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How to Start Online Fitness Class Business, Personal Gym Trainer Course, Model, Plan, Software, Dance, Yoga

How to Start Online Fitness Class Business, Personal Gym Trainer Course, Model, Plan, Software, Dance, Yoga

According to research agency Smergers, the Indian fitness business is valued at Rs 4,500 crore and is growing at a pace of 16-18 per cent every year. With the growing popularity of fitness, it is worth noting that opening a commercial gym, even with business loans online or MSME loans online, has huge growth potential for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Because gyms have been popular in our country for a long time.

Due to Corona virus, not only people are getting affected but it is also affecting their business a lot. In fact, to eliminate this virus and to save people from it, the government has closed the country's schools, colleges, malls as well as gyms and all kinds of fitness centers for some time. And people have been asked to stay inside their homes and work from there.

But on one hand these steps are being taken to protect the health of the people, on the other hand the question is being raised in the minds of the people that what will happen to their fitness after the gym is closed. And those who are running gym or other fitness center are wondering what will happen to their business. So let us tell you that you do not need to worry for this because here today we will end this problem of yours. Yes, you can earn profit by doing this business sitting at home and at the same time you can take care of your fitness. You can do this work by becoming an online gym trainer or fitness guru. Now to know how this work can be done, read our article till the end.

How to Start Online Fitness Class

How to start gym business?

Gym Business Plan

Gym Business Plan: Hello friends, today we are going to talk about how to start gym business in this article. Today's generation takes great care of their health and fitness. Gym is such a business, because of which you can take full care of your health and health and it is also said, agar jaan hai to jahaan hai i.e. if you take good care of your health, stay fit then you will have a good life. Can live You can always be fit and your mind maintains the power to think and understand.

About how you can start the business of opening a gym?, how much money you need to invest in it?, at which place you can open a gym?, what machines are needed to open a gym?, etc. Will give you detailed information.

What is gym?

The physical fitness of a person is linked to the gym. Gym is a place where we can keep ourselves fit with the help of machines or exercises. People can schedule any time of their day to go to the gym. The owner of the gym also gives training to his customers in the gym. If it is said in simple language, a place where we exercise and keep ourselves healthy is called gym. The time to exercise in the gym is at least 2 to 4 hours. Today's generation is increasing itself towards yoga and spiritual growth, that's why you will find gyms and yoga centers everywhere. Now let's talk in detail about how you can open a gym.

How to open gym?

If you are thinking of opening a gym, then you must have complete information related to opening a gym. Like what is the age to start gym. What are the items required in the gym, what is the fee of the gym trainer. It is very important for you to know about which proteins are required for the gym, etc. For this, you also have to keep your budget in mind and understand it. If you want to start this business then how much money you have to invest in it. Because if you are thinking about the business of opening a gym, then it is very important to invest at least ₹ 500000 in it.

types of gym

First of all you have to make sure what type of gym you want to open. Because there are two types of gyms, first one is gym, which provides facilities like cardio equipments and weight lifting etc. This gym is opened to provide training for weight loss, body building etc.

There is a second number, in which fitness centers mean weight loss, weight gain, yoga, aerobics, martial arts, asanas, etc. are taught. The fitness center business can be a bit more expensive than a gym. Whether it is a gym or a fitness center, experience is essential for both.

choosing a business model

As per industry research, the cost of operating a gym in India can range from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. Depending on what suits you best, your business model can be different:

Membership Model: For a long time, this has been the standard business model for gyms. Customers pay a monthly fee, which provides you with steady revenue.

Pay-as-you-go model: If you are just starting out and want to attract new members to your gym, this is the best option. If the package costs Rs 1000 for ten visits, the customer can visit the gym anytime.

Dynamic Pricing Model: Customers will be presented with different packages based on their needs and objectives. If you locate your gym near high-end neighborhoods in major cities, this will be a more successful business strategy.

Integrated strategy: This model helps both gyms and consumers by combining membership with pay-as-you-go. Regular members can take advantage of the subscription model, while irregular members can opt for it.

Choosing a Location to Start a Gym

The location of your gym has the potential to make or break your business. It is great to set up your gym in residential neighborhoods, gated communities or apartment complexes.

If no space is available near a residential neighborhood, choose a larger space in the next closest possible location for the cheapest rate. Gyms in residential areas are packed in the mornings and evenings. People are willing to walk a little further if it means exercising in a less crowded and more comfortable environment.

