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What is Startup - How to start a startup business (company) in 2023

What is Startup - How to start a startup business (company)?

Complete information on starting a startup in 2023

If you also want to start your own startup then keep these things in mind

Getting a job is the biggest task in our country of India with a population of 130 crores. The situation is such that many youths have to move from one city to another in search of jobs. But now some people are showing more interest in doing their own small business rather than working under someone. Now it is better if you do something for yourself than doing a job for someone because you get more benefit from that. Now in today's time people want to do business instead of job. But how to start your work. And not many people are aware of what to do for that so that your business gets success.


Opening your own business is not a big deal. The big thing is to make that business successful. Many times it is seen that people open their work. But they are not able to succeed in that and then they have to bear the loss. But there are some who even after having good ideas are neither able to succeed nor can start their own startup. Because they do not understand how to take their idea on the path of success. If you also have a good business idea and have some money. With which you want to start your own startup. But there is a state of confusion inside you about something. Then today I will tell you through this article that how you can start your business with less money. And can make it successful.

Today, the word Startup is being heard all over the country. Startup news is published in TV and newspapers every day. After hearing so much about Startup, many people also have the idea of ​​starting Startup, but very few people know how to start Startup or how Startup is started. If you want to start a Startup and you want to understand the process of starting a Startup, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to tell only about starting Startup. So let's start this post without any delay.

Friends, our topic today is what is Startup. If we look at the name of the startup, it makes sense that it is about the beginning of something and when you look at it from the point of view of business, then it is called startup business, if the world is engaged in new product innovation. Innovation is happening everywhere to give something unique to the customer, now a lot of research is being done. If it is said in simple language, then to raise any existing problem in the market and bring a solution through its research, which will make the life of the consumer easier. It is started by many people, but some get success in it, some people fail in it, so if you also want to know about Startup, then you have to read our article carefully.

What is startup? (What is Startup?

What is Startup?

The first question is what is Startup? Let us tell you that on the initial day of any company or business, when it is started by one person or more than one person. At that time either there is just a business idea or only testing is done, then it is called Startup. The person who starts Startup feels that the demand for the product and service he is making is very high in the market. Which his Startup can complete. During the startup phase of the company, more investment is needed in that company than the revenue of the company. That is why the founders of the company bring investment in the company. Most of the investment in a startup comes from venture capitalists.

Startup means starting some work with new ideas. Yes, when you start any business with a new way and ideas, then it is called a startup. For this it is not at all necessary that you must have finance. You can start this even without money. Startup is a platform where you start a work by showing your creativity and attract people towards it.

Startup company is such a company which is at the initial stage of its operation some people together lay the foundation which we do not call interview here people bring their own skills and specialization and how to work on startup idea and through it A unique product and service is provided to the consumers. Startups develop such products or services in which they see good market potential, so let us tell you how to start a startup.

How to start startup?

How to Start Startup ?

Startup process?

If you also want to start your own startup, then you have to read the points given below carefully. If you also want to start Startup, then you need a lot of attention and dedication if you have the passion to get your name. You can start startup easily, to start it, you have to put your full strength and make up your mind to start up with full hard work.

To start a startup, the following things have to be taken care of –

Think startup idea

To start any work, you must have a good business idea. The better your idea is, the more profit you will get in your business. While working on your business idea, you have to take care of two things. The first is that what is your business idea i.e. what business do you want to do. Or what work do you want to start and to what level do you want to take it. And secondly why you want to do whatever work you are thinking of starting. If you understand both these things very well. Then you will not have to face any problem to start any work. Along with this, you also have to take care of how much you have to spend from your pocket during this time. That is, with how much budget do you want to start it. But if you do not have any idea then work on it first. Without thinking about anything, it cannot be made successful. Research about it thoroughly. When you get a good idea for your business, then get complete information related to it. Along with this, you should also know that work has not been done on this idea before. And if someone related to you has already set up a shop near or around you. So what can you do apart from that. Think about that too. From which you get more benefit.

Think New Idea: - To start a startup, you must first think of a Startup Idea. If you already have a business idea, that's fine. If you do not have any startup idea, then let us tell you how you can think of a great startup idea.

To start a startup, first of all it is necessary to have a new idea i.e. Idea. That is, you have to think first what you want to make. To put it in other words, if something has to be solved in a new way in a startup, then creating that solution is the beginning of the startup. To increase the size of your startup in the market, it is necessary that a big problem should be solved very easily and in a new way. So you have to set the ideology about it in advance. 

