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How to start fast food business in 2023?

How to start fast food business in India

(fast food business plan 2023)

Fast Food Business Plan: In today's time, people are so busy with work that they are not able to eat food from home and when they go out for some work, they consume fast food like Chowmein, Manchurian, Veg Rice, Dosa Masala etc.

Fast food is increasingly attracting people due to the increasing income of some business people. Fast food is also called junk food. Here we are going to know in detail about fast food restaurant business plan.

How to start fast food business

How to start fast food business? If you want to know about fast food business ideas, then definitely read this article till the end.

If you like to cook and want to start your own business, then you can start your own fast food business. Opening your own fast food restaurant or stall is a very good idea because nowadays people like to go to such places because of their busy routine. Nowadays fast food restaurant is also known as quick service restaurant, here the customers do not have to wait after placing their order, rather they get their food ready by ordering immediately. In today's busy routine, this type of restaurant is very much in trend.

But in today's time it is not so easy to start fast food business and get success in it. Here we are going to give you some tips related to this business through our article which will help you in starting your new journey.

What is fast food?

Every one of you must have heard the name of fast food and there will be many people who must have eaten it sometime in their whole life, but in spite of all this, if any of you Want to get any information about fast food or want to know what is fast food?

So we would like to tell you that fast food is an English food. If all of us look at the literal meaning of fast food, then it means such food which is made very quickly and with high speed.

If you all think that fast food is only vegetarian, then it is not so at all. Yes, our Indian fast food is vegetarian only, but all of us who have introduced English fast food in our lives are vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian.

However, if you find fast food somewhere in rural areas, then both the things are made together, that is, non-vegetarian fast food and vegetarian fast food go together. But along with this there are some fast food shops where only and only non-vegetarian or only and only vegetarian fast food are made.

And if we take a look at the cities, we will see that at every fast food shop, separate arrangements have been made for non-vegetarian and vegetarian items so that people's religion does not get messed with.

Types of Fast Food in India (Fast Food Items in India)

The trend of eating fast food in India has increased very fast. Different states of India have different taste preferences. Because of this many foreign companies that make fast food. Opening its outlets in India and earning huge profits.

Because the taste of eating fast food is such that it settles on people's tongue. Some famous fast food of India like Idli, Dosa, Khaman, Jalebi, Fafda, Samosa, Kachori are very famous.

But there are some exotic fast foods in India which are much more famous than them like chow mein, noodles, fried rice, momos and many more. Apart from this, outlets of fast food like burger, pizza, sandwich, fried chicken etc. found in America have opened in India.

Apart from this, many fast foods are also available in India. But the most famous is Chinese fast food. As they are different and good in taste, let us have a look at all these fast food items once again in a listed manner:

  1. khaman

  2. Jalebi

  3. Fafda

  4. Samosa

  5. Dosa

  6. Italy

  7. Kachori

  8. Pizza

  9. Burger

  10. chow mein

  11. Fried Rice

  12. Sandwich

  13. Chicken Rice

  14. egg roll

  15. fried chicken

  16. momos

  17. Manchurian

  18. Vada Pav

  19. Pav bhaji

How to start fast food business in India?

There are many people who love to cook and want to spread their love to the people, for this they start restaurants etc. If you want success in this business, then you should also include fast food in your restaurant.

You can open your own fast food business stall and restaurant anywhere. Before starting a business, you should have an idea that where you can start a fast food business?

If you start fast food business in the village then your business will run more there. Because most of the people of the village come to the city everyday to eat fast food. In this way, you can earn a lot of money by setting up a fast food stall in the village where the crowd of people gathers.

Tips for the business

  • First of all, you have to prepare a good business plan for yourself. A good business plan will include many things like how your business will start, total expenses, profit and estimation of your customers etc. Apart from this, you also have to take care of other things like necessary license, permit from the government etc.

  • Apart from this, you will also have to take a license related to the Food Department. For this, first of all you have to go to the food office of your area and get related information and get your documents. Your goods and place will be tested by the Food Department before you get this license.

