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Custom Hiring Center Farm Machinery Scheme 2023 | Farmers will get subsidy up to Rs 10 lakh for opening custom hiring center in 2023

If you want to earn money by using new technology, then take advantage of the Central Government's CHC (Custom Hiring Center) Farm Machinery Scheme by paying only 20%.

Custom Hiring Center Farm Machinery Scheme

Farmers will get subsidy up to Rs 10 lakh for opening custom hiring center

If you are a farmer and want to earn money by farming with machines, then you can take advantage of the Central Government's Custom Hiring Center (CHC) Farm Machinery Scheme. On opening the center under this scheme, projects up to Rs 60 lakh can be passed. That is, understanding the needs of the farmers of your area, you can buy agricultural equipment of this amount.
Custom Hiring Center Farm Machinery Scheme

The government will invest Rs 24 lakh in your project. At the same time, you can also make a machine bank by forming five-six farmer co-operative groups. A maximum project of Rs 10 lakh will be approved for the group. In this, you can get a subsidy of up to Rs 8 lakh. That is, you will have to invest only 20% of the amount. Farmers across the country can order tractors and other farm equipment on rent at affordable rates by placing orders on the CHC Farm Machinery mobile app. The central government is trying to make farming profitable and easy for the farmers. For this, she is giving advice and training to the farmers on the use of new agricultural equipments in farming. 

Farmers will not have to buy expensive equipment like tractors, machinery

The government is making every possible effort to help the farmers in farming, so that the farmers can earn good money and lead a better life. Farmers need machines so that farming can be done well, but due to the high cost of machines, they are not able to buy them. To solve this problem, the Modi government has started a scheme called 'Custom Hiring Center (CHC) Farm Machinery Scheme'. Under this, small farmers will be given machines on rent for farming and for this they will have to pay 20% and the rest will be paid by the government. This scheme will help in providing better business opportunities to small farmers in agriculture. What will be the features of this scheme, you will get this information on the basis of some points below.

CHC (Custom Hiring Center) Farm Machinery Scheme Features (CHC Farm Machinery Yojana Features)

Empowering the farmers: -

To uplift the condition of the farmers in our country, our government wants to empower the farmers by starting this scheme, so that they too can lead a better life like others.

Facilities provided:-

By starting this scheme, the Modi government is giving this facility to the farmers that now farmers can take on rent the machines and tractors used for farming in today's time.

Help in doing business :–

A facility is also being given in this scheme that if a farmer has these machines, he can do business by renting them to other farmers. And can earn a lot of money.

Development of the country's economy: -

Farmers will not only get benefit from this scheme, but also the economy of the country will improve. And it will also develop.

Increase in production :-

Under this scheme, when farmers will get machines on rent and use them, it will increase production. Due to more production, the profit of the farmers will also be more.

Help farmers to earn money :-

In today's time, machines are needed for farming because production is better with machines, and it also makes it easier for farmers to earn. But because of the high cost of the machines, they are unable to do so. Through this scheme, if the farmers will resort to modern techniques for farming, then they will be able to cultivate everything from mushroom to dates, this will increase their income, and the goal of doubling the income of the farmers will also prove to be correct.

Helpful in making farming profitable and easy: -

Through this scheme, the government wants to develop the way of farming using modern methods. With this, farming can be made profitable and easy for the farmers. This will lead to development of both farmers and agriculture.

project :-

In this scheme, farmers can take machines up to Rs 60 lakh on rent as per their requirement. In which they will have to pay 20% and the rest 80% will be done by the government.

As a corporate group :-

If you form a cooperative group with 6 to 8 farmers, then at that time you can buy machines worth at least Rs 10 lakh, and you will get a subsidy of Rs 8 lakh for that.

Training to operate the machine: -

Mostly it happens that farmers face some problem in running machines with modern techniques. So let us tell you that while starting this scheme, the government has also given training to about 50 thousand farmers to operate the machines.

Custom Hiring Center and Farm Machine Bank :-

To implement this scheme and to provide machines for farming to the farmers, the government has built more than 8 thousand custom hiring centers and more than 6 thousand machine banks in the country. From where farmers can get machines on rent.