  • Startup idea how to think

To think of a good startup idea, first you have to calm your mind. You can never think of a good business idea by putting pressure on your mind. Free your mind completely. Let your mind think what it wants to think. Just keep in mind that you have to find a good business idea. After some time, one big startup idea will start coming in your mind by itself. Whatever startup idea is in your mind, write it down somewhere. After that you think about that idea.

Startup is a very good way to find ideas. In this, you have to think that when and with what work you have problems. If there is no problem related to your work now, then think about the past. If you still do not find any problem then wait for some time. One or the other problem will definitely come in your life. which you have to solve. When such a problem comes in front of you, then think that how many people would be facing this kind of problem. Now you also think whether he would be able to solve his problem or not. If very few people would be able to solve their problem, then this problem can prove to be beneficial for you. To end this problem, you can start Startup.

We are presenting to you some examples of startup business companies started with new ideas, it may be of some help to you –

  1. Online Shopping Company Flipkart :- This company is a startup online shopping company. Which gave the identity of shopping in a different way. And today this company earns lakhs and crores every day. In this, you can reduce money by creating a Flipkart affiliate account.

  1. Paytm Cash Payment Company :- This company was started to make the cash payment facility easier for the people and today this company has become very popular all over the country. It was also started with a new idea, so it is also a startup company.

  1. Ola and Uber Cab Company :- To reduce the hassle of transportation of people, companies like Ola and Uber came in the market with Startups. And today millions of people are benefiting by using the service provided by this company. By starting a business with Ola, you can also take advantage of lakhs of rupees.

Share your startup idea model with team members and some other people (Share Model with Team Members) :-

When you have completely prepared the outline of your startup business, then share complete information about it with your team members. So that if there is any gap in it, then they will be able to help you fill that gap. So, when they will get all the information related to your startup, then only they will be able to help you, so give them the information about your startup properly.

We have a question for you, is everything you think is always right? This happens with all of us. What we think seems 100% right to us, but in reality it is wrong. Sometimes it happens that what we think is right. Now you are about to start a startup, then if your startup idea proves to be unsuccessful then you will feel very bad. Along with this, you can also suffer loss of money and time. To avoid this loss, when you think of a startup idea, you should share it with your parents, siblings, husband or wife, Share with friend etc. Share it with someone you trust. If there is someone who has started his startup or has information about startup, then definitely share with such a person. Now whatever suggestion you get from the person in front, do not take it to heart, but think about it with your mind. If everyone said that your startup idea is very good, even then you should not be too happy. Everyone said that even if your business idea is useless, don't be sad.

Make a Team :-

Who will be in the startup with you?

You'll need a good team. A single gram can't do the trick. This proverb fits perfectly to start any work. No matter how talented you are, you must have needed one or two helping hands. If you want to do business then a good team will go a long way in your success. You cannot do any work alone. For this you make a good team. And see which person can help you in your business. How many people do you want with you? And what should be the qualities in them. Pay attention to this also. In this, keep a habit of such people on whom you can trust by closing your eyes. And you should not get cheated on anything.

Once you have thought about what startup you want to start with a good and new idea for yourself, then after that it is necessary for you to have a team. Because it is not possible to do any such work alone. Therefore, you also do not forget to form a team to do this work. Any company has a founder and a co-founder, who are equal partners in any ups and downs in the business. And with this the trouble can also be shared. That's why you must make a team.

Now taking a step ahead, now think who will be involved in your startup. It is very important to think about it in advance. Write the names of all the people you want to include in your startup. After that also write what work he will do in your company and what he needs in this startup. Apart from this, you should also consider whether they will have any share in your company. If yes then what would be the percentage. We are telling you this because this happens with many people who keep such people in their company who do not deserve their company. Later it is also very difficult to remove them from the company. Apart from this, we give the shares of the company to some known people just like that, but after some time they bring our company to the point of closure.

If you have thought of starting your idea, then you have to find your dream team. First of all, you have to see your skills, after that you have to work on the people you will need in this startup. So let's tell who is in the dream team to start a startup.

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO): The CEO leads the entire startup and motivates everyone to work towards the vision mission of the company.

  • Chief Growth Officer (CGO): He works towards business plan growth from the company itself.

  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): All the work related to marketing in the company is done inside them.

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO): All technology work is done inside them.

  • Chief Designer Officer (CDO): ​​He is responsible for all the work related to the designer.

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): In a startup, all the responsibilities related to finance rest with him.

It is very important to have a good team to start a startup, look for people with whom you can enjoy doing your work and especially at the initial stage.

find co-founders

Small or big, you cannot start any business alone. So find co-founders before startup. So that you keep getting help in business.