  • To establish your good image in the market, you should serve good quality and tasty food from your restaurant, so that other customers will also be attracted towards you.

  • You have to keep in mind that people like to eat outside, but they do not tolerate compromise with their health for this. Therefore, while choosing the menu and other options for your restaurant, be sure to keep this in mind.

  • Being the owner of a restaurant, you have to take responsibility of other things apart from taking orders and giving delivery. Because customers do not accept compromise in anything.

fast food market research

Before starting fast food business, do market research that how many fast food shops are already open in which area. The place where fast food business will run in the market, all these things should be well researched first. Only then your fast food business can run well in the market.

If you want to open a restaurant for fast food, then it will cost at least 5 lakh rupees. First of all, it costs to set up the store properly. The cost of paying money for buying a restaurant comes separately and the cost of fast food items in the restaurant comes with the cost of vegetables, oil, chillies, spices. But open a fast food restaurant at such a place in the market where there are not many restaurants.

So that the amount of money you are investing in opening your restaurant, the same amount of money is earned when the customers come to run the fast food restaurant. You keep all the facilities for the customers in your restaurant. So that more and more customers come to your fast food restaurant and the longer your restaurant runs, the more you will earn.

Where to buy and cost of raw material for fast food business?

Raw material or raw material for making fast food is easily available at any cross grocery store or grocery store. Different raw materials are used to make different fast foods. For example, if you want to make pizza, then ready-made pizzas are available in the market, which just have to be put in the oven and they are ready.

Its price in the market starts from ₹ 30 a packet or you can make pizza at home, for which you will need flour and for toppings you can take different raw material according to your taste. 25 to ₹ 30 kg will be available in the maida market. You will get sauce from ₹ 15 packet to big packet and vegetables will be available at market rate.

If you want to make burger, then you will need bread and raw vegetables, which you can easily purchase from grocery stores. Their price depends on the quality. You can buy bread from ₹ 20 as much as you want. Because the bread for making burger comes separately.

Powder for making Khaman for Khaman will be available in packets, the price of which starts from ₹ 50 or if you want to make Chow Mein, then you will get noodles from the grocery store, the price of which starts from ₹ 100.

Prices and where to buy machines and equipment for fast food business?

Different machinery or different utensils are used to make fast food, such as an oven is required to make pizza. The price of oven starts from two and a half thousand rupees in the market and according to its quality, its price Also keeps increasing then you can buy oven according to your need. It is easily available in any electronic shop.

Idli maker also comes for making idli, which will be available from any utensil shop. The price of which starts from Rs.300. That too comes in different prices according to the quality.

Nothing more is required to make chow mein which is easily available in any utensil shop. These are also available from ₹ 300 to ₹ 500 depending on the size and quality. Vegetable Cutting Board for Making Fast Food 

If required, that too is available from the utensil shop. Available in different prices according to the quality.

There are such fast foods, which require special machinery and utensils to make, which are easily available in the electronic shop or utensil shop in the market. Whose price varies according to quality and size.

location for fast food business

How to choose the place for your business? (How to choose a place for the business?)

Its location has a great impact on the success of the business. If your business is established at the right place, then you can earn more profit from it. When you choose a place for your restaurant, then you should choose the place where there is more traffic and where people can easily reach.

When a franchise is offered to increase its business in many famous restaurants, the rules for the structure and location of the business are pre-determined for that too. If you choose a place for your own business keeping these conditions in mind, then it will also benefit your business.

The best location to open a food stall is where there is a lot of crowd in the morning or evening, where people have to come and go. Because at any place where more people will come, there will be more sales and your profit will also be very high.

To open a fast food establishment, you can choose a place outside a government office or a place where there is a market. Like outside the cloth market bus stand railway station or outside any park. There are many places where food establishments can be opened.

There is always a crowd of people outside the railway station and bus stand and the movement of people continues. The more foot traffic, the more sales your food stall is likely to make. Apart from this, if you open a food stall outside a park, then people keep coming and going there and the possibility of profit increases a lot.