A plot of at least 2000 to 2500 square feet is required to open a good gym. Rest of the space may be slightly less or more according to your budget, but it is necessary to have more space.

Registration and obtaining the necessary license to open a gym

Fitness centers must be organized as a Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership to ensure that promoters have transferability and limited liability protection. After completing the business registration, a person needs to obtain tax registration, building permits, tax procedures and licenses related to the first investment. The services of a fitness center will be subject to service tax.

Consequently, whenever the annual turnover of the fitness center exceeds Rs 9 lakh, it will have to register for service tax. Apart from service tax registration, fitness centers also require SSI registration to be eligible for government subsidies and programmes. It is also necessary to take permission from the local police department to run a fitness center in India. To run a fitness center in the state, first you have to take permission from the concerned officer of the police department.

According to the rules, registration is necessary to open a gym. The gym is registered under Small Scale Industry. For this, you have to get the form from the industry department of the district and all the rules are also mentioned in the form. When you complete the work of this form, then you get the license to open the gym from there.

First of all, you are given a temporary license for this. After some time you can also apply for a permanent license. If seen nowadays, all the work is done online, that is why its arrangement has also been done online. Due to the online facility, you can avoid the rush.

Machines required to open gym

If you open a normal gym then you need at least 15 machines for that. Machines required to run a gym include tread mill, bench press, leg press, lat pull down, butterfly, pack deck, cable crossover, dip bar, preacher bench, situp bench, two normal benches, yoga mat, skipping Rope, rod, double stand etc. are important. The most expensive of these machines is the trend mill, because the trends run on the mill. If better trade milk is bought for business, then its cost is around ₹ 100000. The low cost treadmills are good for home. But business requires a good treadmill.

Apart from this, you will need many other things, such as light music system and interior decoration, etc. You will have to invest a little bit. Many machines in the gym can also be made locally. But even if you use local machines, you still need to take care of the quality.

Where to buy gym machines?

You can buy machines for the gym from big companies. There are many big showrooms in the cities, which manufacture modern machines for the gym and sell their machines there. Many people also make local machines.

You can also buy gym machines online. You can get information about different types of companies on the internet and on many websites you can buy low rate machine according to your convenience by looking at different rates. Good things are often available on offer online.

Pay attention to equipment and interiors

Installing proper exercise equipment should be high on your list of priorities. You must consider the safety of the members, as well as new technology and proper maintenance. The cost of setting up any standard equipment can range from Rs.3,00,000 to Rs.40,00,000 lakhs. The interiors should be well designed, with lots of bright lighting, nice paintings and encouraging posters. In the case that the equipment breaks down, the hall should be lined with mirrors and have protective bumpers at the bottom.

What if you are not trained?

When you start a gym or fitness center, you need to be fully trained. If you are not trained, then you can also take the help of a trainer or coach for this. If you do not have a trainer, then you cannot do gym and fitness center business, because it is very important to have experienced people. If you want to attract customers towards you, then for this you have to make your body fit also because whenever a person goes to a gym or fitness center, first of all they see the body of the operator or owner. If your body is not right, then your first impression can also be bad. Due to this you may have to face many problems in running your gym.

Hiring Fitness Trainers

The availability of on-site trainers determines the capacity of the fitness center. Fitness trainers can assist clients with appropriate training regimens and provide personalized suggestions.

As a result of these services, they will be able to maintain their membership for a longer period of time. A licensed trainer will not only lend legitimacy to your gym but also improve quality and word-of-mouth marketing.

Here are all the credentials you should check before choosing a fitness trainer:

  • GFFI (Gold's Gym Fitness Institute)

  • BFY Sports & Fitness

  • CBT (Certified Bodybuilding & Gym / Personal Trainer)

  • IAFT (Indian Academy of Fitness Training)

marketing the gym

Whenever you start a business, it is very important for you to do marketing, whether the business is small or big. If you do not do marketing then people will not be able to know about your business. If no one comes to know then you will not get profit and customers will also come less. If more customers come to you, then only your income will be good. You need to promote your gym and fitness center in such a way that it attracts people.

For this, you can also make big hoardings and get them installed at different places. You can also promote on social media. Along with this, you can also give your advertisement in local news channels and newspapers and also distribute pamphlets. People are always looking for something new, original, interesting and reasonably priced fitness packages. You can advertise your business by launching various campaigns including fitness activities, demo courses, attractive discounts, and personalized gifts (items, bags, etc.). 

investment to open gym

You may need about 2500 to 3000 square feet area to open a gym, that's why your investment can be around 50 to ₹ 8000000 because along with the space, the cost of interiors equipment, marketing advertising cost and many other expenses are involved.

