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You can start these 12 businesses along with your job in 2023, you will earn in lakhs

Business Ideas: Want to do some side business along with the job in 2023, then these ideas can be beneficial

Start this side business with a job in just Rs 10,000, you will easily earn lakhs every month in 2023

Business Ideas- If you want to do some side business along with the job, then you can get benefit from these ideas: If you are also doing some kind of job and want to be your own boss and If you want to start a business, then in this post of ours you will find many types of Business Ideas, which will be easy for you in the beginning and will increase your business later, so let us tell you that Small Business Ideas with great benefits , From which you can earn lakhs gradually.

Business ideas with job

Today we are giving you a better business idea in which you can easily earn lakhs of rupees every month sitting at home with very little investment. These are such businesses, whose marketing can be done both online or offline (Online business) and can earn a lot of profit. You can do this like a side business with a job (Profitable business ideas). There will be no need to leave the job for this.

Side Business Ideas: Want to do some side business along with the job, then these ideas can be beneficial

Everyone needs money in these times! If you are sitting empty and there is talk of starting a business in your mind, then you must be thinking that if you are investing money in this business today, then tomorrow you can earn better from it, then this is our Will try that you can start a good business and earn well from it! You don't have to do much for this, just the work you have good experience!

You can earn from your business even on holidays

Do online research about it once whether someone may need you for that job or not! Apart from this, we also give you information that how you can start a good profitable business with a low budget in the beginning! We explain to you what kind of business you can invest in, because before starting any work, a little investment has to be made in that work!

Stylish Footwear Business

Nowadays the craze of wearing designer footwear is increasing very fast among people. This is especially the case with the new generation. If you go ahead and start the business of footwear manufacturing and make a career in it, then it can be a golden opportunity for you to earn. And its demand is increasing among today's youth, so it is only natural that you will get benefit from it. Now when you start this business, you will also have to make some investment in it. So don't worry about this also because the government is going to help you in this. Yes, you can do this business by taking a loan from the government. When it starts running well, it will earn him at least Rs 10 lakh annually. Along with the job, you can also earn thousands of rupees per month by doing this side business.  

Amul Franchise Business

You must have seen ads of many products on TV in lockdown, one of them was Amul company, whose products are very popular. Amul company manufactures dairy products. Which is the company of our country. Amul also gives its franchise. Which is spread in every corner of India. If you want to do some new business, then start your own business by taking the franchise of Amul company. For this, you choose a place where its demand is high. Because you will get more benefit from this. If your business starts running in a better way, then after a few years you will start earning up to Rs 10 lakh per year. 

Jeera Farming

Due to Corona virus, there are many people who have left their jobs and returned to their homes and are thinking of making a career in agriculture. So let us tell such people that their idea of ​​farming is very good. And if they do some different type of farming, then they will get faster and more profit from it, such as cumin cultivation. Cumin is a kind of spice. Which people put in vegetables. Some people also call cumin as a cash crop because due to its high yield, sales are high and money starts getting directly from it in cash. By doing herbal farming, you can earn up to 3 lakhs from one acre of land.

Moti Farming

People know pearl by the name of a gem which is so shiny that everyone gets attracted towards it. Women make different types of necklaces and garlands with pearls. Basically the pearl grows in the middle of the soft tissue of the sheep. This requires an artificial environment. The business of pearl farming is becoming very popular these days, to make pearls, people buy sheep from fishermen and remove their tissue graft and put it in another sheep, this makes a pearl bag. Due to pearl being a kind of gem, many people buy it at a very good price. That's why you can earn at least 5 to 10 lakh rupees from this. That too every year.

Chalk Making Business 

There is such a business of making chalk, which requires very little investment. You can easily start it sitting at home. We all know that chalk is required in all schools and colleges. Not much material is required to make chalk. You can start it for just Rs 10,000. Colored chalk can also be made in this along with white chalk. Explain that chalks are mainly made from Plaster of Paris. It is a white colored powder. It is a type of clay which is prepared from a stone called Gypsum.

Bindi making Business

These days the demand of bindi has increased a lot in the market. Earlier only married women used to apply bindi, but now girls have also started the trend of applying bindi. Not only this, women abroad have also started wearing bindi. In such a situation, there has been a huge jump in its demand. You can start the bindi making business sitting at home by investing only Rs.12,000.

Envelope Making Business

Making envelopes is a very simple and cheap business. This is a product made of paper or card board etc. It is mostly used for packaging. Which is used for packaging of things like papers, greeting cards etc. This is an evergreen business. That means there will be earning every month in this business. If you start this business from home, then you will have to invest 10,000 to 30,000 rupees and if you make envelopes by installing a machine, then you will have to invest 2,00,000 to 5,00,000 rupees.

Candle making Business

There has been a lot of change in this business over time. Earlier, where candles were used for illumination when the lights went out, now its use has also increased in decorating birthdays, homes, hotels. In such a situation, the demand for candles has increased a lot. If you want to start this business, you can start sitting at home by investing Rs 10,000 to 20,000.

Metal Items Business

Many items are made from metal, some which are used for women, such as bangles, bracelets, earrings etc. Similarly metal utensils are also made. Many types of tools are made from metal. Along with this, it is also used in making weapons and some tools used in farming. You do not need a lot of investment to make all these items. However, you should manufacture such items which are in high demand in the market, such as cutlery items etc. With this your income will be in lakhs.

Social media expert business

Apart from this, if you want something in the weekend, then you can do the business of social media expert. If you have good knowledge about social media! This is such a business from which you can earn a lot of money.

There are many companies that hire experts in social media to do online or digital marketing of their product. In such a situation, it is a very good option for Weekend Business. This business will give you a very good profit!

Gardening or Gardening Business

If you love nature and plants, then you can do gardening or gardening business in the weekend! Many types of plants and attractive flowers are grown in it. You can prepare the garden according to your and people's choice!

You can earn good profit by selling plants and flowers growing in this garden. Can even open a shop for this! This business is considered very useful and profitable, because nowadays people are very fond of planting plants at their home. In such a situation, you can earn good money by selling plants.

Graphic designing business

Apart from this, if you are a good designer, then you can start a graphic designing business on the weekend! Nowadays this business has a very good scope in the market. There are many companies that are hiring people sitting at home for their work.

Whose label needs to be designed! In such a situation, companies hire graphics design, in return for which good money is also given, so it can prove to be a very good business and money-making option for you. 

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