You should not open a food stall at a place where there is less movement of people or people come and go only on a special occasion. Because by doing this your chances of selling in your food establishment will decrease and your chances of profit will also be very less.

How to apply for fast food business outlet? (How to apply for small fast food outlet?)

To start a fast food business, you will need 5 licenses, which include food license by FSSAI, health license by local municipality, safety license, license from police department and GST license etc. To obtain all these licenses, you will have to go to the concerned office, and for this necessary paperwork will have to be completed. It will take you about 3 months to complete all this process.

License and registration for fast food business (License for Fast Food Shop)

How to get license for fast food business (How to apply for fast food business License in India)

To get the license for your fast food business, you have to visit the official website of Fast Food Safety and Standards Authority of India www.fssai.gov.in . Here for this you will have to pay the required fees to get the license, which is around Rs 5000.

You have to contact a CA to get your GST certificate. For health and safety certificate, you will have to contact the office of the Municipal Corporation, here you will also have to deposit the necessary fees for the certificate, this fee will be around Rs.3000.

To open a fast food stall, first you have to get its license, which you will easily get from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. To get a food license, you have to apply online on the FSSAI website and you will have to give all the information about your food stall and all your information.

After which you will get online food license, from which you can open your food stall business. You will also have to get your food stall registration done which is registered on the FSSAI website, for which you also have to pay some fees. Fees vary from state to state. You can open food stall after registering your food stall.

Staffing for fast food business

A staff is required to open a food stall. Staff is not called any one person. Staff are those skilled artisans who make up a team, who will operate your food stall. The first person in the staff manning the stall is the cook, who will prepare the food according to the customer's preferences.

If the cook is not good then the food will not be good and customers will stop coming to your food stall. You can also hire a delivery boy. If you want to do online delivery, which has become very necessary in today's time. People like to cook at their home, do not like to go out.

You will also need a dishwasher in your food stall who can clean the false utensils and a helper who can cut vegetables and bring raw material from the market. Apart from this, one or more voters will also be required, who can bring false utensils from the customer and serve food to the customer. The more skilled your food stall's staff is, the higher your food stall's profit potential will be.

packing for fast food business

Many customers will come to your food stall who will ask for packed fast food. You also have to have packing facility at your fast food stall. Because if you do not provide the facility of packing fast food, then you will have to bear heavy losses. Because many customers come who take fast food home and will take home more than what they eat at your stall.

For this reason, you have to provide good packing facility at your food stall. If you also have the facility of home delivery at your food stall, then for that also you will have to pack the food and deliver it to you.

Marketing ideas:

marketing for fast food business

Before opening the food stall and after opening it is necessary for you to do marketing. Because people will not know about your food stall, then they will not come to your stall. If you have good marketing skills and you are able to communicate with people in a good way, then the chances of profit in your food stall increase a lot.

Because the better your marketing, the more information about your food stall will reach people. Before opening the stall, in the area where you have to open the stall, the information about opening your food stall will have to be made available to the people. So that people's interest increases about your food stall.

Your marketing should not stop even after the stall is opened. You can continue your marketing even after the food stall opens. Because by doing this new people will join your stall and will like your food. Marketing is very important for any business. People come to know about that business only through marketing and people have to spend lakhs in marketing. But it is the simplest and best way of marketing.

Mouth marketing in which you don't even have to spend anything. Mouth marketing is such that there is no break. If you feed people good and tasty food at your food stall, then people will go home and inform their relatives and neighbors about your food and will do your marketing for free.

The most important thing that happens before or after starting any business is its marketing. The more people know about your new startup, the more people will connect with you and come to you. Some marketing ideas for fast food business are given below which will be useful for you.

Contact a local food blogger: This is a great way of marketing in today's digital world. Bloggers mainly bloggers of the same field help in giving more recognition to your business. Through them, the information about your new fast food restaurant is conveyed to its readers and apart from these, it gets publicity in other places as well.

