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Students can do this work on Saturday and Sunday. Free Online Part Time Job for Student

Free Online Jobs for Students: Students can do this TOP business on Saturday and Sunday 

Online Part Time Job for Student | 10 ways to work part time sitting at home, can earn from 15K to 25K.

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In this era of inflation, every person whether he is an employee, a student or a small business person, everyone wants that he should have some side income source so that he does not have to face the problem of money and can meet his monthly expenses. Can complete 


That's why everyday thousands of people search on the internet about online part time jobs for students. 

Often people wait a lot for the weekend to come, especially those who are employed. But this happens not only with those people but also with some students. Yes, they also wait a lot for the holiday falling on the weekend, and as soon as the weekend comes, their sports, jumping and shopping etc. start. But nowadays the times are such that the pocket money received by the children is not enough for them. In such a situation, they think that they can fulfill their needs by earning some money themselves. But for this, they cannot put their studies at stake everyday, so they think of doing some business on weekends, so that they can get money. This thought especially arises in the minds of teenagers i.e. children going from school to college. Here we are presenting information about some business opportunities for them.

Online Part Time Job for Student

It is not a good thing to do part time jobs from home along with studies, because studies are also a type of work and our career is made only by studying well, in such a situation, instead of focusing on one work, do two or three things together. But if we focus, then there can be some problem and there is no proper focus on a single task. If you want to know who is there for Part Time Jobs for Students, then you have come to the right place.

In today's information, Part Time Jobs for Students can be right, if you are thinking about part time business then you can work on online business ideas sitting at home.

But it is a compulsion for many students to do part time job for college students, when I reached 3rd Sem of Engineering, then the same problem happened to me, due to lack of money at home, I was not able to focus well on studies. After going, I also started searching on the internet for part time jobs near and decided to do part time jobs to earn some money, got a job and started working in a medical shop where Rs. Was giving 7000 for 6 hours.

Some business for students to do on Saturday and Sunday

Part Time Jobs for Students – Do Part Time Jobs with studies

If you do part time jobs along with your studies, then there is little effect on your studies, but you get to learn a lot from jobs, which ordinary students cannot learn.

There are some jobs for 10th pass which can be done.

So let's know which part time jobs are for students.

If you are also a student and are searching on the internet about online part time jobs for students, then you have come to the right place. Here I will tell you about top online jobs for student in hindi. From where you can earn 15 to 25 thousand per month by working 4-5 hours daily. Not only can you earn but you can also make it your career in future. 

So let's start Online part time job ideas

Students can earn money for themselves by doing the following business on Saturday and Sunday –

photo journalism

If you know very well about capturing, editing, etc. of the story through photography and you have many creative ideas for it, then this can be a good weekend business idea for you. For many online websites, YouTube channels, weekly or monthly publications and audio visuals of news platforms, there is a great need for a person who makes good images. For which people are also ready to pay a huge amount. If you do this work using your leave then you will get money for it. In this work, money is also available for photography equipment and social media promotion.

tour guide

People often go on weekends with their family members to visit tourist places. In such places where people come for tourism, they need a guide who guides them what that tourist place is famous for and what is its history. If you are living in a place which is a tourist destination, then you can help the people who come there on weekends. For this, it is necessary to know everything from inside and outside of your city such as its history, culture, food etc. and also having interpersonal and communication skills is also necessary for a tour guide. In return, they will give you some money. If you want, you can do this work professionally by taking a certified certificate from the tourism department.

party planner

Whenever a person organizes a party at his home, it is not possible to arrange everything like decorations, food, invitations etc. by himself. In such a situation, they go to the party planner. Who can do all this work for them. Because they feel like getting things done and having a great network of the right people can really help them. People organize parties mostly on weekends only. In such a situation, students who keep getting different types of creative ideas. They can earn money by doing this business. So this can be a great business for them.

research work

Researching a topic is one of the most boring, tedious and time-consuming tasks, especially for working people. That's why they mostly give this work to outsiders in bulk or on project basis. If you are a college student and you are very fond of doing research, then you can earn money by working on your weekends for such people and use your weekend holidays. Because the people who do this work also give you a lot of money for this.

resume making

After completing their studies in college, people are looking for their jobs, for which it is necessary that they have their resume. Without this it is impossible to get a job. People looking for jobs want to make an attractive resume for themselves, for this, they get this work done by paying money to other people who do this work well. If you are good at writing, and you can make an attractive resume. So this business can prove to be the best weekend business for you.