Select the name of startup (Choose Name of Startup) :-

Along with preparing the complete outline of the startup, it is also necessary that you choose a very good name for your startup. Which is both attractive and unique. And if you want to go ahead and give it the form of a brand, then its name should be such that it is meaningful and people like it. 

People face a lot of difficulties in giving or keeping the name of their business, company or shop. Try that the name of your startup should be short as well as unique. You must have seen that Jeetani is also a big company, their names are often short and unique. Like KFC, Mcd, Jio, Tata, or any other. Their names are also short. And unique too. Often people do not remember big names. Try that the name of the business should be such that it gets on the tongue of the people.

make a business plan

Planning for Startup Business :-

Planning is very important for business, after thinking of a good business idea, you should plan for it. So that you do not have to face any problem while working. If you start any business without planning, then you will have very little chance of success. That's why before working on any idea, research it thoroughly and make a plan. Small things matter a lot to get success. That's why pay attention to all these things. Budget is most important to start work. And more than that your business location. Even if you take any idea and enter the market. If money and location are not good then the idea will not work. If possible, keep writing all these on a paper. Or make a small diary. On which you can write all your plans and ideas. So that you can work closely on your idea.

In this way, when you too have thought of an idea or idea for your startup, then it is time to plan it. Yes, now plan what you have thought, how the work will be done, what things may be required, in which area to work, what kind of customers can be associated with it, what – What will be the resources and how much it will benefit the customers, etc. Note down many similar things on a point by point basis and also prepare a small model, so that it will be easier for you to start it further.

Whatever business plan is going on in your mind till now, start writing it somewhere. This is because the business plan in our mind is for a very short time. Apart from this, the business plan which is in our mind is half-incomplete. Even if it seems complete to us. Write the business plan as well as you can.

Build your business model

To convert your idea into success, it is most important to prepare a business model. Business model means how your business will run and how you will run it. What work will you start? Which things to serve. Or what kind of service will you give to your customer. How people will get benefit from your business so that they come to you again and again. Do think about all these things. Along with this, you should also know that how much money you want to invest in your business in the beginning. Will you need to take a loan or borrow for this? Clear this also. Also, you have to buy or rent all the equipment for your startup. If you have less money. So you can also take the necessary equipment on lease. Apart from this, the staff of how many people will work with you. And how much will be his salary. Do not forget to note this also on your diary.

How will the company get revenue (Business and Revenue Model) :-

Friends, let me tell you that no company can run without revenue, only if there is revenue, you will be able to move forward in business startup. Revenue is the most important and difficult part of any startup. Business model tells what value your company is providing to the customers and revenue model tells that the company is actually operating multiple business models at the same time. Revenue The model ensures how the company will generate its revenue. At this stage, you brainstorm your startup's monetization plans, where you come to know the per unit cost of your product as well as logistics and operations.

Before starting a startup, one should also think about how the company is going to earn money. Unless a company can make money, that company cannot be successful. Whatever startup idea you have thought of, it can prove to be successful only if it has the power to earn money. Although every company makes revenue, but there are some companies which are never in profit. Year after year that company is running in loss. It seems to the common man that that company is very successful and is earning a lot of profit, but it does not happen. For example PayTm, PhonePay, etc.

Research the market (Market Analysis) :-

] Do not forget to research the market to get more information about what you want to start. Because it is very important. It is most important in market research that whatever work you are thinking of doing, the location should also be of the same type. Now if you open a furniture shop and sit in the clothing market, you will not get much benefit. That's why it is also important to know that whatever you want to open a shop or whatever work you want to start, that work also fits in that location or not. Or is it not that someone else has opened a shop just like you. This will reduce your customers and your business will not be able to reach the level you are expecting. Along with this, to know that if someone has opened a business like you, then whether his work is going well in that location or not, the real market research is to identify its shortcomings and merits well.

When many people hear the word market research, they think that they have to go to the market and ask whether this product or service will sell in the market or not. But nothing like this happens in market research. Let us now tell you in short words how you can do market research.

Before starting your startup business, it is very important for you to understand it very well first, because it is a new idea which needs to be brought into the market and made successful. For this, analyze the market for your startup business and research what requirements you may have for this.

  • How to do market research?

Market research starts with your product and service. You know your product. After that you come to know that your product falls in that area. After that you get the information related to that area. Get as much information related to that area as possible. In the second stage of doing market research, you met people who are working in the field to which your product is related. In the third stage, you see the life of that area. Every product, service or sector has a life span. At one point of time he starts and at another point of time he is at his most successful stage. After that it slowly starts coming down. Whatever product you come up with, is it just the beginning or has it already reached its most successful stage. For example, The time for petrol and diesel vehicles is about to end. Petrol and diesel vehicles have reached their most successful stage. Now it is slowly failing and on the verge of closure. After a few years, no petrol or diesel vehicles will be seen on the roads of many countries.

