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How to start car driving school or motor training school business

How to start car driving school or motor training school business

How to open Car Driving School

(How to Start a Car Driving training School Business or become a driving instructor, plan, profit )

In today's time, people travel very little on foot. Most of the people use car to go anywhere. That's why it has become their main need. Due to which the purchase of vehicles has also increased a lot. But let us tell you that people buy vehicles, but they also need to learn to drive. There are many people who learn driving from their father, relatives, friends etc., but there are many people who want to learn driving from a professional person. Due to the desire and demand of people to drive, many driving schools have opened today. If you are a very good and professional driver, then you can also start this business, from which you can get very good profit. But you need to know this, before starting this business you should know about some of its rules.

How to start car driving school

What is driving school? (What is Driving School?)

Before starting the business of driving school, it is necessary for you to know about it, what is driving school after all. Driving school is where people are taught to drive in a professional manner, in this they are taught to drive in such a way that all the traffic rules are followed. And here people are also given information about it. So that they can learn driving well, customers also pay some fee to the school for learning driving. Due to which the business of driving school runs.

how to do driving school business

The investment in opening a driving school is very less, you just have to invest once in which you have to buy a car or other vehicle. This sister is your main investment and apart from this you only have to register your driving school. So that you can run the driving school without worrying.

For car driving school you can buy car according to your budget, in this business you can also use old car to teach car driving.

How to open car driving school

To open a car driving school, you must first register for the car driving school.

To run a car driving school, you will also have to take a car driving certificate. You must have a license for both running a car driving school and teaching car driving. If you want, you can also register online to open a car driving school.

Car Driving School Business Rules and Regulations

Before opening a driving school, you have to follow some rules, which may differ from state to state. You have to follow these rules based on your state. Here we are going to tell you about some basic rules related to starting this business –

  • First of all, it is necessary that the age of the applicant should not be less than 21 years while starting the driving school business.

  • The person imparting training in driving school must have completed at least high school education. Along with this, his vision should also be good.

  • Only those people can start this business, who are mentally and physically fit and they have passed its examination.

  • You should not have any kind of criminal record on you. Rather, you should have a good driving record in this. It will also be inspected by the state inspector. Even along with you, your school and your vehicles will also be inspected.

  • In addition, your school and all instructors must be certified by the state. In some states, the Department of Driver Services oversees all defensive driving, driver education, and third-party testing programs. And in some states, the Department of Motor Vehicles is the state agency responsible for overseeing driving schools.

Driving School Business Required Registration

To start the business of driving school, it is very important that your school is licensed by the government, because even though each state has different guidelines related to this business, but your business is not approved by the local authority or regional transport. Will not obtain license from the office, it will be considered illegal. In India, this business is registered under the Corporate Ministry. To apply for this business, you go to your local and regional transport office and there you will be asked for a copy of some documents and then all the paperwork will have to be completed. About which you will get information by going there.

After filling the registration form to start this business, all the things like in which location you are starting this business by the government, there is no criminal charge on you. Etc. and all kinds of checks will be done. Then you will be able to get a license for it. You will be able to start your business.

Information About Competition in Driving School Business

You may also have some other competitors near the location of the driving school business you want to start. So you also get information about them, how they are running the driving school business. Which services are they providing to their customers and how much do they cost. By getting all such information, you can get some help in starting your business.  

Driving School Business Setup

When you get information about your competitor, after that you can plan to start your business properly. For this, you have to plan about mission, objectives, operating plan, marketing strategy and required manpower etc. Apart from this, you will also have to arrange vehicles well for giving training. In this way, if you make a complete plan before starting your business and then start working accordingly, then your business will be well established.

Select Location for Driving School Business

To start your driving school you need to find a right location. Apart from this, you also have another option of renting a place. But while choosing a place for your driving school, keep in mind that there should be enough space so that you can make at least one class room and one office for your business. Along with this, there should also be a facility for parking the vehicle. You choose the place at such a place, which is located on the side of the highway road. With which people will be able to easily find your driving school.

