to fill the complete information in that document.

  • You also have to present the information of security personnel, postal staff etc. working with you to the officer.

  • It is very important to have the insurance policy of the company as a copy of the same is also sought at the time of filling the application.

Determination of cost and rate in courier business

By the way, as a standard, a list of a fixed amount has been made for the courier company, according to which the courier company can receive money on the transaction of goods from a consumer. But still it is very important to prepare a list of your own, for which you have to follow the following methods.

  • On the basis of competitor companies :- First of all find out what your competitor companies charge from the consumers instead of courier service. After that you can prepare a lower or estimated rate list according to that rate list.

  • On the basis of time :- Apart from this, some companies also charge on the basis of time like charge by the hour. In this, the amount of hours in which you can deliver the goods to the consumer is paid by the consumer to the courier company. As you must have heard that if no courier reaches you in 30 minutes, then you can also take it for free. In the same way, some courier company binds a time limit to attract the customers and provides the desired facilities to the customers.

  • Separate charge for heavy or glass items:- Each courier company charges according to the weight, size and precious glass items of the item. In the same way, if you also want to set up your company, then while setting up, you have to keep in mind that you should also prepare a list which shows the charges according to the weight of the goods.

  • Holiday Charges :- Some courier companies are such that they are open even on national holidays and their services are reaching the consumers, in such a situation, they take advantage of that holiday and charge something extra. Whose list is also pre-determined by the courier company.

  • Waiting Charges :- If you want to transport your goods from one place to another, then you can contact any courier company, for this you have to choose the option of pickup service in the courier. After which a person from the courier company comes and takes your goods, if you delay in packing your goods, then a charge is imposed on it which is called waiting charge. which is already determined.

Earning and profit in courier business

Courier business is very much in vogue these days. Because in the busy lifestyle, a person takes the help of courier business for his works. Therefore, there is a possibility of substantial profit for the person in the courier business.

If you start courier service business, then you can easily earn 50 to 60 thousand rupees a month. But if you start a business on a large scale, then your profit can be in lakhs.

The courier company hires some employees who work to deliver the goods from one place to another, and gives them salary or some percentage commission. In this case, the rest of the remaining money is completely profit for the courier company. As this business grows, the opportunities for both earning and profit in this business increase. You only need 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees to join any big company by taking franchisee. In which there is a possibility of earning and profit up to 5 lakhs annually. On the other hand, if you start your own business, then for that you have to invest about 5 lakh to 10 lakh rupees. And in this you can get a profit of 10 lakh rupees annually.

How to connect courier business with Amazon and Flipkart

If you want to associate your courier business with big companies like Flipkart or Amazon, then for that you have to contact them and complete all the process of joining them. After that, when you join the company, all the work of delivery of goods in the vicinity of the area in which you do business or want to do is entrusted to your company. This company charges you on the basis of some commission on the delivery of each item, due to which your earning increases gradually. The whole process is done online by joining with these companies and big courier companies are hired by these companies for the delivery of the goods.

Marketing for courier service business

In courier business, most of your marketing is automatic based on all your inputs. But if you want to promote your business in the beginning, you can remind people about your business or your service by marketing online and offline that we are this courier and in this courier you will get delivery in these cities. Will get the best service.

Ways to find customers in courier business

In any business, different methods have to be adopted to attract the consumers, similarly in the courier business also hard work has to be done to attract the consumers.

  • You can promote your company to bring customers in this business.

  • By associating with big and well-known companies, you can provide your company's services to the customers coming through them.

  • Apart from this, you can directly come in contact with the customer by creating an online website and give them an opportunity to avail your service.

  • You can also attract consumers towards you through some good and attractive offers and discounts.

Security in Courier Business

It is very important to give importance to the security in the courier business because all the services of the courier business are based on the satisfaction of the customers and the trust of the reputed companies. In such a situation, it is your biggest responsibility to take care of the consumer goods whose delivery you have to give at another place so that the goods do not get damaged in any way. A small loss can create mistrust between your company and the consumer, and it can also cause a huge loss to your company.

Starting a Courier Business with a Franchise

You can also start a courier business by taking a franchise. This is for those businessmen who do not have much investment cost and want to start courier business. The option is easy for them that they can start this business by taking a franchise of a company.

This option is also easy because that company is already present and maintains a name in this field, which makes it easier for the businessman to do transportation, logistics, warehouse, marketing etc. Meaning all these works are done by that franchisee company.

So whenever you think of starting a courier company business, you must analyze both these options. So that you get the knowledge of the challenges and difficulties in this business in advance.

However, the second option is very good, as it gives one the knowledge of the area and reduces the risk involved. Famous courier companies in India that provide franchise are:

  • Indian Postal Department

  • Blue Dart Express Limited

  • fedex india

  • First Flight Courier Limited

  • TNT Express

  • Overnight Express Limited

There are major courier companies that provide franchisees. While taking a franchise, a person should keep in mind that courier companies do not make their franchise available to any person just like that. For this, each company has established its own eligibility criteria and process. The person who is eligible on all these criteria, only they are given courier franchise.

Hiring Employees for Courier Service Business

For courier business, the businessman will need some employees, which is necessary to bring the courier, keep it in the warehouse and deliver it to the address of the customers.


