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How to start mask making business in 2023

How to start surgical mask making business | Surgical Mask Making Business | Face Mask Manufacturing Business Idea 2023

Surgical Mask Making Business, Profit (Surgical Mask, Mask Or Face Mask Manufacturing Business, Material, Machine, Price, Supplier, License, Opportunity, Process, Profit)

Hello friends :- The way corona is spread today, masks have become a necessity for everyone, you have to take advantage of this thing and many people have been deprived of their work due to which they are looking for new work, so today we are going to tell How can you earn money by producing masks and which fabric to use in it, how to prepare its pattern, how to stretch it, how to pack, and how much to keep the price, how much to keep the margin and how to sell it, all the information is given in this In the article, we are going to tell you, then let us know how to start Face Mask making business in 2023- read it carefully and looking at this problem, we have come up with the idea of ​​Mask Manufacturing Business (How to start Face Mask making business) So that your business can also run and people can also be facilitated, the government also wants that there should be maximum manufacturing of masks,So let's know how to do Face Mask Manufacturing Business, how much it will cost in mask manufacturing (Face Mask Manufacturing Cost), and how will be the profit.

Friends, there are many types of masks, one is surgical mask and the other is fancy and design mask. Nowadays, there are many design masks available in the market and very expensive masks are also available in the market, today we will talk about this mask and To know which material is used and which machine is used, read this article carefully.

The pandemic has wreaked havoc all over the world due to which people are very scared. In such a situation, everyone wants that they can be protected from this virus, due to which, in today's time, 9 out of 10 people are roaming around wearing surgical masks. Most of the people are leaving the house by covering themselves completely due to protection from the virus. Instructions are also being given by the government that if it is not necessary, then do not leave the house at all. In such a situation, according to the safety of the people, today's biggest demand is surgical mask or mask. Due to which today's most profitable business is making surgical masks which has become a low cost high margin earning business.

Mask Making Business

What is a surgical mask? (What is Surgical Mask?)

A surgical mask is a type of mask that is helpful in protecting a person's respiratory system. Actually, our respiratory system is connected to our nose and mouth only, due to which bacteria and viruses present in the environment reach our body along with our breath. To avoid similar viruses and bacteria, wearing this type of surgical mask has become mandatory in today's time.

At present, due to corona virus, harmful viruses do not reach the environment, so it is mandatory for the infected person to wear this mask.

How to start surgical mask making business Surgical Mask Making Business

How to start Face Mask making business in 2023:

- Today the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is in the whole world and this epidemic is spreading, but no medicine has come yet, but people are roaming around wearing masks to avoid it, because there is protection only in caution. Today the demand for surgical masks has increased and their business is being done on a very big level and people are earning lakhs of rupees in this business and today one of the best masks will be available in the market because till the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Until it is not completely finished, the business of surgical mask will run for a long time and this is such a business which can be started within a few rupees and good money can be earned. Will tell about how to start Surgical Mask Making Business, how much money can be earned within Surgical Mask Making Business. how to start mask making business in india

Friends, big companies are producing masks on a large scale, but everything depends on the budget, but let me tell you, the cost of mask production machine can be at least 10 lakh rupees, there are also three types of machines, manual machines. , Semi automatic machine, Fully automatic machine, the price of all machines is different, but friends, we are talking about starting at a small level, those who do not have much money, they can also start in less money, if you have 25 30 thousand rupees, then you can easily start it at home.

Market scope of surgical mask making business

Surgical Mask business plan pdf Market Scope :- Today, due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), the demand for Surgical Mask is very high, in today's time, 9 out of 10 people are roaming around wearing surgical masks, hence the scope in the market of Surgical Mask Making Business Hindi. There are many more and one can earn good money by starting this business and according to the Association of Indian Medical Device Industry, around 240 million disposable masks are made by manufacturers every year for domestic use.

Surgical Face Mask Manufacturing Process

Method Of Face Mask

Surgical Face Mask Manufacturing Process: - Once the machine is set up, masks can be made easily because once the fabric is put in the machine, it works automatically and it is automatically cut and masks are made, but manual machines Cutting has to be done inside, stitching has to be done.