Therefore, if you want to start this business, then the minimum cost is from 80 to 90 lakh rupees. Because this business is on a large scale, small gyms are not opened. It doesn't cost that much to open a small gym. 

How much does it cost to open a gym for 1 month?

If you start the business of opening a gym, for this you will have to rent ₹ 15000 per month, meaning the place you take. If it is yours then it is fine if you rent, then its minimum rent can be ₹ 15000 per month. Along with this, electricity bill of ₹ 10000 and salary of ₹ 15000 trainer and ₹ 10000 of other employees, if seen then the expenditure of 1 month can be around ₹ 50000. Along with this, you will have to add ₹ 20000 separately for the machines as well. This means your monthly expenditure can be around ₹70000. If you can give training yourself, then it can also save you 15 to ₹ 20000.

How much is the gym fee?

If you have not gone to any gym, then you can go to any gym and know the fees there. Accordingly, you can keep the fees of your gym. By the way, if seen, the minimum gym fee is ₹ 1000 a month.

If even 200 people come regularly to your gym, then you get ₹ 200000 from this. Even if your monthly expenses exceed ₹ 100,000, you can easily save ₹ 1 lakh. Along with this, you have to keep in mind that you maintain this maintenance like this.

How to increase income in gym?

Whenever you buy machines or get them made from any manufacturer, then you must keep in mind that the machines should be such that they are very adjustable to be used, through which exercise can be done properly. This will also reduce your electricity bill and switch off machines when not needed. With this, if the machines are adjustable, then your customers will increase, because customers need good facilities.

With this, if you are running a gym with the help of someone else, then you should also start learning yourself. If you learn and teach yourself, then you will be able to handle the work yourself and there will be no need to pay salary to the trainer. Due to which you will save and your income will increase.

Along with gym, you can also start supplement business. If you run a gym yourself, people will definitely buy supplements from you. Companies doing supplement business give you things at low rates. Along with this, if you have rented a place, then you can also start a dance class or music class there. During the time you are free, it will also work in your place and your income will also increase.

Some precautions before starting gym business

  • Whenever you take a place on rent, you should talk to the landlord well before, because for which heavy machinery is required and will have to be installed there, if later he asks you to vacate immediately. So you may have to face a lot of trouble due to this.

  • Whenever you open a gym and customers come to you, first of all you must ask people for their health certificate. He can bring the health certificate from the doctor or any hospital. Because if any customer has health related problems then he cannot claim on you later.

  • If you do not know about any machine, then you should get complete information about it, after that buy the machines. If you are facing more problems then you can get information about that machine from youtube or internet also.

  • If you are starting the gym business as well as supplement business, then for this you have to sell only better quality products, otherwise it can affect your gym as well.

Online GYM Trainer Business Tips

Here we are giving you some tips to start an online gym trainer business through which you can earn money –

By making video :-

If you are a gym trainer then you will also have your clients. And even if you do not have your clients, you can make exercise videos from your home and upload them online through social media. For example, if you have a YouTube channel of your own, then you can upload some videos related to your gym exercises in that YouTube channel. Seeing which, along with your client, other people can also exercise like a gym at their home.

But the question must be arising in your mind that how will it benefit you. So let us tell you that to earn money from your YouTube channel, you should give the option of subscription in it, such as 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, and you choose one according to you. And tell your client that you have to subscribe to your channel to watch or download the video. The more people subscribe to watch and download your videos, the more you will get.

Apart from this, there is also a paid option in YouTube. You can also keep it, so that your customers will pay you for watching or downloading videos. So in this way you can easily earn up to 50 thousand rupees. Although this figure can be more or less depending on the number of your videos and viewers.  

Through video conference :-

You can also give training to your clients to stay fit through video conference. So that they can exercise to stay fit at their home. They will not need to go to the gym for this.

Through the app :-

You can also earn by building your own fitness related app. With this app, you can give information about all the things related to fitness like all kinds of exercises etc. Also, keep the option of paying in this app, so that people will pay you something to download it. And by this they will get the knowledge of fitness exercise and you will be able to earn money. Therefore, for this, you have to build such a fitness app, which is full of good tips for the people, and it can be downloaded easily, and people are also attracted towards it. Otherwise you will not be able to make profit from it.