Online Tutor Job

If you are a student and are searching on the internet about online jobs for students, then teaching job can prove to be the best for you.


In our country of India, the education industry is always in demand and the income in it is also very good. 


Online teaching is in great trend these days. Due to the Corona epidemic, the demand for online teachers has also increased a lot. If you have made up your mind to go into the teaching line, then there are some online teaching websites in India where you can register yourself by giving a small exam and start teaching job and earn 15K to 20K per month in part time sitting at home. You can easily earn till. 

Vedantu, Tutor.com, Chegg, TutorME are some of the famous websites in India from where you can start your teaching career.

Freelancing Job

If you have any special skill like Coding, Graphic Designing, Accounting, Social Media Marketing etc. then you can earn good money by working online from home using it. 


You can give your services as a freelancer to another company or an individual client.


For this, first of all, you have to publish your profile on the freelancing site, in which you have to enter things about yourself, your skills, delivery time of the project, your fees, etc.   


After which the clients will go to your profile and after seeing your profile, they will approach you according to their needs and tell their requirement. After the deal is finalized, you have to deliver the project on time, in return for which your fee is transferred to your account by the freelancing company. 

Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer are some freelancing sites where you can register yourself, update your profile and start working online.

Content Writing Work

If you have interest in writing then you can develop yourself as a content writer.


Content is king in the digital age. Every blogger, every website owner needs a content writer. For which they are ready to pay a lot of money. 


Content can be on many types of topics. Now you have to see in which field you are more interested and on which field topic you can write well. 


For example, you can make a hold on the topic related to finance, if you are interested in sports, then you can write content on the topic related to sports.


Similarly, on whatever topic you are interested, you can make a good hold in that field and write content for your client.

Social Media Marketing Jobs

In today's time, social media is very popular and necessary for everyone. Today life seems incomplete without social media. But do you know how big is the power of social media. 


Today social media is not only used for chat or video call but many people are earning good money from it. 


Yes! You heard it right, using social media any person can start social media marketing work from any corner of the world and earn money. 

Now you must be thinking that what is this social media marketing now. So let me tell you that social media marketing is a part of e-marketing in which goods or services are promoted through social media. Instead of which the company pays you some fixed amount or as commission.

Data Entry Job

If you are looking for an online job but you do not have any special skills, but you want to earn money by working online, then DATA Entry work is best for you. 


To do this job, you should have basic knowledge of computer in which working on Internet, Excel and Word files should be known and your typing speed should be at least 25 words per minute.  


Today many companies outsource their backend work and give it to an individual person or a company. In return, these companies also pay well. 


So if you are looking for online job then Data Entry job is good for you. In this, you can be given a task like filling an online form. And can earn up to 15k or more per month. Salary may be different in different jobs.

Sell Photos Online

If you want to earn money online in part time and you are fond of photography, then you can easily get this job, even you can make a career in it. 


Photography is in great demand in the world of digitalization. Here you can earn a lot of money and can also travel together. 


Today there are many such platforms available online where you can sell the photos taken by you and earn. 


Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Etsy, istock etc. are some of the online sites in India where you can sell your photos. 


For this, first of all you have to do Sign Up (Registration) on these sites, after that you will have to upload the best photos taken by you and put their prices along with them.  


Now if someone likes your image, then he will buy that image by paying. Now from this payment, some percent amount will be deducted as commission by the website company and the remaining amount will be transferred to your account.

Network Marketing

Friends, you must have heard about network marketing. It is an emerging and fast growing industry. If you want to do online part time work then network marketing job can also be a good option for you.  


Network Marketing Business is also known by many other names like MLM (Multi Level Marketing), Chain Marketing etc. In network marketing, a person joins a network marketing company and promotes its product and advises another person to join that company and consume the product of that company. 