Marketing through social network: Nowadays, along with the youth, people of every class are active on social media in one way or the other. That's why this is the best way to spread the information about your new business to everyone. The most important thing with all this is that you do not have to spend much money to do your publicity on this.

Attractive Pamphlet and Logo Design: The logo of your business should be very attractive. Along with this, you can also advertise your business through local channels and pamphlets. So that people will get information about it.

Total investment

Fast Food Business Startup Cost

Before starting a fast food business, all of us should think about its start up cost, that is, the cost involved in this business. Before opening a fast food stall, what should you keep in the menu and what should be the price of the food kept in the menu? It has to be decided.

The price also depends on the area on which you are opening your fast food stall. Because if you open a food stall in an urban area then you will have to keep the price of your food according to that area and if you open your food stall in a normal area then you will have to keep the price of your food low according to that area.

Because if you keep the price of your food high in the area then people will eat less food no matter how good your food is. The cost of your food also depends on the type of food you are serving. Pizza costs more than a burger and Pasta and Manchurian cost the same.

It can cost lakhs to open a fast food stall. This cost depends on the type of food stall you want to open. You want to open a food stall somewhere by taking a shop on rent or want to make a food stall cart and if so, then the cost is less.

Because in the shop, you will only have to take utensils, oven, freezer and furniture for the food stall, the cost of which can range from one to ₹ 200000 and if you want to make a handcart, then it does not cost much. It is made between 50 to 70 thousand.

If you want to open a food stall by taking a vehicle, which you can take from one place to another as per your convenience. If you buy an old vehicle to open a food stall, then according to the condition, it will be available for one or two lakhs and if you buy a new vehicle, then you have to pay the price according to your choice according to the market.

It also includes the cost of installing other machinery such as oven stores, refrigerators, etc. Total ₹ 500000 can be spent. If you have chosen an old vehicle, then the cost of opening a food stall can range from ₹ 50000 to ₹ 500000.

Opening a food stall can be a very good idea. Because in today's time people like to eat new dishes and the variety of new dishes in your food stall will attract people towards you.

You do not need to invest much to open a small normal fast food restaurant, it ranges from around 50 thousand to 1 lakh. But still this amount depends more on your plan, if you want to start business in a big place with more arrangements then the cost will be more. If you are taking a franchisee, then the investment amount for this depends on the franchisee, in addition to this, you also have to deposit according to their conditions. The amount and conditions to be deposited differ according to each franchisee.

You can start your business by taking help from any Nationalized Financial Institute like Bank for your business. Nowadays, good business plans are also being supported by the government.

Profit margin

Fast Food Business Profit

If any person's fast food business runs well, then opening it for that person will always be profitable, but there is no guarantee that it will always be profitable. Because the profit in food stall depends on how your food stall is or what is available at your stall. Because in many places people like Chinese food, then in some places people do not like it.

In India, different types of dishes are preferred in different states. If you serve Gujarati food to people in Madhya Pradesh, people will not like this food. In the city or area where you want to open your food stall, first of all you have to do a lot of research there. Because what do the people there like to eat and what don't they? Your profit will depend on this.

If you make the food of their choice available at your food stall, then your chances of profit will increase a lot and you will get a lot of profit. If your research is good then opening a food stall can be a profitable deal for you and you will get a lot of profit in it.

Profit is the most important thing for any business, for this any person works so hard. For more profit in your fast food business, we are giving you some tips below which will be useful for you.

  • When we talk about profit for our business, it is very important that you make a good and right deal with your supplier which will be beneficial for your business. Apart from this, you should also keep in mind that you should buy as much ration for yourself as you need now, your money gets blocked if you buy more than required.

  • If we talk about fixing the price of things in the restaurant, then if you keep your price 10 percent less, then you will have to increase your business three times, only then you will be able to meet your target. And if you increase your price by 10 percent, then your business will decline by some percent, but you can cover it by your price, for this you will have to provide high level of service to your customers.