Friends, to make masks, you will need white paper, from which size patterns can be prepared, then good quality fabric (Many Design) cloth has to be cut, then sealed with sewing machine, then plastic rope has to be jointed, then packing. Have to do this and then paste the price label from the price machine, this is a very simple method that you can start at home, if you are starting it on a large scale, then you should know how to run the machine, after that a good fabric has to be applied like this The machine automatically cuts the same size with the fabric form base

It is very important for you to know how to operate a machine for making a mask. The fabric to be fed into the machine is positioned in such a way that it is easily cut to the same size as the fabric form base and automatically reaches the end of the machine. 

Process to start the business of making Surgical Face Mask

If you start the business of making Surgical Face Mask from home, then you do not have to do much process inside it. One has to start from the beginning as for this many activities have to be done like area analysis, land selection, project plan, registration, financial arrangement etc. then all the work has to be done according to a process. Surgical Face Mask making business

Area Analysis (Area Analysis) :- If you want to start any business, first of all it is necessary to analyze the area, in Area Analysis, research is done inside the area where you are thinking of doing business, you have to know everything like How many plants are already there, what kind of product they are making, how much is the price of their product, can you price less than that and find out everything what is the demand of the customer.

Land Selection (Place Selection): – After Area Analysis (Area Analysis), the location has to be selected (Surgical Face Mask Making Business Hindi) and keep in mind that the location has good road facilities and water facilities and electricity facilities. There should be and there should be a lot of land, if you have such a location and have your own land (Surgical Face Mask Business Plan in Hindi), then it is absolutely right, but if you do not have such a location, then look for such a land where you can get cheap land and all the facilities. Get Surgical Face Mask banane ka business on that land

Project Plan (Business Plan): - After the location is selected, prepare your business plan and put all the things that have to be done inside the business like how much investment will have to be made, which machine will have to be brought and which one. Will make the product, all such things should be added in the business plan. Surgical Face Mask making business 

Financial Arrangement :- When the business plan is ready, then financial arrangement has to be done because nothing can be done without investment.

License & Registration:-   When the investment is done, then apply for the license because if you want to manufacture Surgical Face Mask and sell it under the name of a brand, then a license is required for this.

Machinery Purchasing:-   After getting the license for the business, then buy the machine for the business because no business can be done without machinery.

Electricity Fitting and Machinery Installation :-   After taking the machinery, do Electricity Fitting for them and then install the machine.

Worker Hire :- After doing all the things bring the worker according to your business

After that you can start your business

Surgical Face Mask Manufacturing Business Plan

If you are interested in starting the business of making surgical masks, then it is very important to make a plan before starting this business.

You can start your business by making a proper plan by adopting the following steps:-

  1. Before starting the business, it becomes mandatory for you to know completely about the business opportunity. Like from where can you get the raw material to start the business? How and where can you start your business? It is necessary to have complete details of this thing with you.

  2. After getting complete information about any business, finding a proper location is very important because the place to start your business also determines your chances of earning profit.

  3. After that, if you come to make surgical masks, then you do not need an artisan, if you do not know how to make surgical masks, then first you have to learn to make surgical masks or hire a trained craftsman with you.

  4. Although this business does not require much cost and capital, but this business can be started only at a fixed cost.

  5. It is necessary to make all kinds of plans at the time of starting the business, to get the raw material required to make the surgical mask and how to deliver the finished goods to the market.

  6. It is also very important to determine the price of the finished goods so that you can get a reasonable amount as per the cost as well as profit.

Surgical Mask Manufacturing Business Location

Land for the business of making surgical masks

Land For Surgical Mask Making Business Hindi It doesn't require much land because it doesn't have to make a big plant inside it (Surgical Mask Business Hindi) You rent a place outside the city. Because it will be a little cheaper for you. While taking the place, do see how the transport facility is there. Surgical Mask making business 

  • Plant :- 1000 Square Feet To 1200 Square Feet

Total Space :- 1000 Square Feet To 1200 Square Feet

By the way, you can start your business at any place to make surgical masks. But if there is a place where you can easily move the goods, then such a place is suitable for your business. A location close to any market also helps a business to make reasonable profits and provide new opportunities.

