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Weekend Business Ideas for Women in 2023

Weekend Business Ideas for Women

Weekend Business Ideas: Do these 23 business only two days of the week, there will be double profit

In today's time, everyone goes to work for 5 days a week and rests for the remaining two days. All of you can earn good profits by doing some special business in these two days. We have brought some special business plans for you for these two days! Which you can easily start on just two days of the week (Weekend Business Ideas)! Citizens of both rural and urban areas can easily do this business. If you also want to use these two days, then let us tell you about these business plans.

Weekend Business Ideas for Women

Everyone has a different way of spending their weekend, someone spends it relaxing after working the whole week. So, one gives time to one's favorite work like music, painting or any other hobby for mental peace. But some people have different objectives. He wants to do business in the weekend. So, that they can earn some extra income by doing some work even during the weekend. 

Let us tell you that you can also start a business in the weekend. Know about Weekend Business that can help you start it.  

For your information, let us tell you that now the government is also giving loan to start the business. The main objective of the government's Prime Minister Start-up Scheme is to promote business and entrepreneurship. This scheme motivates people to open their own business. Under this scheme, small and big industries in India are further promoted. For more information, you can visit the Government's Start-up India website https://www.startupindia.gov.in/.

Weekend Business for Women

23 Successful Low Investment Business Ideas for Women

India has seen a substantial increase in the number of women entrepreneurs over the past few decades. Today women are stepping into almost every industry and field. So, in this article we have talked about such business ideas which can help women to become an entrepreneur based on their skill and passion.

So, by adopting any one of these business ideas and taking advantage of these schemes given by the government, every Indian woman can become an entrepreneur and fulfill the dream of owning a business and becoming financially independent.

In the weekend, women can start the following types of business to make their identity with their choice and skill –       

Weekend Business Ideas, which will become a source of extra income 

1. Healthcare:

Healthy lifestyle and exercise are being easily adopted by people all over the world. People do various exercises like dance (Zumba), aerobics and yoga as part of daily exercise. Women can become professional trainers and manage fitness centres.

Following are some of the popular business ideas in the healthcare industry:

  • Yoga and Meditation Center: Women can get trained in yoga practice and can do their professional practice as yoga trainer and meditation teacher.

  • Zumba Trainer: Zumba is one of the famous dance forms that people are choosing as a regular exercise. Women can start Zumba classes for people living in their locality.

2. Catering Industry:

Eating out is the most famous leisure activity among youth and even families. Cafes and restaurants are in vogue these days.

Following are some of the prominent business ideas in the catering industry:

  • Cafes: These days cafes are very famous among the college students. They have become a 'hot gathering' place for the youth.

  • Restaurants: Restaurants are a great business these days if you have the right funding and a good management team.

  • Home-Based Catering Business: Women who love to cook can start their own small catering business and take party orders for birthdays, new-years, kitty parties, etc.

3. Beauty Parlour:

Beauty parlor is one such business which is efficiently run by women. Women love beauty care and they can set up their own business. This is a great option as women know what the consumer wants. Following are some of the business care businesses related to this that women can start themselves:

  • Spa and Salon: Women can start their own salon and spa center. Hair care and makeup can be done by women who are experts in this work. One of the best business opportunities for young women entrepreneurs.

  • Nail Art Studio: Nail art is very popular among women, but not everyone is an expert in it. If you are, why not make it a business?

  • Bridal Makeup Studio: Bridal makeup has grown into a business in recent years. Women can follow the latest trends and prove to be the best in this field.

4. Freelance Writing:

If you have command over languages ​​and love writing, then freelance content writing is the best idea for you.

  • Technical Writing: Most of the IT companies these days are looking for writers to write different types of content. If you are good in your language and can write good content, you can freelance as a writer

  • Creative Writing: Advertising agencies and many other organizations look for writers who can do creative writing for advertisers, jingles and etc. You can get in touch with these agencies and work with them as a freelancer

  • Blogger: You can create your own blog and talk about an issue that matters to you. You can put your opinion there and work on making your blog successful.

5. IT and Software Development:

In this world which is getting connected with technology, now there is a software for every work. It is a good business idea to start your own software development business where, you can get clients and work independently on your projects.