Required Raw Material and Vehicles for Driving School Business

You will need some essential things for your driving school, such as chair tables, a phone system, a sofa for your lobby or waiting area, filing cabinets and some office essentials. Along with this, to give driving training to your customers, buy such a vehicle, which has some special features. You should buy a car for your driving school, which is relatively cheap, apart from this, it should also have all the facilities like a hand brake near the seat next to the driver, so that if the customer is not able to control the vehicle while teaching driving. out, the person giving the training can control the vehicle with the help of that brake. If you want, instead of buying a new vehicle, you can also buy a second hand vehicle, which will be available to you for 2 to 3 lakh rupees, just you may have to make some changes in it. You buy a small car from the beginning so that it is easy for the customers to learn driving. Apart from this, you can also paint your vehicle in such a way that it can be understood from a distance that it is a driving school vehicle.    

Driving School Business Total Costing

Starting and setting up this driving school business will require some cost. In this, you will have to spend on the things used in your office, the rent of the place on rent and the most necessary vehicles etc. Therefore, to start this business, it may cost up to 10 to 15 lakh rupees in total. However, if you buy a second hand vehicle, it may cost you half the cost. Apart from this, after you buy the vehicle, you will also have to pay for petrol in the vehicle for training your customers. In this way you will need money for all these things.

Now the turn comes that if you do not have that much money, then how will you start this business, but you do not have to worry, because for this business you can also take a loan from the bank, because nowadays the government Many schemes related to employment are being started by the government, so you will get loan easily. If you want, you can also arrange money through crowd funding, angel investor etc.  

Driving School Business Pricing and Profit

By starting the driving school business, you will also have to decide how much you will charge your customers for driving training. For this you can take the help of your other competitor. You can find out from them, how much they charge their customers and based on that for how long they provide driving training. Then according to that you can also decide the fee and time. But it would be better if you set a low fee in the beginning in this business, so that more and more people come to you to learn driving. And when your driving school becomes very popular, after that you can increase the fee and get more profit. However, you can also provide free driver education services to a local high school, church or other community organization.

Driving School Business Income – Earning from driving school business

The business of driving school is such a business in which only one time cost is incurred, after that you do not have to spend much. Suppose if you start learning car driving, then for this you must have a car, after that you just have to put diesel in that car. There is no discussion in your car more than this. You can make a program for a few days for car driving like learn to drive a car in 15 days. You can create many such programs and earn money as you want.

Driving School Business Marketing 

How to promote driving school. 

If you want more and more customers to come to your driving school to learn driving, then first of all it is necessary that people should know about your driving school. Unless people know about it how will they reach you. That's why it is important that you promote this driving school of yours. For this, print a brochure or pamphlet or advertise in the newspaper, and in that you provide information about all the facilities provided in your driving school and a valid contact number, so that people are attracted to read it and contact you directly. Can Apart from this, you can also create your own website in the name of this driving school, and then through social media you can tell people about all the facilities provided in your driving school. Along with all this you can also visit different schools, It can also be promoted in hospitals and other similar places. In this way, the more people get to know about your driving school, the more you will benefit. Because with this you can also have a line of customers. If you have a very good knowledge of driving, then start this business as soon as possible, and earn by giving training to people.

People also ask

How to open motor training school?

To open a car driving school, you must first register for the car driving school. To run a car driving school, you will also have to take a car driving certificate. You must have a license for both running a car driving school and teaching car driving.

How to drive a car?

Wait for a while at the friction point (where the engine starts to start the car) and then slowly and steadily release the clutch. If you are finding it difficult to master the clutch controls, depress the clutch, engage first gear (by engaging the handbrake), slowly release the clutch and press the accelerator.

In how many days can I learn to drive a car?

Learning takes one to three days. It takes a week or so of studying and practicing for the license exam, but it takes months for your confidence to drive and people to trust your driving ability. On an average, you can be considered competent if you practice at different places for four to five hundred kilometers in two to ten months.

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