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How to Start a Photocopy Shop Business in 2023

How to Start a Photocopy Shop Business in 2023

How to Start a Photocopy Shop Business (Machine price, requirement, item list, investment, profit, marketing, xerox)

Photocopy Shop Business: Which machines to start a photocopy shop, total investment, total profit, machine price, essential items, license, all this information is given to you. Will see you in the post. 

Photocopy Business: Today we are going to talk about a business that can give you a lot of profit. Because there is a lot of demand for it in the market. That business is photocopy shop business. In any government work, school, college, bank and other places where people have to register themselves in something. For that they need to attach photocopies of their documents along with the registration form. Apart from this, there are many such works in which many copies of a paper are also required. In such a situation, if you start a photocopy shop business, then you can get a lot of benefit from it. You will get all the information related to this business and how much profit you will get from it in this article of ours, read it till the end.

How to Start a Photocopy Shop Business in 2023

In today's time, everyone researches and thinks about how to start a business with low investment. Photocopying business is also included in the list of business to start with low investment. You can start photocopying business without any diploma and degree. If you have computer knowledge, then you can easily start this business and earn good money.

For this, you will need only one machine, through which you can set up this business completely. Photocopying business which also comes in the list of low effort business. You do not need to do much hard work in this business. You have to start this business by choosing the best location.

Today's article about how to do photocopying business is going to be very helpful for you. In this article, we tell you how to start photo copy business. Complete information about this is going to be given in detail.

What is Photocopy Shop Business?  

Photocopy shop business ideas- By the way, there is no need to tell about the business of photo copy, everyone knows about this business, how it works, only copying a photo of a paper is the main job of this business, to increase this business. For this, you can also add any other work to this work, like if you know how to run a computer, then you can add any job form or other computer related work with this business. No experience is required in this business, in this only you need an automatic machine, you just have to learn to run it.

You will know that wherever necessary documents have to be submitted whether in school, college, government office or for any registration, government scheme, account in bank and any other work in which necessary documents have to be submitted. So for that a photocopy paper of your original document is demanded. In such a situation, you go to the shop to photocopy your documents. So the shop where all these works are done. The same business is called photocopy shop business.   

As we told you that any person has to enroll in school or college, apply for any scheme or for employment, do any work in any government or private company, in all these works it is necessary to have your own documents. Photocopying is required. The business that takes out copies of all documents by installing such photocopy machines is called photocopy business.

What work can be done at the photocopy shop shop?

Printing and photocopy shop business plan- By the way, photo copy business is a profitable business, along with this, you can also get more profit margin by doing some other work like book bonding, lamination, computer related work, mobile recharge, courier work. You can associate it with the business of your photocopy shop, in such a situation, your shop will get a different identity in the market, in which your business is going to be benefited.

Photocopy shop business demand in the market

photocopy shop business plan-There is no business season of photo copy, its demand remains in the market only for 12 months, where documents are needed in any school or college, any government work and other work, people photocopy those documents only for 12 months. Let's get it done, that's why its demand always remains in the market, let's know the information about how this business is started.

In any work where documents are asked from people, they provide photocopies of their documents. This happens because we cannot provide original documents everywhere. To get the documents copied, people have to go to the photocopy shop in the market. That's why people who do this business. Their demand in the market is also very high, due to which there is a lot of profit from this business.

In today's digital world, you can save every type of document from your mobile to laptop online in Google Drive or other folders. But even today these lakhs of people keep their documents safe in the form of photocopies. Apart from this there are many government offices where if you go for some registration or some formalities.

So you have to submit the photo copy of your document there. In such a situation, the demand for photocopying is increasing day by day. Although it may happen in the future, that the hassle of photocopying will end, but in today's time, opening a photocopying shop is very beneficial and the demand for photocopying is high in the market. So you can start this business.

Photocopy means that the document you have. Taking out another copy of that document is called photocopy and this work is done in the shop or business. That shop is called photo copy shop.