  • Web Development: Companies that develop websites for various other businesses or events can be a huge hit.

  • App Development: Mobile applications are very useful for our daily needs. All the companies are developing mobile applications to make themselves accessible to the masses. Setting up an app development firm is one of the best business ideas in today's time.

6. Graphics Designing:

If you know graphic designing then you can start a very good business. If you look in the newspaper also in the job vacancy column, then you will see many vacancies. In today's time, people get attracted to what they see very quickly. So if you are capable of making a perfect graphic, then you can start this work immediately.

7. Data Entry and Accounting Work:

It has always been observed that women have a good understanding of finance. From housewives to CFAs, women are considered good in finance and accounting. In today's time, accountancy firm can be a good business idea for women.

8. Personal Care:

Menstrual hygiene is a very important point in a woman's life and therefore the products should be available in the market at reasonable prices. Menstrual Hygiene Industry is a Good Business Idea for Women:

  • Natural Sanitary Napkin: Women can start this business. In this, sanitary napkins are made from cotton. It will require machinery and labor and hence good management is required in this business.

  • Menstrual Cup: Many women in India have not used menstrual hygiene products other than sanitary napkins. Menstrual cups can still be a really good business in the market. Awareness has to be created that how these silicone cups can be health friendly

  • Various products: There are many other products like cramp roll-ons, hot water bags, essential oils that can make the menstrual cycle healthy for women. These accessories can also do good business among women.

9. Art and Handicraft:

Handicraft can be a good business idea for women who have a good understanding of making handicrafts with paper and wood.

  • Women make handmade jewelery and earn good money from it

  • Gifts and cards are also widely sold in the market today.

  • Bead work is also very popular among women.

10. Fashion Industry:

  • Boutiques: The textile industry is booming in the country and many trends are emerging. Women can do good business in fashion and trending fashion stores are the best business option for women.

  • Starting Your Own Fashion Brand: This is another business idea for women who want to design their own label and market it. Starting a fashion brand requires a lot of money and knowledge, but is a good business once set up.

  • Bags and Accessories Outlet: Bags and other accessories like jewellery, belts, shoes, etc. also sell well along with clothes. These shops are very popular among women and can be a good business.

  • Sewing and embroidery work: Women with little or no education can be found in the business of sewing or embroidery. This is a talent that most of the women in rural area have and you can earn good money from it. Embroidery handwork is very important in the market and good money can be earned by selling it online.

11. Business of making handmade products

Women are often very fond of making handmade things, they can make different types of products with their own hands. Such as different types of handmade jewelry, bags, home spices, pickles, mango papad, potato chips etc. and many more things. All these things are not perishable things. If women want, they can do business of making it on weekends and selling it throughout the week. They will also get a lot of profit in this and they will not have to spend much time separately for this. They can make some small income by taking orders from people throughout the week and completing it on weekends.

15. Wall Designing Business

Women are very fond of designing the walls of their homes. They often show some creativity in the walls of their houses and make it so beautiful that when someone from outside comes to their house, they also get very happy to see it. And asks them to design the walls of their house as well. Such women who are very interested in doing this work, they can show their creativity in the homes of others without keeping it confined to their home. In return, they can also charge some of their money. Even from this, they can earn very well during the weekend. You do not have to invest anything in this, but only you have to show your creativity in this.

16. Earn Money Doing Extra Activities for Kids

Children are also free on weekends. There is not much burden of studies in both of them. In such a situation, they get bored. Women can do business of getting some children to do various activities related to some sports or other things in addition to studies on weekends. In this they will have to collect some children and organize some interesting events for them at their home so that the children become happy. For this, she can invite the children of the society around her to her house. Women will also enjoy doing this work. Women can take some money from the parents of the children for this, which will make them a good income.

17. E Book Author Business

There are some women who are very fond of writing. She writes on a variety of subjects. Like soft skill development, cooking etc. and more, if they have a lot of knowledge of something that is very interesting and they want to share it with more people. So she can write a book of her own and publish it. By the way, nowadays this work has become online, yes nowadays people are fond of reading through e-books. In such a situation, women can take out their e-book and sell it through various shopping websites. If people like to buy and read his books, then they can earn much better income than this.