Important documents for the business of making surgical masks

Document For Surgical Mask Udyog If you start any business then some personal documents are required and some business related license is required like;

Personal Document (PD): - There are many documents inside the Personal Document like:

  • ID Proof :- Aadhaar Card , Pan Card , Voter Card

  • Address Proof :- Ration Card , Electricity Bill ,

  • Bank Account With Passbook

  • Photograph Email ID , Phone Number ,

  • Other Document  

Business Document (PD): -   There are many documents inside the Business Document such as:

  • business registration

  • GST Registration

  • Trade License

  • MSME/SSI Registration

  • IEC code

Surgical Mask Manufacturing Business Registration and License

No registration and license is required to start surgical mask business. Because it is a common product that can be manufactured by anyone and can be used by anyone. But if you do this business by installing machines, then you need to get a trade license for this and also it is necessary to register your business under MSME. Along with this, you must also get GST registration done.

Things needed for the business of making surgical masks

Surgical Mask Making Business Requirements: - Many things are required to start this business, but the need of things depends on the size of the business, because if you start this business from home, then there is no need for more things and the business If we start at a big level then there are many requirements. Business Of Making Surgical Mask

  • Investment

  • land

  • Business plan

  • Building

  • Machine

  • Electricity, water facilities

  • Staff

  • Raw Material

  • Vehicle

Now below we will tell in detail about each and every thing that how much is needed. Surgical Mask Making Business 

Materials used in making Surgical Mask

Surgical Face Mask Manufacturing Required Material and Machinery

Starting a surgical mask business also requires some material. Some of the main ones are as follows:- 

  • First of all, some machines are required to manufacture surgical masks. Some such machines come for them, which do the work of cutting and cutting the mask-making fabric through machines.

  • For this, you will also need that type of fabric from which such a type of mask can be prepared which can be helpful in preventing bacteria and viruses completely.

  • Apart from this, you will also need some craftsmen who must be somewhat trained in this work.

Raw Material Use In Surgical Mask Making Process: - Not much material is required to make a mask, for this you will also need that type of fabric from which such a type of mask can be prepared which can completely kill bacteria and viruses. Can help prevent it.

Which material will be required in Face Mask Manufacturing Business (Mask Raw Material)

1) Pattern Paper

2) Cotton fabric (thick, thin) in bulk Rs 80 per meter

3) Elastic Rope, 3 Rs meter

4) Packing, (packet) 30 paise

5) Price Machine

Machine used to make Surgical Mask

Surgical Mask Manufacturing Factory Machine: - Many types of machines are not required to make Surgical Mask, it requires one or two to three machines and for this you will have to buy an automatic machine, only then you will compete with other companies in the market. Will be able to give If you buy this machine, (Surgical Mask Business Plan in Hindi), then its minimum price starts from 3 lakhs and increases according to its performance. The machine can be ordered both online and online website, the link is given below for online and it has to be bought from the offline market, inside it there are different rates of the machine, like the different rates of the automatic machine, the different rates of the manual.

Fully Automatic Tie Face Mask Machine

Price: Rs. 15 lakh (approx.)

Machine Details:

  • Capacity: 60 to 80 pcs per minute

  • Usage/Application: To Make Tie Face Mask

  • Model: KP-1001

  • Size: 3000 mm x 1500 mm x 1200 mm

  • Power Source: 5KW

  • Power Supply: Single Phase

  • Brand: KP Tech


  • Supply Power: AC 380 v or 220 v 50 Hz

  • Net Weight: 800 Kg

  • Designed Speed: 80 Pcs per minute

  • Optimum Speed: 60 Pcs per minute

  • Dimension: Mask Machine: 2000 X 600 X 1200 mm

Feeding Frame: 1600 X 550 X 1400 mm

Conveyor Belt: 1770 X 330 X 900 mm

Investment for the business of making Surgical Mask

Surgical Face Mask Manufacturing Business Cost

Surgical mask is such a business in which if you are using machine then you have to invest up to 5 lakh rupees, and if making by hand at home then you can start it at a cost of 20 thousand.