Choosing the right place to start photocopy business (Best Place for Photocopy Shop Business)

To run any business, its place is very important. You can open a photo copy shop in such a place where work related to people's papers is done, such as in a school, college, government office, coat and kcheri, or in a market place. Between you can start this business. printing and photocopy shop business plan

You can start this business from 50 square feet of space and can increase the space in this business according to the need of your work. printing and photocopy shop business plan

You can start a photocopy shop anywhere in the market. Its demand is everywhere and people automatically keep searching at your shop. But if you want to get the maximum profit from this business, then you can open it in any school, college, government office, office, tehsil, court, secretariat or any place where there is crowd. Due to which your profit will be ten times more. 

Photocopy shop business is such a business that can be started anywhere. Its demand is very high everywhere. If you want to earn more profit from this business, then for this you can start this business near any government office, school, college etc. Here you have chances of getting more profit.   

How can you earn money from photocopy shop? (How To Earn Money From Photocopy Shop Business)

You can earn money from photocopy shop in many ways. If you provide other facilities like lamination, book binding, color printing, cyber cafe along with photo copying, then you can earn more profit than expected. Following are some of the ways to earn from it. 

  • Most of the normal printout work is done in the photocopy shop. You can take 5 to 10 rupees for one print. So even if you do 100 prints in a day, you can earn up to Rs.1000 daily. 

  • If you open your photocopy shop near school, college, then you can earn up to lakh rupees a month. Because there are many children in the school college and they need a lot of print. Because the print work of many assignments, projects, papers and many other things is done daily. Along with that children need book binding, lamination, cyber cafe. So you can earn up to 1 lakh per month. 

  • You can earn a lot by opening a good cyber cafe. 

  • If you cannot open your own shop, then you can keep the machine in someone else's shop and run it in common.      

  • If you do printout work in your photocopy shop, then you get 5 to 10 rupees per print out, if you take out 100 print points in 1 day, then you can earn up to 1000 rupees from this. .

  • Let us tell you that the school or college needs to take photocopies and printouts of many documents for their papers, admission and other work. You can do this work for them by taking orders from any school or college, from this you can earn from 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

  • You can also do business by buying a printout machine and installing it in a rented shop. It is not necessary to do business by keeping this machine in a shop, you can do business of cyber cafe. Therefore, you can earn money by installing both photocopy and printout machines anywhere.

  • You can buy the machine and keep it in your shop on rent to any other person. Due to this you keep getting money according to the machine. In this both the shopkeeper and you can earn 50-50 money.

Machinery Required for Photocopy Shop Business

(Photocopy Shop Business Machine) 

Machines required for photocopy business

In this business, you only need one machine, in such a situation, you can take only 1 machine photo copy automatic machine, all your work will be done by this machine, apart from this, according to your work, you can do any work related to the computer at the shop. If you want, you can also add a computer to this work.

By the way, different types of brand machines are available in the market, so before buying all the first machines, you will have to do market research. The price of this business machine is also different in the brand (photocopy machine price) Only you will know.

You will need a Xerox machine for photocopying. Which can be easily photocopied. You can buy this machine online. In this, you will have the best Canon brand Xerox machine. Because if the machine is branded then it lasts for a long time. You can also buy it online. Along with this, if you want to provide other facilities to the customer apart from photocopying, then you can also keep lamination machine, book binding machine, computer and color printing machine. Due to which your profit will also double. 

You can buy this Xerox machine online from websites like Flipkart , Amazon , India Mart.

To do photocopy shop business, you have to take a photocopy machine. You can also buy this machine online by placing an order. You do not need to go anywhere for this. Let us tell you that you should take the machine of a branded company because the chances of its getting damaged are very less. You will get this machine for about 14 thousand rupees.

It is simple, that if you want to start photo copying business, then you have to buy a photo copying machine. If you want to start your business in the best area, then you can also use more than one machine. Photo copy machines come in different types, many machines come small and many big machines also come. But if you have less money, you can start photo copy business with a small machine in the beginning.

