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What is Uttarakhand Homestay Business? How to start homestay business in 2023 and make money

Do a great business of Home Stays in Uttarakhand, earn up to 35000 in a day!

Home Stay Business Meaning, Uttarakhand Government Home Stay Scheme, Plan, Model, Idea, Investment, Facilities and Services in Hindi

Very few people understand what homestay means. What is the homestay scheme of Uttarakhand government? Is home stay a business? How much investment is required in this? What facilities are necessary for a good Home Stay? What should be your Plan, Model, Idea, Investment, Facilities and Services to do Home Stay Business in Uttarakhand. If you are really serious about Home Stay ke Business, then this is a very important article for you.

Who does not know these Sanskrit words 'Atithi Devo Bhava'. It means guest is the form of God. In our country, this tradition has been going on for years. Nowhere else is the respect given to guests the way they are done in India. Tourism business in India has increased a lot, but there are many such commercial hotels in India in which the tourists coming from outside do not know anything about the respect of the guests done by the Indians. That's why they sometimes take away bad experiences from our country. The good thing is that today a facility like Home Stay / Homestay in India has taken the form of a business, due to which it has become very attractive to Indians as well as foreigners. Especially in Uttarakhand, people can create a lot of employment options by making their home a home stay and can also earn the money they want.

You must have always heard these 3 words of Sanskrit 'Atithi Devo Bhava', which means the guest is the form of God. And in the country of India, it is a great honor for an Indian citizen to invite guests to his home. Nowhere is the respect of guests done by Indians. But nowadays many people coming to India for tourism, personal or business purposes stay in hotels, due to which they do not experience anything about the hospitality shown by Indians. But the good thing is that today there are homestay facilities in India so that Indians as well as foreigners can get this experience. And people can also earn money by giving this facility. We are going to give you information about how this will happen in this article.  

What is homestay and its business

What is Uttarakhand homestay business? (What is Homestay Business in Uttarakhand?)

What is homestay and its business? What is homestay and its business?

Home Stay / Homestay can also be called Guest House / Guest House Business in a way. In easy language, you can connect it with the concept of renting a house with the family to the guests coming from outside. In Home Stay you not only provide them all the facilities which are provided in a hotel but also much more at the same price as a hotel. That means, considering the tourist coming from outside as a guest, you provide them comfort and convenience in the house, in return for which you charge them. It is called homestay facility. This can be a very good business in Uttarakhand. Because Uttarakhand is the best option in terms of tourism where the number of people visiting every year is increasing.

We can also call homestay as a guesthouse business, it is a concept in which you rent a house with your family to guests coming from outside. In which you not only provide them all the facilities that are provided in a hotel, but also give them more facilities at the same price as a hotel. It can also be understood in this way that when you keep the guests coming from outside in your house on rent for a few days and in return you charge some fee from them, from which you also earn, then this facility is called homestay facility. It is said This is a very good business.

Homestay Business Opportunity

Homestay Business Opportunity in Uttarakhand

There has always been a demand for homestay or guest house business. In such a situation, people who go out to work or travel, they now look for more home stays than hotels. Because they do not get the same facilities in hotels as they get in homestays. The special thing is that in addition to the convenience of accommodation, the guests in the homestay have the freedom to prepare their own food, stay and roam according to their own choice. Means Home Stay is a home like environment. In which you do not feel that you are staying in a hotel. That's why the Home Stays commercial demand has increased a lot in Uttarakhand.  

Earning in Homestay Business

Huge earning from Home stay Business in Uttarakhand

Home stay that too in Uttarakhand then what to say. Home Stay is such a business in which you can earn as much money as you make it luxirious. In Home Stay, you can earn from Rs 1500 to Rs 35000 in a day. There are many such Home Stays in Uttarakhand which are quite luxurious, whose one day rent is up to Rs.35000. It depends on which location you have made your home stay, how well you have made it. Surely the home stay business has become quite popular in Uttarakhand. If you meet all the criteria, then you can earn comfortably sitting at home from Home Stay business.

homestay business is good for those owners who have extra (more) space in their properties as it becomes a good option for travelers to stay for 3-4 days and this business is also becoming very popular option that's why this business is suitable for any It is also considered a profitable and low investment business for the businessman.

Selection of Location for Homestays in Uttarakhand

Homestay business is such a business where you have to take care at which place your homestay or guesthouse is located. You have to keep some things in mind for this such as –

  • In the area where you are thinking of opening a homestay or guesthouse, can that business run at that place. That is, you have to start your guesthouse or homestay at a place where people can easily reach.

  • Where you are giving homestay on rent, there should be at least 7 to 8 rooms. So that you can provide different rooms to the guests.

  • If you target people coming for any personal or business work for your this business, then you can start this business around bus stand, railway station or industrial area, in such a place it is for you to start this business. can be beneficial.

  • If you start this business keeping tourists in mind, then for that you should choose a place where tourists go more i.e. having a homestay or guesthouse around the tourist destination can increase your earning opportunity.

Homestay Business Permission and License

If you are giving your place on rent for home stay business, then you have to confirm in advance whether the place is in commercial category or not. After this you will need the following permission and license –

  • First of all, you have to convert your building from residential to commercial by going to the local municipal corporation or municipality.

  • After this you will have to take permission from the police department of the city. So that they can enter your data.