  • You should cross check your account and other finance in 6 months, by this you can estimate where and how you need to change.

Risk factors

Risk in fast food business

There is always a risk in starting any business. Because there is no such business in which there is only profit and no loss. All businesses are such that there is a possibility of loss in the beginning and if you do not know about that business and do that business then you probably have more chances of loss.

Similar is the case with opening a food stall. If you do not have the experience of cooking and you open a food stall, then you can never make a profit. Because in today's time people like to eat tasty food and are ready to pay any price for it. If you provide their favorite food, then they will not come to the food stall again.

If before starting any kind of business, you prepare a list of risks coming in it, then it will guide you to success and at the same time you will be able to deal with the risks coming in your way. In most places, people make wrong assumptions about many things like capital investment, location, other activities etc. for their business, due to which they have to face losses.

Apart from these things, the owner of a fast food restaurant should also take care of other things like good food, attractive place and seating, selection of good and right people for work etc.

For a successful restaurant, you have to do a good planning because small things like the price of food and the salary of the workers, etc. affect the profit of your restaurant a lot.


How to start fast food business?

To start fast food business, you have to first learn how to make fast food and after that you can open your stall and start this business.

What is the cost of fast food business?

The cost to start a fast food business depends on the area you choose. This business can cost from minimum ₹ 50000 to maximum ₹ 500000.

Where to get license to start fast food business?

To start this business, license has to be taken by Food Department FSSAI.

Is marketing necessary to start a fast food business?

Yes marketing is necessary to start fast food business. Because through marketing you can increase your business more.


Starting your own business is better than doing a job anywhere and middle class people are not able to do a big business, opening a food stall is the best option for them. Because its cost may not be less but it is not so much that it cannot be done.

We hope that this important article written by us How to start Fast Food Business? You would have liked How did you like this article, do tell us in the comment box. If you have any question or suggestion related to this article, then you can reach us through the comment box.


restaurant business

Nowadays the demand for online food delivery is increasing very fast, so in such a situation you can earn well by opening your restaurant. There is a better possibility of growth along with earning in this business.

In today's time, if you are planning to start your own business, then today we will tell you about such a business idea, through which you can earn big money every month. Let us tell you that nowadays the demand for online food delivery is increasing very fast, so in such a situation you can earn well by opening your restaurant. There is a better possibility of growth along with earning in this business. Let us tell you how you can start this business-

Let us tell you that before starting the restaurant, you should decide whether you want to open a veg restaurant or a non-veg one. After this decide whether you have to focus only on fast food or all the variety will be available in your restaurant. Apart from this, you can also open a theme based restaurant.

will need Rs.

7-12 lakh rupees are needed to open a good restaurant. If the land is owned, then its cost can be further reduced.

how much space will be needed

Let us tell you that in this business, the maximum expenditure comes from the building, but you can start this business even by taking a place on rent. For this you will need 700 to 1500 square feet of space.

need a license

Apart from this, you will also need a license for this business. First you have to take a Food Safety License, which is available from the Food Department. For this, you have to prepare the complete blueprint of the restaurant, title of the land etc. papers and show it to the department. The second health license is also available from the health department and the municipal corporation. If you open a bar along with it, then you will have to take its license from the Collectorate.

Marketing is also an important part

The success of any business depends on its marketing, so if you do good marketing before and after the restaurant, so that your business can grow well. For this, you can use advertisements in the media, advertisements on social sites or posters and banners.

staff salary

Apart from this, you will have to keep staff for this business, whose expenses will also have to be paid from your business. In the beginning, you can work with less staff, but you can also increase it according to the sale and requirement.

Let me tell you, be careful while buying kitchen items. At least keep an expert with you. Pay attention to the second menu. It should not happen that wrong goods and crockery come, which cost more. It may also happen that you contact a vendor, who will give you the goods according to the list.

There is a little struggle in the beginning

After starting the business, small expenses keep on happening for a long time. In the initial days there is no profit in it. Keep yourself financially and mentally prepared for such situations.

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