By creating a website :-

If you are a website developer or know someone who designs a good website. So you can make a website for your gym business with it. In this website, you will have to set all types of exercise and other things related to fitness, information about doing exercises through videos or other means, etc. And you also have to set the paid option in your website. As soon as any person reaches your website, he will have to pay some amount to login before visiting it. The same amount will be your means of earning.

So in this way you can earn money by building online gym. Due to this, your business will not be affected by the spread of dangerous diseases like corona virus.

Ways to exercise without equipment in online gym (Online GYM Business without any Equipments)

You have come to know through which means you can do gym business online, but now it comes to know how the clients will do these exercises without gym equipment. So let us tell you that you do not need to worry about this either. Because a set of some basic equipment used in the gym can be obtained online from any site like Amazon or Flipkart. You can ask your clients to buy these. And the special thing is that these equipments can be obtained in the price of 1 to 5 thousand rupees.

Apart from this, let us tell you that if people have trouble in buying these equipment, or they do not have the knowledge to use it and they choose to stay fit by doing exercise through other means instead, then you can do business related to it. Here we are giving the following options, by following which you can earn your own money along with their help.

Dance :-

These days due to corona virus gyms are definitely affecting your business, but now you don't have to worry about it. Because we all know that dance is a very good physical exercise. By doing this not only people stay fit but it also entertains people. You can give people tips to stay fit by opening an online dance class at home. And in return you will get a lot of money too. We have given you the tips on how this will happen. Through these tips, people will be able to keep themselves fit by exercising while sitting at home by joining your online dance class, which is also your main objective.

Zumba :-

Another great way to exercise is Zumba. This is also a different kind of dance cum exercise. People can stay fit even with this. If you know Zumba, you can also do online gym business by training your clients on Zumba-like exercises, and earn thousands of rupees.

Aerobics :-

Talking about different methods of exercise, one of them is aerobics. This is also a kind of dance exercise. This can also be done at home by playing music. One can stay fit by doing aerobics exercises. So even without gym equipment, you can earn money by doing this online gym business through aerobics.

martial arts :-

People can also opt for martial arts to stay fit. It can also be called karate. Martial arts are exercises that people use to protect themselves. If you know martial arts, then what is the delay. You can add the option of exercising through martial arts to your online gym business, train people for it and earn thousands.

Yoga :-

Yoga has become very famous all over the world in today's time. Even June 21 is celebrated as International Yoga Day. But let us tell you that this is not a recent new way of exercising, rather it is an ancient heritage that has been going on for centuries. In this, the body is kept fit through different types of asanas. These days yoga is being adopted not only in the country but also in foreign countries to stay fit. In such a situation, if you include exercises done through Yoga in your online gym business. So even from this you can get good profit sitting at home.


Question: How many kg of dumbbells should we use in the beginning?

Answer: Initially you can use at least 2-5 kg ​​dumbbells.

Question: How much does it cost to open a gym?

Answer: An investment of at least 70 to 80 lakh rupees is necessary to open a gym.

Question: How to become a gym trainer?

Answer: If you want to do gym training, then for this you should go to an experienced person, who can give you physical education well.

Q: How much does one dumbbell cost?

Answer: Dumbbells are available in all types, and their price varies, for this you can find out online or by going to the market.

Question: Can a gym business be profitable?

Answer: Yes, gym business can be profitable, rest depends on your hard work, depends on your work, how you are running your gym.

Question: How much can I keep the gym fees?

Answer: Initially you can keep a little less than that. If your gym does well, you can increase it as well.

Q: Where should I buy gym equipment?

Answer: You can buy gym equipment by going to a good company or by going to a manufacturer, if you do not like it there, you can buy it online, you can buy it at a lower rate by visiting different websites.

Q: How many members are there in a gym normally?

Answer: The average size of a large gym is around 1000 members. Especially if they are franchised.

Q: What are the common problems owners face?

Answer: The main problem, in the beginning, is getting new customers. Then comes the management of staff, expenses and finances.


Friends, how to start gym business, you have been given detailed information in this article. Friends, this is such a business, if you run it well then you get very good profit.

Along with this, it is very important to have a good trainer. If you are not, then for this you need to find a good trainer and you need to run your gym so well that if any customer comes, he will refer his acquaintances or relatives to join your gym. Do suggest for. On the contrary, if there are negative negative things about your gym, then it will have a bad effect on your gym and your customers will decrease. That's why you need to provide complete satisfaction to your customers and take special care of it. A successful gym depends on an initial investment in the location, equipment, furnishings, location, trainers and long-term business concept.

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