Think about what is missing in the market (What's Missing in the Market) :-

You can think about what is missing in the market for your startup. Because if you bring missing things in the market, then it will be very beneficial for your startup. In a way, this can also be a solution to any problem of the people. So, when you do research in the market, you will come to know that what are the things missing in the market, then you can work on it in your startup. Then your business will automatically start becoming successful.

identify the customer

The biggest contribution in making any startup successful is not the owner of the company but the customers. Customers decide whether the business will be successful or not. Now the question may come in your mind that as a startup owner how can you make your business successful from the customer. Let us tell you that as a startup owner, how to get the business to question the customer. For this you have to identify the customer. Now again the question may come in your mind that how to make the business of customer recognition successful. Let us also give you the reason for this. There are many people on this earth, Who is a customer of some company. If you take your product and service to everyone, then you will have to spend a lot of money. But your earning will not be as much as you spend. The same when you know about your customer, how your customer will be, then you can reach your customer by spending less and earn a lot of money.

If you want to take your idea to the customer, then first of all you have to design gold on the customer, it is made by market research to identify the right consumer work. By this, you ensure that consumer information such as age group, educational background, language comes first. To understand the correct information of your consumer and their needs, first you have to interview them.


The first step to start a startup is that you have to identify a problem and you also have to see your personal experience about this problem. Before starting a startup, you have to see which problem is coming and who is facing it and how many people's life will be easier to solve this problem, why such a problem is happening, when and how many times it happens. Has been And which class of people is facing this problem.

Technology :-

Today's time is the time of technology. It is necessary for your startup that you and your team take special care of good technology. And it would be better if the best technology is used. Because if the wrong technology is selected then your startup may also fail. For this, you can take the advice of good options from others. But also keep in mind that only if necessary, use technology. Do not try to forcefully enter it at all.

Funding :-

By the way, it is not necessary to have funding for a startup. Because priority is not given on raising money for startup, but priority is given on how this business can be improved. In this you do not even need much funding. Still, there are many investors in the market who can help you for this, but for that also it is necessary that your startup should be very unique, quality and new. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before investing in a startup. Which you always have to take care of.

Register your startup business (Register a Startup Business) :-

It is very important to register the company, you open any work. Do any kind of business. Or do it at any level. You will have to register your company. This is very important for you and for your company. To become a good and successful businessman, you have to do all the work in a legal way, whether it is a shopping mall or a shop. Be it a restaurant or any stall on which you are investing money, do not forget to get it registered. You can consult with an expert or a legal advisor to get your shop registered. It will help you immensely. Take care of all these things before starting any work. These will help you a lot in starting your business and making it successful. But the truth is that in the end it will be you and your hard work that will give you success. Do your work responsibly. And act responsibly.

When your startup is completely ready to start, then after that you have to register your startup business. For this you have to do all the legal work. If you take the advice of a legal advisor to do legal work, then it will be good for you.

Launch your startup (Launch Startup) :-

Now when all the preparations are done then it is time to launch your startup. Yes, now you launch your startup.

Do Marketing :-

It is an integral part of the development of any business. Therefore, if you also want more and more people to join your startup, then it is necessary that you do marketing of your startup business to make the features and benefits of your startup accessible to them. Tell people about how your startup business is different from other small business, what is new in it, what is special and what is the benefit etc.  

Follow up your customers (Follow up Your Customer) :-

When customers start coming for your startup business, then you should help them completely. If they have any kind of problem in buying your service or product or related to it, then you should help them. Follow them talk to them. And ask more people to join it.

Increase in the number of users (Increase User) :-

After starting your business, you set a target as to how you will increase the number of users. For this, you can do this in the beginning that first you add 1000 users with you, and this will happen only when your startup business will meet their needs, as well as save their time. When this target of yours is completed, then gradually increase your target. You will see that it will start happening automatically.

Success :-

In the end comes the turn of success. This is very important for any business. If this is not the case then your business will not get any benefit. And after some time you will reach back to the same place from where you started. That's why you try your best to make your startup business successful. When your business is completely set and people start liking it, then no one can ever snatch your success from you. so it is necessary.

advantages of startup

  • Startup companies make their employees feel as if they can be successful, learn new scales and do their work which they do not get the opportunity to do anywhere else.

  • At Startup, we believe in giving all types of fax flexibility to our employees so that the employee can work comfortably wherever and however he wants to work.

  • Startups do not pay salaries to employees, but also make them partners in the company through the staff, due to which the employee works with dedication considering the company as his own.