How much subsidy farmers get under Custom Hiring Scheme (CHC)

In Madhya Pradesh, farmers are given subsidy from the government on the establishment of Custom Hiring Center (CHC) up to Rs 25 lakh. Under this scheme, farmers are given credit linked back ended subsidy of 40 percent up to a maximum of Rs 10 lakh for setting up custom hiring centres. The calculation of grant/subsidy is given according to the provision given for each machine in the Sub Mission on Agriculture Mechanization Scheme. Apart from this, an additional interest subsidy of 3 percent on the bank loan taken under this scheme will also be given to the beneficiary farmers.

Farmers can rent these agricultural implements from Custom Hiring Center

The custom hiring center has all types of farm equipment as per the requirement of the farmers. From here farmers can do farming or horticulture work by taking agricultural machinery by paying fixed rent. The agricultural implements available at the Custom Hiring Center include Tractor, MB/Disc Plow, Cultivator, Rotavator, Seed cum Fertilizer Drill, Self Propelled Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill, Tractor Driven Reaper, Self Propelled Reaper, Self Propelled Reaper cum Binder, Thresher, Agricultural implements include power sprayer, knapsack sprayer, power weeder etc. Apart from this, many small instruments are also available in the custom hiring center.

Eligibility and conditions for establishment of Custom Hiring Center

  • Custom Hiring Center Minimum Rs.10 Lakh and Maximum Rs. Can be set up at a cost of up to 25 lakhs.

  • The grant will be eligible only if the center is established on the basis of bank loan.

  • The grant will be paid to the loan sanctioning bank, which will be adjusted in the beneficiary's account after the beneficiary repays the bank loan.

  • Under the scheme, along with individual applicants, women self-help groups / organizations will also be able to apply for setting up custom hiring centers. The group/organization will be considered as General, Scheduled Tribe or Scheduled Tribe category, whichever category has more number of members.

  • Individuals of minimum 18 years of age under the scheme will be eligible to receive grants under this scheme. The age of the applicant should not be less than 18 years and not more than 40 years.

  • The minimum educational qualification of the individual applicant must be 12th class pass.

  • Persons already working in government or semi-government services or getting employment benefits from other government schemes will not be eligible under this scheme.

  • Under the scheme, there is a provision to give priority to graduates of agriculture, agricultural engineering and horticulture. In the priority list, the cases of these applicants will be considered by giving priority to maximum 3 centers of 30 percent of the targets fixed for the prescribed boundary district.

  • There is a provision of giving only one custom hiring center to one village, one family and one group / organization. Applications should not be submitted for villages where centers have been established in the past. The final decision regarding villages will be taken at the time of verification of records by the concerned Agriculture Engineer's office.

  • The applicant being a voter of the village in which the center is to be established or having land in the name of self or parents in that village will be eligible for the application of the center in the concerned village.

  • No interest will be charged from the beneficiary by the bank on the amount of credit linked bank ended subsidy. In case of failure to repay the loan amount, the beneficiary will not get the benefit of the grant and will have to repay back the loan amount of the bank, which will include the grant amount and the interest payable.

  • Sanction loan will be recovered in maximum 9 years and loan moratorium period will be maximum 6 months.

  • The sanctioned loan will not be repayable for a period of 4 years. Beneficiary will not be eligible for grant if the bank loan is fully repaid by the beneficiary before this period. In this situation, the amount of grant will have to be given by the bank to the government.

  • The machines/instruments etc. purchased under the scheme cannot be sold/mortgaged or transferred by the beneficiary to any person/institution other than the bank which has provided the loan. In case of its violation, the grant amount will have to be returned with interest as per government rules. In case the amount is not returned, the entire amount can be recovered like land revenue.

  • The grant amount will be payable to the beneficiary only on the basis of the cost of the machines/instruments. The applicant/beneficiary will have to make maintenance shed construction of machines/instruments and arrangement of land as per requirement.

Machinery and Equipments using in Farming

Some of the machines and equipment that farmers often require for agriculture are as follows, which you can easily take on rent under this scheme.