This industry had become very infamous in the middle, due to which people used to run away from network marketing business, but now the network marketing business has been recognized by the Government of India and a new policy has also been launched for it. 


This industry has grown a lot in the last few years. Now people are earning very good profits in this industry. Not only students but also house wife, businessman, doctor etc people are doing good work and earning money by joining this business. 


If you are a student then working with a network marketing company is like icing on the cake. Because here you will earn money as well as you also get your personality development through training here. Which will be very useful in your life later on.

Call Center - Call Center Job

See Call Center Job, not all companies provide Part Time Job, but there are some companies that provide it.

If you do Full Time Job in Call Center then you will get it easily, if you talk about Part Time it is a bit difficult but it is available. For this, you have to be a little smart and search on your friends, relatives, and Internet that which companies provide part time jobs.

I recommend everyone for Call Center Jobs because by doing Call Center Jobs, your communication skills increase, you get to learn about some business along with your partner.

I have made many videos on Call Center Jobs, if you want, you can watch by visiting our YouTube Channel.


Swiggy or Zomato also provides Part-Time Job and is best for students.

In this too, Aaj A Delivery Boy worked. It is easy to join these two, just you should have Aadhaar card, bike and its documents. Then you can get Full or Part Job in Swiggy or Zomato.

If you do full time job in this then Rs. 15k – Rs. You can earn up to 20k and for Part Time job Rs. 9k – Rs. Can earn 10k Minimum.

If you want to join Swiggy/Zomato, then there is a branch in every city where you have to go and submit the document and collect Bag + T-Shirt and do 1 hour training and take part time jobs.

Domino’s Pizza/Pizza Hut

If not Domino's pizza, Pizza hut, then there will be part time jobs near you like bakery shop which will provide Cake like Amma, Just Bake, in all these part time jobs from home for students will be available. Talking about salary, then Min. Rs. 6k – Rs. 8k is available for 6 hours, it depends on the city in which city you are.

Students have to sacrifice for many things in their life, yes the one who has money, he studies with fun, but it is a bit difficult for the students who are poor. There are also ways to earn money online.

If trouble does not come in life, then even the marrow does not come, as much as we all learn from the problem, we do not learn from anything else.

Benefit of Online Jobs

In today's time, almost everyone wants to work online and earn money. Above we learned about Online Jobs Idea in Hindi. Now let's talk about what are the benefits of working online? 


Flexibility of Time: If you go to work somewhere, then you have to give at least 9 hours a day there. And the office also has to be reached on time, if you do not reach the office on time, then you can be scolded by the boss or your half day salary can be deducted. 


But this is not the case online. Here you can select any time according to your convenience and work. 


Place Freedom: If you are doing a job or you have a small business then you have to go to your office everyday. But in online work, you are saved from this hassle. You can do your work from the place of your choice. If you are on a tour, then you can complete your work from there too. 


Low cost: If you do any offline business then you have to bear the office setup cost which is very high. But in online work, you do not have to bear any kind of office setup cost. You can start your online business with just a laptop and internet.  

If you go to do an offline job, then you have to pay the fare for commuting, but you can do online work sitting at your home. Due to which your commuting fare is also saved.

Hope you must have liked this blog post Online Jobs for students in hindi and you must have got an idea that how you can do online jobs. 


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How to do job on mobile sitting at home?

Another way to find clients is to create an account on a website like Fiver, Freelancer, Upwork and work from there. You will get good money there. After you have more work, you can generate a Passive Income by Hiring Writers.

What to do part time business?

Part Time Business Ideas in Hindi List

  • can earn money from blogging

  • You can earn money from affiliate marketing

  • start kariana store

  • Can give coaching to kids

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  • Tower can be installed in empty space

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How to earn money in student life 2022?

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  • Affiliate Marketing. ...

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  • Android Mobile App.


In this way, all these business ideas students can think of doing on their weekends. This will give them a very good income and they themselves can become capable of meeting all their needs.

Along with studies, whatever small work, online job, sms job sitting at home, copy paste jobs, should be done, when we do any work, we get to learn a lot, all that is practical which is useful in future.

If you liked our post Online Jobs for students, then do share it with your friends so that they also get to know about the best online Jobs ideas for students and help them.

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