Your business can be started by taking the courier service franchise of Flipkart, a well-known company in the e-commerce sector. Flipkart's courier service company is Ekart. About 10 lakh shipments are delivered in a month by eCart across various pin codes. Ekart is distributing Franchise of Courier Service Partners to grow its Courier Business. If you want to apply for the logistic partner of India's number one e-commerce company Flipkart, then you have to contact ekart logistic company. The estimated investment for taking the franchise of Flipkart's logistics service may be Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000. If you want to take franchise to start business of Flipkart courier service in any small town, So you have to deposit less security money. To take the franchise of any metropolitan Flipkart courier service, one has to deposit more security money. Flipkart company delivers products in every small and big city of the country. Therefore, you can start this business by staying in your city. Let us know the details of applying for the Flipkart Courier Service Franchise.


  • You must have more than 300 sq ft of space to apply for the logistics franchise of Flipkart.

  •  In case of renting a place for starting a business, it is necessary to have the documents of the rent agreement.

  •  There should be at least 2 or 3 delivery boys to deliver the shipment.

  • Must have computer, printer, scanner and internet connection.


  • Aadhaar Card / PAN Card as Proof of Identity

  • Photocopy of first page of bank passbook / demand draft

  • Shop documents for verification of office space

  • Driving License / Ration Card / Voter ID Card may also be required

FLIPKART FRANCHISE APPLICATION Application for Flipkart Franchise 

  • One has to apply for eKart dealership for Flipkart Logistics Franchise business.

  • eKart dealership has to send request letter to hulk-centeral-team@flipkart.com email id.

  • It is necessary to write the full name of the applicant, address of the place of business, pin code, contact number / your mobile number in the email.

  • If there is another courier service company near your place of business, then it will be necessary to write its distance in kilometers.

  • After this eCart company will notify you within seven working days after checking your eligibility.

Flipkart Franchise Helpline Number :–

1800 420 1111 / Toll Free Helpline- 08067982222

Ekart Logistics Registered Office Address :–

Brigade Manae Court, First Floor,

No.111, Koramangala Industrial Layout,

Bangalore- 560 095, Karnataka,


People also ask

Q: How to start courier business?

Ans: To start courier business first you have to decide the category of business. After that you have to arrange capital for your business. Then you have to prepare a legal section 6 under which you have to get license and register your company. When your business is fully ready to market, you will have to make a marketing plan for your business gradually so that the business can expand. Then gradually you have to come in contact with big companies and consumers so that your business can grow slowly and progress.

Q : Is it profitable to start your own business in courier company business or take a franchisee from a reputed company?

Ans: It is more profitable to take a franchise of a reputed company than setting up your own business in courier business. Because there is no need to invest much in that company, rather after taking the franchise we get a reputed name, with the help of which we can earn good money by continuing our business.

Q : How does the courier company earn money?

Ans: Courier companies work to deliver the goods sent by the consumers from one place to another, in return for which they receive an amount of money.

Q : How much money is required to start courier business?

Ans: According to the estimated data, if you take a franchise from a reputed company, then you do not need much money. But if you are thinking of starting your own business, depending on the business requirements, you may need around Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000 to start this business.

Q : Can any objection or appeal be imposed on your business?

Ans: If you collect all the documents required in the courier business, and you have followed your registration process completely and after that you have also got the license, then no notice or challan can be imposed on you forcefully. If anyone does this to you, you can file a complaint against him under the legal system of the same department.

Q : What type of items can you courier under courier service?

Ans: Under Courier Services, you can send any type of document, any gift, any type of food items, any type of goods from small to big from one place to another. For their services, you get a fixed price from the consumers in the form of shipping charges according to your items.

Q : What type of items cannot be brought or sent by courier services?

Ans: Any type of inflammable item, radioactive or magnetic type material and drugs, any liquid item or any type of gas like item cannot be brought or sent by courier service.

Q : Can they track the goods ordered or shipped by the customer?

Ans: Yes, a consignment number is given to the customers by the courier company, by entering their consignment number in the tracking service received by the courier service, the customer can know the status of the item ordered or sent by his courier.

Q: Is it mandatory to get registered to start courier business?

Ans: Yes, you have to get registered to start courier business. As a registration, if you take the franchisee of any courier service, then you will have to get registered there. If you want to start your own courier business then also you will have to get GST registration and other registrations done.

Q: How much investment is required to start courier business?

Ans: While starting the courier business, you will have to make some investment. You will have to open your offices in different cities, apart from that you will have to have different staff in different cities. Along with this, the delivery boy will also have to be kept so that the service of your courier remains better. Therefore, you can start this business with an investment of 5 to 7 lakhs.

Q: Is it necessary to create your own website to start courier business?

Ans: Yes. If you want to start courier business, then you have to create a website in the name of your courier so that the person can know the details of his document from the tracking number there, as well as new customers are also found through the website at the present time.

Q : How to take franchise of courier company?

Ans: The estimated investment for taking the franchise of Flipkart's logistic service may be Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000. If you want to take a franchise to start Flipkart courier service business in a small town, then you will have to deposit less security money.

Q: What is the work of courier?

Ans: A courier service is a service that allows one to send parcels or goods from one place to another. They can be booked and paid for online.

Q: How much does it cost to courier?

Ans: A charge of Rs 42 is charged for sending an ordinary letter in a closed envelope through the postal department's speed post, whereas, from a private courier, Rs 60 to 70 have to be paid in lieu of it. While some courier services that provide good courier service take 80 to 100 rupees for this work.


In today's article, we talked about courier business. How to start this business, what are the things we should keep in mind while starting this business, what is the cost of this business etc.

Hope you like this article How to start courier service business? (Courier Service Business in Hindi) and you must have got answers to all the questions related to courier business in today's article.

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