  • tractor,

  • combine harvester,

  • paddy rice transplanter,

  • zero till seed cum fertilizer drill,

  • laser land leveler,

  • rotaware,

  • fertilizer drill,

  • multicrop thresher,

  • Axial Flow Paddy Thresher etc.

Location for Custom Hiring Centers

Ideally, the CHC centers should be located across the country at a place where large and small land for cultivation is located within a radius of 5 to 7 kms, and under which at least 4 to 5 villages come. This reduces the transportation cost and transportation time of agricultural machinery. This has given relaxation for the purpose of transportation both to the farmers and to these CHC centres. Although these CHC Centers or Farm Machinery Banks and Hi-Tech Hubs have been set up under various schemes like Agricultural Mechanization Mission, National Agricultural Development Scheme and Crop Residue Management Scheme of DAC&FW under Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare etc.  

CHC Farm Machinery App

Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has launched a 'CHC Farm Machinery' mobile app to facilitate farmers to rent machinery and equipment used in agriculture. This app is a multi-lingual mobile app, which works like Uber and Ola cab mobile app. Which can be used in 2 ways.

As a user i.e. a farmer :-

As a user i.e. a farmer, you can order and rent tractors and other machines at cheap rates.

As a service provider:-

Along with this, if a farmer has his own machines or equipment, then those farmers can rent them to other farmers with the help of this app.

CHC Farm Machinery App Features and Benefits

  • This app is such an app in which 12 languages ​​are available. That is, it is being started in all the regions of the country, so people can choose the language according to their region.

  • The size of this CHC Farm Machinery app is 5MB which requires Android version 4.0.3 and above to download.

  • Through this app, farmers will have easy access to high value and technical agricultural equipment.

  • This app will have the facility of optimum use of all types of inputs. With this, maximum farmers will be able to place orders for their favorite machinery for their farming in less time frame.

  • If more and more farmers join in one mobile app, then it will lead to mechanization of maximum field plowing and this will also increase the income of the farmers.

  • With this mobile app, farmers will be connected to custom hiring service centers in their area.

  • Through this app, you can place an order for the machine from any of the custom hiring centers located within a radius of 50 kms.

  • Up to 50,000 custom hiring centers are registered with this mobile app, in which up to 1 lakh 20 thousand machines and equipment are available which farmers can take on rent.

How to download CHC Farm Machinery App? (How to Download CHC Farm Machinery App?)

These CHC centers made for farmers to take machinery and equipment on rent have been opened across the country. To connect with which 'CHC Farm Machinery App' has been created. You can follow the following steps to download this app on your smart phone –

  • First of all, open the Play Store in your mobile. And after that go to search and search by entering 'Custom Hiring Centers (CHC) Machinery App'.

  • You can also directly click on this link to download this app

  • After clicking it, the button to install this app will be shown on your screen, on which you click. Then this app will be downloaded in your phone.

How to register in CHC Farm Machinery App? (How to Register in CHC Farm Machinery App?)

Once you download this CHC Machinery app, then after that you can register yourself under the app as a user or service provider. To register yourself in this app, follow the easy steps given below –

  • After downloading this app, open it and then in this you have to choose your language from different languages ​​like Hindi, English, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil. Select the language in which you want to use the app.

  • After selecting the language, the registration page will open on the screen of your mobile phone. Here you will see 'User / Farmer' and 'Service Provider', these 2 options, out of which you have to choose one. If you want to take machine on rent then you click on 'User/Farmer' option, and if you want to give your machines on rent to other farmers then you click on 'Service Provider' option.

  • Now in the registration page which is open on your screen, you will have to fill some of your information which will be asked from you there. This information can be like your name, Aadhaar card number, PAN card number etc.

  • After filling all the information click on the 'Register' button and in this way you will be successfully registered in this app.

  • Now various equipment and machines will be shown on your screen, you can click on any of them and place an order for renting it.

