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50+ Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022

50+ Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022

In this post of Jharkhand 50+ Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022, we have prepared a set of top 50 questions related to JHARKHAND GK which are often asked in the examination. And they cover all the topics related to Jharkhand.

If you are preparing for any examination conducted by the Jharkhand state, then studying these questions is very important for you.

50+ Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022

50+ Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022

1 . How many persons were arrested in the Deoghar Conspiracy Case?

Answer:- 20

2 . When was Chotanagpur Tenancy Act passed?

Answer:- 1 November 1908

3 . When did Aniruddha Rai die?

Answer:- 1666 AD.

4 . Munda used to call himself?

Answer:- Heroku

5 . How many soil types are there in Jharkhand?

Answer:- 6

6 . In which Indian state was the Iron Steel Plant Bokaro established?

Answer:- Jharkhand

7 . Who was the first woman governor of the state?

Answer: Draupadi Murmu

8 . Where did Budhu Bhagat, the main leader of the Kol rebellion, live? 

Answer:- Silli

9 . In which tribe the practice of Pasari system and Pacha system is seen?

Answer:- Oraon

10 . Who was appointed as the first civil collector for Chotnagpur Khas in 1773 AD?

Answer:- S.G. hivtli

11 . Which river of Jharkhand is famous by the name Keekat?

Answer :- Punpun

12 . In which city of Jharkhand, an organization named Swarna Sangh (Golden League) was established, whose objective was to spread revolutionary activities?

Answer:- Deoghar

13 . Bitlaha social boycott is called. In which tribe it is called?

Answer:- Santhal

14 . Who is the head of the village in the Ho tribal system?

Answer:- Munda

15 . What is the name of the main deity of the Oraon tribe?

Answer:- Dharmesh

16 . Where is the largest waterfall in Asia located? 

Answer:- Ranchi

17 . In 1778 AD, who provided the grand plan for administration in Jharkhand?

Answer: Robert Brown

18 . Which area of ​​Jharkhand is known for its mineral deposits?

Answer:- Damodar Valley

19 . Whom did Mansingh make his capital in Jharkhand, ten years later Islam Khan transferred the capital to Dhaka?

Answer:- Rajmahal

20 . Who was the first Nagavanshi king?

Ans: - Fani Mukut Rai

21 . Which is the most forested district of the state?

Answer:- Chatra

22 . Who was the king of Jharkhand region during the reign of Aurangzeb?

Answer:- Raghunath Shah

23 . Which was the most dreadful rebellion in Jharkhand during the Company's rule?

Answer:- Kol Rebellion

24 . Where did Ferguson get Zamindari in Jharkhand in 1767 AD?

Answer:- Manbhum

25 . In which tribe of Jharkhand, what is the head of the village called apart from Mahto?

Answer :- Pahan

26 . What is the height of Parasnath peak in the state above sea level?

Ans: - 1365 m.

27 . Who is known as the supreme judiciary, executive and legislature in the Munda tribe?

Answer:- Padha Panchayat

28 . What was the other name of Birsa Munda movement?

Answer: Ulgulan movement

29 . Which district has been made the deputy capital of Jharkhand state?

Answer:- Dumka

30 . Pyara Kerketta was the creator of which tribal language?

Answer:- Khadiya

31 . In the state of Jharkhand are the areas irrigated by ponds?

Answer:- Deodhar

32 . What is the state's infant mortality rate?

Answer:- 46

33 . The idol of which goddess is replaced in the Chinnamastika temple?

Answer:- Black

34 . Which is the most developed area of ​​Jharkhand in agriculture?

Answer:- North-East Frontier Agricultural Region

35 . On which river Rajrappa is situated in the state of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Damodar and Bheda

36 . Who was the person who was martyred during the Quit India Movement on 26 August 1942 in Deoghar?

Answer:- Ashrafilal

37 . Which Santhali playwright was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for his novel 'Rahi Raavan Kanha'?

Ans: Bhogla Soren

38 . What is the total number of members of the Legislative Assembly in the state of Jharkhand?

Ans: - 82 (81 elected and one nominated)

39 . Which mission opened St. Michael's School for the blind in 1898?

Answer:- S. P. G. Mission

40 . Whose followers are called Tana Bhagat?

Answer:- Jatra Oraon

41 . Which tribe has chosen Boss as its base center and the basis of economy?

Answer:- Mahli

42 . In which year Jharkhand Renewable Energy Department was formed for the development of clean energy in Jharkhand?

Answer:- 2001 AD.

43 . Who was the first Governor of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Prabhat Kumar

44 . Rajmahal trap is located in which part of Jharkhand?

Answer:- In the North Eastern part

45 . Where does the Tropic of Cancer pass through in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Hazaribagh

46 . When was the Adivasi Mahasabha formed?

Answer:- In 1938 AD

47 . What kind of musical instrument is Kendra in Chotanagpur region?

Answer:- String instrument

48 . Which railway has management system in Jharkhand?

Answer: Eastern Railway and South Eastern Railway

49 . On which river Tilaiya Hydroelectric Project is established in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Barakar

50 . Koderma touches which district of Bihar?

Answer:- Nawada

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