18. Gardening Business

Gardening is also an option for women to do business on weekends. There are some women who love gardening. Women can do this business by going to people's homes on weekends. In this, they have to provide better service to their clients. Like planting saplings, cutting etc. and other works done during gardening. By doing all these things, they can earn well.

19. Nursery or Horticulture 

For your information, let us tell you that nowadays everyone is aware about the environment. People who live in cities with flats also wish to make a small garden in their balcony or gallery and keep greenery near them. People who live in small towns and have enough space, they tend to maintain a garden. Therefore, starting a nursery business can be a profitable weekend business for you. You can prepare small fruit flower plants in some place in your house and sell them in the market. If you are fond of gardening, then this is a great business idea for you, which along with fulfilling your hobby will also give you extra income.

20. Business of repairing electronic equipment

In today's time, without electronic equipment, we cannot even imagine our daily routine. Mobile laptops and computers have become a part of our life today. But there is also a truth, that these new equipment get damaged after some time. Even if it is not bad, it requires format etc. for maintenance. Therefore, this business will prove to be a profitable deal for you. 

Let us tell you that if you want to start this business, then you must first have technical knowledge related to repairing these things. Once you learn all this, then it will be a business for you to start with very little investment. 

21. Social Media Expert 

If you like to spend time on social media, and the number of people in your friend list is high, then this can prove to be a great business idea for you. Today there are many such businesses in the market, who are looking for such people, who can advertise their product on their social media site and sell it in the market. 

Let us tell you that in this only you have to publish the products of the company on your site. When it is sold through your advertisement, you get commission in return. 

22. Real Estate Business

If you want to choose this as your side business, then first you have to take full training in it. If you want, you can take training by staying with someone first. This business has a lot of scope in today's era, because in today's time whoever wants to buy a property prefers to buy it through an agent instead of going directly. You also get a very good commission in this. Therefore, it is a profitable business to be started in a weekend.  

23. Content Writing 

Content writing is a very good business idea in today's time. Apart from your weekend, you can do this in your spare time. For this, if you want, you can also start your own website. If you want, you can do this work for someone else as well. This is a business to be started without investment. Let us tell you that there are many companies that teach content writing, you can start your weekend business by learning content writing through such companies. 

So these were some of the businesses that women do on weekends. By doing which women can earn a lot of extra income and create a new identity for themselves.  

23. Real Estate Services Business

When any person wants to build his own house or office, he contacts any real estate agent. Real estate agent tells what type of land and things would be suitable for home or office. In a way, those who build houses or have complete information about the house, they get commission from that person! If you can do this business easily then this business is a very good business.

Loan Schemes for Women by Banks 

Funding is the backbone of any business. Usually people are not able to fulfill their dreams due to lack of money. Business loans have made dreams come true for many. Following are some of the specially designed business loans for women that can make any woman a business woman:

Annapurna Yojana: This loan is for women who want to start their own catering business. It is provided by Bharatiya Mahila Bank and State Bank of Mysore

Stree Shakti Package: This loan is given to women who have 50% or more participation in any business. Stree Shakti Package is exclusively offered by State Bank of India

Dena Shakti Yojana: This loan is for women who want to progress in manufacturing, retail business or small enterprises. This scheme is offered by Dena Bank

Cent Kalyani Scheme: These loans are for women above 18 years of age. It is provided by Central Bank of India

Udyogini Yojana: This business is for women whose age is less than 55 years. It is provided by 'Karnataka Rajya Mahila Vikas Sahyog'.  


Q: What should women do on weekends?

Ans: Businesses showing their choice and skills.

Q: What kind of business can women do on weekends?

Ans: Making hand made products, gardening and wall designing.

Q: What are the benefits of starting a business on weekends?

Ans: Yes. This leads to very good earning.

Q: How to start business in weekend for women?

Ans: Women choose a business according to their choice in their free time on weekends and start working on it.

Q: How much can women earn by doing business on weekends?

Ans: It depends on the type of business.

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