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Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022 (set1)

Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022


In this post of Jharkhand General Knowledge Quiz, we have prepared a set of top 50 questions related to JHARKHAND GK which are often asked in the examination. And they cover all the topics related to Jharkhand.

If you are preparing for any exam conducted by the Jharkhand state, then studying these questions is very important for you.

Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022 (set1)

Jharkhand General Knowledge (Top 50 Jharkhand GK)

1 . Jharkhand's foundation day is?

Answer:- 15 November 2000

2 . The capital of Jharkhand is?

Answer:- Ranchi

3 . The official language of Jharkhand is?

Answer:- Hindi

4 . Who is the first Chief Minister of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Shri Babulal Marandi ji

5 . Who was the first Rajpal of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Mr. Prabhat Kumar

6 . Which is the state animal of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Elephant

7 . The state flower of Jharkhand is?

Answer:- Palash

8 . Which is the state tree of Jharkhand?

Answer:- years

9 . Which is the state bird of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Cuckoo

10 . What is the area of ​​Jharkhand?

Answer:- 79714 square kilometer

11 . The largest city of Jharkhand is?

Answer:- Jamshedpur

12 . Which is the main folk dance of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Chhau, Sarhul, Jat-Jatin, Karma, Danga, Sohrai etc.

13 . What are the major rivers of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Damodar, Conch, Golden Rekha, North Koel, South Koel, Sakri etc.

14 . What are the boundaries of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Odisha, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar

15 . The major agricultural production of Jharkhand is?

Answer:- Paddy, Jowar, Bajra

16 . Which is the main tourist place of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Hundru Falls, Hirani Falls, Rajrappa, Parasnath Jain Temple etc.

17 . What is the main industry of Jharkhand?

Ans: - Steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, automobile, chemical etc.

18 . Topchanchi sanctuary is located in which district of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Cubism

19 . What is the sex ratio of Jharkhand?

Answer:- 1005 Females / 1000 Males

20 . Who was the first independent Chief Minister of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Madhu Koda

21 . Who was the first Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Inder Singh Namdhari

22 . Who was the first pro tem speaker of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Visheshwar Khan

23 . Who was the first Deputy Speaker of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly?

Answer:- Bagun Sumbrai

24 . Who was the first Leader of Opposition of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly?

Answer:- Stephen Marandi

25 . Who was the first woman minister of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Joba Manjhi

26 . Who was the first Chief Justice of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Vinod Kumar Gupta

27 . Who was the first Advocate General of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Mangalmay Banerjee

28 . Who was the first Director General of Police of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Shivaji the great Kaire

29 . Who was the first Chief Secretary of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Vijay Shankar Dubey

30 . Who was the first Lokayukta of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Laxman Uraon

31 . Who was the first chairperson of Jharkhand State Women's Commission?

Answer:- Laxmi Singh

32 . Who was the first woman governor of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Draupadi Murmu

33 . The first soldier in Jharkhand who was awarded the Param Vir Chakra?

Answer:- Albert Ekka

34 . The first police officer of Jharkhand who was awarded the Ashok Chakra award?

Answer:- Randhir Verma

35 . The first female hockey player from Jharkhand who played in Olympics?

Answer:- Nikki Pradhan

36 . Who has been the captain of Indian cricket team from Jharkhand?

Answer:- Mahendra Singh Dhoni

37 . Who was the first woman international umpire of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Dependent Lakra

38 . Who was the first non-tribal chief minister of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Raghuvar Das

39 . Where was the first power plant of Jharkhand built?

Answer:- Tilaiya

40 . Where was the first university established in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Ranchi University

41 . Which is the first degree college of Jharkhand?

Answer:- St. Columbus College

42 . Which is the first English daily newspaper of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Delhi Press

43 . Which is the first film of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Agitated

44 . Which is the first Nagpuri film of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Nagpur of Sona

45 . Which is the first airport of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi

46 . Which is the first Santhali film of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Main Brahma

47 . Which is the first railway route of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Rajmahal to Mughalsarai

48 . Who was the first chairman of Jharkhand Public Service Commission?

Answer:- Phatik Chandra Hembrum

49 . Which is the first medical college of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Rajendra Medical College, Ranchi

50 . The first Ayurveda college of Jharkhand is?

Answer:- Government Ayurveda College, Lohardaga

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