Investments For Surgical Mask Making Business:- Investment inside this business depends on this business and land because if start big business then more investment has to be done and start small business from home (Surgical Mask banane) business) then less investment has to be made in it (Surgical Mask banane ka business) and if you have your own land then work can be done in less money and if you rent or buy land then more investment in it ( Investment) has to be done. Surgical Mask Making Business Hindi

And there are many types of machines inside it and the rate of all is also different, investment depends on these also, then electricity, water facility and raw material have to be invested separately for all.

  • Building = Around Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 3 Lakhs (can also be taken on rent)

  • मशीन (Machine) = Around Rs. 2 Lakhs  To Rs. 2.5  Lakhs

  • Raw Material की लागत = Around Rs. 1  To Rs. 1.5 Lakhs

Total Investment :- Around Rs. 5 Lakh to Rs. 6 Lakhs (if the land is self owned)

From where to get the mask raw material :-

Friends, you can order the mask raw material online and the best option is to order it from India Mart, in which the mask raw material will reach your home by paying the transport charge.

Where to sell surgical masks after making them? (Where to Sell Surgical Face Mask?)

How To Sell Mask In Market

Friends, make a good quality mask and supply it to medical and grocery stores or mask dealers, you can also sell online by becoming an Amazon Seller and nowadays masks are available in all small shops, you can also target those shops. can

You can easily sell the fully finished goods in the market near you. You can go to the nearby drug store and cosmetic shop to sell your finished goods. Such people usually keep things like masks. Apart from this, you can also find a nursing home near you to sell them because such masks are commonly used in nursing homes as well.

Profit from the business of making surgical masks (Surgical Face Mask Manufacturing Business Profit)

Surgical Face Mask Manufacturing Business Profit: – In this business, the cost of preparing a mask comes to only 15 paise, in which you can comfortably earn a profit of up to Rs 4.85 by getting up to Rs 5 on a mask.

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Friends, now it comes to the profit in this Face Mask Manufacturing, then talk about the expenditure behind a mask –

  • Fabric cloth and elastic rope = Rs 5

  • made = Rs 5

  • Total expenditure = Rs 10

  • Selling out the market = Rs 15

  • Earning behind one mask = Rs 5

Friends, if you sell Rs 1000 masks in a day, then you are going to make a profit of Rs 5000, from this you can guess how profitable the business is.

In this business, the cost of preparing a mask comes to only 15 paise, in which you can easily earn a profit of up to 75 paise by getting one rupee on a mask. 

In today's time, there are many countries where wearing masks has been made mandatory in view of the problems of pollution and epidemics. In such a situation, the business of making surgical masks is progressing day by day. This is a business in which profit can be earned with low cost and little training. 

Loan for business of making surgical masks :-

Loan for Surgical Face Mask Making Business If you start Surgical Face Mask Making Business from home, then there is no need of loan for it, but if you do this business on a big level, then you can take loan for it from the Government of India to help people do business. “Mudra Loan” is being given for which you can also take Mudra Loan for doing Business of Surgical Face Mask, for this you have to go to their office and give details of your business. You will have to give details about what is needed and how much money will be required to buy those things, after that you will have to submit your application. Loan for Surgical Face Mask Business

If you liked this Surgical Face Mask Making Business Hindi information or got to learn something, then please

Friends, if you have 30 to 40 thousand rupees, then you do not need to take a loan, but if you want to take a loan, then you can apply for a loan under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, friends, if you are doing it at a big level.


Friends, I have tried to give all the information given by us like how to start face mask business, how to get mask raw material, how much will be spent in this business, and how much will be earned, I hope that you like this article of ours. Must have come to know such business idea, you can visit our blog. Thanks guys


Q. With how much money can the business of making masks be started?

Ans: 10 to 20 thousand.

Q. Can we start the business of making masks from home?

Ans: Yes.

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