Apart from this, along with the business of photocopying, you can increase your business further by seeing the facilities of lamination machine, color printer facility etc. To do all this you have to buy lamination machine color printer separately and if you are a little computer savvy and want to give people the facility of Emitra along with your photo copy. So you have to buy a computer system as well.

Photocopy Machine Price

The cost of a photocopy machine comes around Rs.14000. If you also take lamination machine, computer, color printing machine, book binding machine along with it, then in total you will cost up to Rs.50,000. In which you can run a good photocopy shop. 

Where to buy photocopy machine

Before starting the business of photocopying, you have to buy a photocopy machine and you can buy it both online or offline. Regarding the price of this machine, you can try in two or three shops or through India Mart website also you can buy photo copy machine and photo copy machine along with other necessary material both online and offline. .

You will also find photo copy machines on online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can also buy this machine from there.

Raw material used in photocopy shop

  • A4 paper 

  • Cartridge, Color Cartridge 

  • spiral 

  • glue

  • paper rims of different sizes 

  • thermal bonding cover 

  • lamination sheet 

License and Registration for Photocopy Shop Business

How to get license and registration for photocopy shop business

License and Registration for Photocopy Shop

Like every business requires license and registration, similarly license and registration is not required to run a photocopy shop, but if your work is on a large scale and its sales amount is more than 20 lakhs, then you will need a GST number. Lena can read and other documents you have to keep with you at all times like:-

Personal Document (PD) :- There are many documents inside the Personal Document like :-

ID Proof :- Aadhaar Card , Pan Card , Voter Card

Address Proof :- Ration Card , Electricity Bill ,

Bank Account With Passbook

Photograph Email ID , Phone Number ,

Other Document 

 TIN No. & GST No.

Complete Property Document With Title & Address

Lease Agreement


For this you also have to form a firm or company.

You do not need to think or worry too much about the license and registration for the photocopy shop business. There is no need of any special documents to open it. But it is very important for you to have trade license and ZST registration for your business. You can easily get it made from the nearest E-Mitra or Facilitation Center.  

You do not need any special license and registration for photocopy shop business. But to open your shop, you need to get trade license and GST registration. To get this registration done, you have to go to the GST Suvidha Kendra of your area.

Total cost of photocopy shop business

(Total Investment) Photocopy Shop Cost

Like every business has to invest to start, similarly investment has to be made to start photocopy business.

In this, the maximum cost comes from the place where you are starting the shop and apart from that, a machine whose cost is up to 40 thousand for a fully automatic machine, there are different types of capacity machines in the market, all of which have different prices, so you You have to buy the machine according to your capacity.

If you have to buy a place where you are starting the shop, then your investment can be in lakhs and only you can start this business with machine and other equipments up to 50 thousand and the cost of the place is different.

If you open the photocopy shop business only for the purpose of doing Xerox, then the Xerox machine will come in only 14,000 and you can open your entire shop in 20,000. But if you also provide the facility of cyber cafe, lamination, book binding, color printing. Then you may have to invest 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees.


Staff for photocopying business

What kind of business is the business of photocopying? Which you can also do alone. But if you have more customers. Or the crowd increases at your shop or your business. So in this case you can keep 1-2 staff so that you can provide better facilities to the people and you can increase your business more.

While selecting the staff, you must keep one thing in mind. That you select staff for photo copy business. So the candidate to be selected should be knowledgeable about the photocopy machine and should also have some knowledge about the computer.

You will have to invest 15 to 20 thousand rupees in total in the photocopy shop business. This will include your machinery and all other expenses.

earning from photocopy shop business

Total Profit from Photocopy Shop Business

Photo copy business is a business that has a profit margin of up to 100%, the demand is also high, you can earn more profit with less investment in this business, and this business is a risk-free business, all the earnings of this business depend on your work. How is the work at your shop and apart from this you can charge 2 rupees for 1 photo copy, which costs less than 10 paise, in this the profit is almost 100% profit margin, you can start earning in this business from the very beginning. .