  • You will generally find the fastest involvement in the status, there is no appointment permission required to meet the CEO, you can meet him whenever you want, this makes the decision making process faster and the product is made in foreign countries without any hindrance.

  • If your Specter is successful in the market, then you get a line of inverters here and in this way the valuation of your setup increases and you can earn a lot of money in a short time.

business startup in india

There are five types of formats you can use to set up your startup business in India. which is like this-

  • One Person Company (OPC)

  • private Limited company

1. Procedure to Register One Person Company (OPC)

  • Apply for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

  • Apply for company name in INC-1.

  • Prepare Memorandum and Articles of Association (MOA and AO A).

  • File INC Form 32 with MOA and AOA.

  • Allotment of approved company name under INC-1 application

  • DIN allotment

  • new company investment

  • Company PAN

  • company ten

  • Enter the affidavit for the shire holder and also enter the consent of the witness and proof of identity and address.

  • Once incorporation is done with PAN and TAN, then you can open a current account.

2. Private Limited Company

  • Apply for your Director Identification Number (DIN) and your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

  • Check name availability by visiting MCA site and apply with 2-3 options in order.

  • Then, file Form INC-2 along with the Memorandum and Articles of Association with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) of your state within 60 days.

  • Once the registration is done, apply for PAN and TAN of your company.

  • If the turnover of the business is expected to be more than Rs.20 Lakhs, apply for GSTIN also.

Application for starting registration in India

1. Company or Organization Description:

Here you need to enter your Company Type (Company, LLP, Partnership), Industry, Sector, Category, Incorporation or Registration Number and Date, Company Name and PAN details.

2. Authorized Representative Details:

This will include the name, designation and contact details of the authorized person.

3. Director(s)/Partner(s) Details:

These include their name, gender, address and contact details.

Additional information: You need to provide some additional details such as number of employees, level of development of the product/system, details of intellectual property rights applications, etc.

Tax benefits: These are available to businesses formed / going to be formed between 1st April 2016 and 31st March 2019.

4. Self-Certification:

Here you need to upload your company incorporation certificate, issued to you by MCA. This file can be less than 5MB in jpg, png or pdf format.

5. Additional Documents/Details:

You may provide additional documents/details such as website links, videos, pitch deck etc. to support your application. Once the application is complete, it will be scrutinized and then the India Registration Certificate will be provided to the Company/Organization.

What is the difference between startup and business?

We all have been hearing the word business since childhood. We also know a lot about business. But Startup is a very new word. It becomes difficult to understand the difference between startup and business because the work of both is the same. You don't need to worry. Let us tell you the difference between Startup and Business one by one.



Business is difficult to scale.

Startup can be easily scaled.

Business is always in profit only.

Some startup is in profit and some startup is also in loss.

Business can be run by one person.

Many people are needed to run Startup.

Many businesses can be copied.

Very few startups can be copied.

Investors are not ready to invest in business.

Investors like to invest in startups.

It is difficult to adapt technology to business.

Startup starts only on the basis of technology. In other words Startup is based on technology.


It is not difficult to start a startup in the country of India at this time. You can register your business within just 10 days but it is very difficult to make the business successful. It is difficult to make a startup successful not only in India but all over the world. Now you must be thinking that my startup idea is very strong, I quickly became a successful business. Let us tell you that when you start the business, you have to learn a lot. The only way to make a startup successful is to never give up, keep learning, keep changing.

My dear friends, I hope that through my article you must have understood what a startup is or what needs to be done to start it. If you still have any problem, then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below, your comment is important for us.

Startup is such an endeavor where the more you show your creativity and attract people towards you and your startup business, the more success you will get. That's why you should take special care of all these things in starting your startup. And start your startup business accordingly.


Q: What is Startup India?

Ans: Startup India is a Stand Up India scheme launched by the Government of India, which has been started to promote their new ideas and their skills along with employment to the youth.

Q: What is the objective of Startup India Scheme?

Ans: The biggest objective of the Startup India scheme is to bring the creative and new ideas running in the minds of today's youth in front of the people, so that new things are created in the country and along with them the country also develops. .     

Q: What kind of startup business can be started?

Ans: What do you need more in the market and how can you easily fulfill those needs, that too in a new way, so that people's time can also be saved. Thinking about this, you can start your startup business. 

Q: How to start startup with less money?

Ans : Even if you do not get enough money to start your startup, you can start your startup business with less money. For this, think about small business ideas, this is also a good option for new youth.

Q: How much can be earned after starting a startup?

Ans: After starting the startup, if it becomes very popular, then it can earn lakhs and crores per month.

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