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Rural Business Idea: Start these 13 businesses by staying in the village, you will earn lakhs of rupees

Village Business Ideas

Rural Business Idea: Start these 13 businesses by staying in the village, you will earn lakhs of rupees

There are many people in the country who live in villages, let us say that at least 68% of India's population lives in villages. And due to lack of resources and industries in the village, the people of the village have to leave the village and go to the city so that they can earn money and take care of themselves and their families. However, now the government has paid more attention towards the development of rural areas and has also started various schemes for them. And now here also many means of business have also been generated. So the people living in the village can earn money by starting any of those businesses. Here we are giving information about business ideas to start in some village area, read it carefully.

Village Business Ideas

Village Business Ideas

Transport Goods :-

It is often seen that the transport system in the village area is not good. Farmers are not able to get better means to take their produce like vegetables, fruits, grains etc. to the market. But if you start the transport facility in the village itself, then the people living in the village will get a lot of relief. For this business you will need a tractor trolley which you can buy as a part of various subsidy schemes offered by the government. And you can earn money by starting this business.

Mini Cinema Hall :-

Most of the big cinema halls and multiplexes are built in big cities. But there are no such facilities in the village by which they too can be entertained. But if you want, you can definitely open a mini cinema hall if not a big multiplex in the village. For this you will need nothing more than a projector, a computer and a big hall. From where at least 50 to 60 people can sit together and watch the film.

Poultry Farming :-

Nowadays the demand for eggs and chicken is very high among the people. In such a situation, you can think about starting the business of poultry farming. This business is an ever-running business, it requires some space, if you talk to a hotel or local shop near you, then this business can give you a lot of profit.

Recharge Shop :-

Nowadays, people can use smartphones everywhere, whether it is a village or a city. In such a situation, the youth of the village need a recharge shop to recharge their phones. You can earn money by opening a mobile recharge shop in your village. Here you can also keep mobile phones which can sell well.

Dairy Farm :-

Dairy business

This business can be done easily in the village. This is a very profitable business. This business can be started with 5 to 10 cows or buffaloes. Many people are doing the business of dairy farming in the village. If this business is started on a large scale, then you can get help from the government and non-governmental organizations as well. Tell that you can earn a profit of about 1 to 2 lakh rupees from dairy farming.

Cow buffalo are more visible in the village, if you have your own cow and buffalo then you can start dairy farm business. If you want, you can do this business even by buying cow or buffalo.

Tailor :-

The work of sewing clothes means tailoring business is done everywhere, whether it is a village or a city, so if you know how to operate a sewing machine, then you can regret this and open a boutique of your own. For this you do not even need much space, you can start it from your home too. In this you will only need a machine, which the government is also helping to buy.

Salon or barber shop :-

There is a lot of demand for salon or barber shop because it is necessary in everyday life. In such a situation, you can earn money by opening a salon or barber shop in your village. Especially if this business can be very profitable for men.

Seed and Fertilizer Shop :-

Farmers need seeds and fertilizers for farming, to buy which they have to go to the city, if you buy these products and start a shop in the village itself. So you will get a lot of benefit from this. This will save both money and time of the farmers.   

Welding and Fabrication Business :-

Nowadays pucca houses are being built everywhere be it village or city. In such a situation, iron gates, grills, different types of windows etc. are also required. If you start this business in the village area itself, you will earn very well.

In rural areas people earn money by doing farming and run their house, but some people earn a lot of money from this and some remain poor. In such a situation, all these businesses will help them a lot because their demand does not decrease sometimes.

Flower farming

Cultivation of flowers means floriculture. In modern times, this business is very useful because today's demand for flowers is more than before. Everyone is using flowers more in worship, decoration etc. In such a situation, this business is a very good way of earning money. Many types of flowers are cultivated in the country. You can cultivate any flower. The government also helps you in this. If you cultivate flowers on half an acre of land, then you can get a profit of 10 to 11 lakh rupees in a year.

Aloe vera cultivation

You can start Aloe vera business in just 40 to 50 thousand rupees. For this you have to do plantation in the field only once. Once the crop is planted, the crop will continue to be available for about 3 years. If you do aloe vera cultivation on about 1 hectare of land, then you can earn 9 to 10 lakh rupees in a year.

Date farming

Good income can be earned from date palm farming in the village. Tell that many farmers are earning lakhs of rupees from this business. Special knowledge is needed for its cultivation, because there should be a proper understanding of the land in its cultivation. Its cultivation gives a profit of 10 to 15 lakh rupees.

Goat rearing

Goat farming is also called goat farming. This business is considered very good for the people of the village. If you do goat rearing, then you can sell breeding, wool and milk of goats. Meaning, money can be earned in many ways by rearing goats. There can be a profit of 1 to 2 lakh rupees from this business. This business is done by the people of the village as well as the people of the city.

People also ask

✪ Which is the most running business in the village?

  • 1.1 1. Business running in the village – shop business

  • 1.2 2. Village run business – Poultry farming, Poultry farm

  • 1.3 3. Village based business – Tent house and DJ service

  • 1.4 4. Business running in the village – buying and selling of grains

  • 1.5 5. Business run in the village – Hair Salon and Beauty Parlor

✪ Which business can run in the village?

Seed fertilizer shop business in the village

If you live in a village, you can open a fertilizer and seed shop along with farming. Instead, you can save the time of the farmers by providing seeds and fertilizers to the farmers of the village. You can save farmers time and trouble by keeping good quality seeds, different types of fertilizers.

✪ What business to do while living in the village?

Start these 7 businesses by staying in the village, there will be good...

  • 1/7. Fertilizer and Seed Store Farmers need fertilizers and seeds. ,

  • 2/7. Selling produce in cities...

  • 3/7. Organic Farming ...

  • 4/7. cold storage...

  • 5/7. Poultry Farming ...

  • 6/7. Livestock Farming ...

  • 7/7. milk center

✪ Which is the best business?

Which is the highest earning business in India?

  1. Insurance India's ability to sell insurance is such that many working professionals sell insurance policies on the sidelines. ,

  2. Travel agency ...

  3. Cloud Kitchen (a kitchen where there is a kitchen setup but no dining) ...

  4. Website Design ...

  5. Organic Farming Business ...

  6. Coaching...

  7. Interior Design Business ...

  8. furniture business

✪ Which business to start in 5000? in which you can succeed

  • ax making business

  • tea leaf business

  • flower garland business

  • tea stall business

  • juice shop business

  • small grocery store business

  • street food business

  • Cycle Repairing Shop Business

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