To get more income from this business, you can also add different work with it like: - Book bonding, lamination, computer related work, mobile recharge, you can also add work like this with your photocopy shop business, in such a way your The shop shop will get a different identity in the market, in which your business is going to benefit and you will get to see good profits in terms of profit and earnings as well.

If you only do Xerox from photo copy shop, then there can be a profit of up to 1000 rupees daily. But at the same time, the rest of the above written facilities are also given, then your daily earning can be between 3000 to 5000. And along with this, if you open a stationery shop too, then you can earn in lakhs a month. 

You can earn 2 to 3 thousand rupees per day from photocopy shop business, and if you talk about it per month, you can earn lakhs from it.  

Photocopy Shop Business Marketing 

Due to the demand of this business, there is no need for much marketing of photocopy shop business, your identity becomes quickly in the market, but to make a quick identity, you can distribute pamphlets with newspapers or social media marketing. Can do

If you got to learn something from the information related to Photocopy Shop Hindi, then definitely share it, thank you.

Any business cannot be successful without marketing. That's why you have to do marketing of your photocopy shop business as well. In this, you can market it in newspaper or by making pamphlets. Also, you can market it on online social media platforms by targeting the local audience. 

The only purpose behind marketing is that people have to tell about themselves that we have a photocopy shop where all these facilities are available. And the more people know about it, the more your shop will run and profit. 

You have to do marketing of photocopy business, because people need to inform you about your shop. For this, you can get the pamphlet printed and distributed along with the newspaper.

Risk in photocopy shop business

Talk about the risk in this business, it is negligible, because its demand never decreases in the market. So you can start it comfortably.

So this was a simple photocopy shop business by starting which you can earn not thousands but lakhs. For this, a better strategy has to be worked out. 

Loan for Business

To promote Make in India, the Government of India has ordered all the banks to give loans easily to start a new business. If you want to start this business and you do not have money, then the Government of India has given a A scheme has been run called Pradan Mantri Mudra Yojana, under which you are given a loan by the Government of India at very low interest to start this business.


Q: Is photocopy shop business a profitable business?

Ans: Yes, of course there is a lot of demand for it in the market.

Q: How much does the photocopy machine come?

Ans: Around 14 thousand rupees.

Q: How much does the photocopy shop business cost?

Ans: At least 20 thousand rupees.

Q: How much can be earned from photocopy shop business?

Ans: From 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.  

Q: Where can I buy the machine to start the photocopy shop business?

Ans: Through online website.

Q: How much investment is required for photocopying business?

Ans: To start this business, you have to make a minimum investment of ₹ 25000. Apart from this, you also want to provide more other facilities to the customers in your photo copy business. So in this case your investment can go up to ₹ 50000.

Q: Do you need a license to start photocopying business?

Ans : Yes, to start this business you have to take a trade license. Along with this, if you want to start E-Mitra service, then you will have to get EMitra registration done and GST registration will also be done.

Q: Can a single person start the photo copy business?

Ans: Yes, even a single person can start this business. Staff is not required for this business. If you need staff So you can also select the staff.

Q: Where to get photocopy machine at lowest price for photocopying business?

Ans: You can also buy photo copy machine online but buy the machine you like. Accordingly you will have to pay money also. You can buy photocopy machine both online and offline.

Q: How much does the lowest price photo copy machine cost?

Ans: If you want to buy photocopy machine for business, then you will get machines with different facilities starting from ₹ 10000. But I would suggest you to take a photocopy machine of some good quality. So that you do not have to face many types of problems ranging from photo copy machine again and again.


Most people think about low investment business because people have less money and there is constant talk about doing business in their mind. In such a situation, starting the business of photocopying can be a great and golden opportunity for the people. Because you can start with this very low investment and can also earn a lot of profit.

In today's article, how do we do the business of photocopying? (Photocopy Business) Complete information about this has been given to you in detail. We sincerely hope that you would have liked this information given by us. If any person has any question or suggestion related to this article. So he can tell us through comments. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

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