The target is to open three thousand custom hiring centers, farmers will be benefited

At present, new agricultural machines are being used in farming and horticulture works. Tractors, rotavators, cultivators, threshers, harvesters and other types of machines and agricultural implements are being used in this. With the use of modern agricultural machinery, farming and gardening can be done easily in less time and cost. Keeping this in mind, Madhya Pradesh government is going to open 3000 custom hiring centers in the state. This will benefit the farmers. Through the Custom Hiring Center, agricultural machinery will be available to the farmer at a cheaper rate, which will make his farming work easier.

Grant will be given on establishment of Custom Hiring Center

Recently, in the Lok Sabha, MP Uday Pratap Singh raised questions regarding the establishment of new Custom Hiring Centre, Skill Development Center and Yantra Doot in Madhya Pradesh. In response to this, Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told that 3000 new custom hiring centers are going to be opened in Madhya Pradesh. Due to which more and more modern agricultural machinery will be available to the farmers. Along with this, skill development centers will also be established in the state.

Skill development centers will be established

In response to this question, the country's Agriculture and Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that 3,000 new custom hiring centers will be opened in Madhya Pradesh in the new financial year. Apart from this, a skill development center will also be established in the state. Presently, skill development centers are being operated in Bhopal, Jabalpur, Satna, Sagar and Gwalior divisions of the state. In the next financial year, there is a target to start 4 new skill development centers in Ujjain, Narmadapuram, Chambal and Shahdol divisions. 600 new agricultural machinery systems will be installed. In response to the question, Agriculture Minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomar said that under the Yantradoot Gram Yojana of Madhya Pradesh Government, a target has been set to establish mechanized agriculture system in 600 villages. Under this, large scale cluster demonstrations are organized along with training and excursion programs in a planned manner.

This step is likely to increase the income of farmers

Farmers can order farming equipment through mobile app 

Farmers will have three benefits:

  • Farming would be easy.

  • You will not have to buy expensive equipment like tractors, machinery.

  • By getting it at a lower rate, the income from farming will also increase.

10.75 lakh devices were given between 2014-2019

Union Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Chaudhary says, farmers will be empowered by the use of new technology machinery. For this, between 2014 and 2019, 10,75,194 machines have been given to farmers at a cheaper rate under the sub-mission on agricultural mechanization.

There are 8,466 CSCs and 6,841 Farm Machine Banks in the country.

To increase the availability of farm machines and equipment, 8,466 CHCs and 6,841 farm machine banks have been set up across the country. From here, farmers can rent farming equipment through mobile apps like Ola-Uber at rates fixed by the government.

Where to contact for Custom Hiring Center grant

Online applications for establishment of Custom Hiring Center by Madhya Pradesh Government from the farmers of the state can be made through the portal www.chc.mpdage.org of Directorate of Agricultural Engineering. Farmers can get other information related to the scheme from the agricultural engineer or agriculture department of their division or district.  

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Our government is trying its best to uplift the condition of the farmers in our country. We all know that many schemes have been implemented for the empowerment of farmers like Pradhan Mantri Kisan Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana etc. Due to this, the government has started this scheme to help the farmers to do farming using modern technology, so that all day to day activities related to farming can be completed easily and without any problem. Farmers could rent their favorite tools and machines at cheap rates, which they used to get from landlords till now.


Q: What is CHC Farm Machinery Scheme?

Ans: CHC Farm Machinery Scheme is a scheme launched by the Central Government to provide agricultural machines and equipment on rent to the farmers at cheap prices.

Q: What is the full form of CHC?

Ans: The full form of CHC is Custom Hiring Centre.

Q : What is CHC Farm Machinery Mobile App?

Ans : CHC Farm Machinery Mobile App is the app with the help of which you can place an order for hiring machines. And the machines will be delivered to your given address. This app works just like Ola or Uber cab app.

Q: Will farmers have to pay anything in CHC Farm Machinery Scheme?

Ans : Yes, farmers will have to pay 20% in CHC Farm Machinery Scheme.

Q: How much can be earned in CHC Farm Machinery Scheme?

Ans: In this scheme, if farmers produce better by taking machines on rent, then they can earn Rs. 1 lakh or more annually from this. And if they earn by giving their own machine on rent, then they can earn up to 50 thousand rupees extra.

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