  • Is your home stay building fit for fire or for this a clearance certificate has to be obtained from the fire department.

  • You will also have to take approval from the Ministry of Tourism. Some criteria have been set by the Ministry of Tourism, those who fulfill it are given the right to provide this facility.

  • If your annual turnover exceeds, then you will have to register your business under GST.

Investment \ cost in homestay business

You need to invest more in this homestay business, but once the investment is done, you do not need to invest in it again and again.

To start this homestay business, more investment is required, but once you invest, you do not need to invest again and again.

You can take a loan from the bank to invest for the first time. You can take help of government schemes to do this business.

The government has come up with many schemes for these types of businesses, you can take advantage of them. This business can prove to be beneficial for you in the long run. You may have to invest up to 4-5 lakh rupees in starting this rough-and-tumble business.

If seen, homestay business comes in a bit expensive business category. But once the investment is done, you do not need to invest money in it again and again. For the first time investment, you can take a loan from the bank. There are many schemes by the Uttarakhand government to provide loan facility for home stay, you can take advantage of them.

You need to invest more in this homestay or guesthouse business but once the investment is done, you do not need to invest again and again. You can take a loan from the bank to invest for the first time. Many schemes have been brought by the government to provide loan facility, you can take advantage of them. This can prove to be a profitable business for you going forward. Therefore, you may have to invest up to Rs 4-5 lakh in the beginning.

Government Scheme for Starting a Homestay Business

Uttarakhand is a state which has maximum number of tourist areas, where people come from all over the country and abroad. In such a situation homestay business can be a profitable business here. To make it more profitable, the Uttarakhand state government has decided to provide a subsidy of Rs 10 lakh to start a homestay project in hilly areas. After implementing this scheme, a rebate of Rs 1.5 lakh on the interest rate for 5 years is also being provided by the government. Whereas in plain areas the subsidy will be Rs 7.5 lakh. However, those people whose place of birth and residence is Uttarakhand can take advantage of this scheme. If you are also a resident of Uttarakhand, then definitely take advantage of this scheme.


Homestay Business Furnish Home

When you have got permission to open a homestay, then after that you need to think about how you want the homestay to look, that is, with what theme and concept you want to make your homestay attractive. You should get better furniture made in your homestay because it is necessary for the guests to get all the facilities in the homestay which they get in a hotel. For this, you can go to the furniture shop and bring the goods to furnish your homestay with a better idea. Or you can approach a person who can provide a new look to your home. For this, you should take the support of a person doing the business of an interior decorator. Apart from this, all things like sofa, bed, table, chair etc. are required to furnish the house. So you must keep all these things in the house you give for your homestay.

Facilities and Services Provided to Guests in Homestays

If you aim to give your guests the feel of a 'home away from home', you need to create some basic guest amenities. Such as toilet facilities, bucket, heater for hot water, mirror, mattress, sheet, pillow, blanket, towel, wardrobe, table, chair, cup, glass, jug, water dispenser, TV, cable service, generator or Inverter, AC or fan cooler, WiFi, cutlery, fridge and so on should be provided. If they feel like cooking a light meal, you can provide them with a stove or other cooking facilities.

Make good photographs and videos for Homestay Advertising

If you are planning to do this homestay business online, then it is very important that you take beautiful, eye-catching photographs of your homestay and also make an attractive video of it. and use it in your online business. While making attractive photographs and videos, you have to keep in mind that you do it in the day time, where there is enough natural light spread. For this you can also take the help of a photographer.   

Approve Online Booking for Homestay

Nowadays people are giving a lot of importance to internet and online booking. In such a situation, if you also allow online booking in this homestay business, then it will be very beneficial for you. That's why you start this business of yours online. Make full use of the traffic of online travel agencies. Although there are advantages of online booking in your business, there are some disadvantages as well, such as you can take advantage of its traffic. But at the same time you are also competing with other potential homestays in your neighbourhood. However, you can create your own website to start accepting online bookings and even set up a booking system on a Facebook page to cut down on the competition. For this you have to advertise your homestay here. 

Homestay Business Appoint Staff 

You should also appoint some staff in the homestay business you are starting to provide home-like facilities to the guests. Because you alone will not be able to do the work of providing all kinds of facilities to the guests. So you can hire some staff. Those who will give them various services like serving food, cleaning room and bathroom etc. They can also provide other services. You can give add in paper to get staff.  

Promotion and marketing of homestay business

Get more bookings by creating engaging promotions to engage your guests. For this you can contact different companies. Apart from this, here we are telling you some other methods of marketing –

Offline Marketing: - Along with this you can advertise on paper or TV in the name of your homestay. You can put your business poster at bus stand, railway station and airport. The more people who come to you, the more profit you will make.

By joining the website :- There are many online websites in the market from where you will get customers for your homestay business. For this, you have to register your homestay with some websites like GoDaddy, Make My Trip etc. This is a digital marketing from which people earn a lot of money in today's time. Today everyone is moving towards digital platform. Huh. In this case it can prove beneficial.

Make House Manual for Homestay Business

You should make a house i.e. a manual for your homestay, full of information about what facilities you are going to provide to the guests in your homestay, how attractive your homestay will look, how much you will charge the guests for it. . Which you can reach people and invite them to come to your homestay.

Guests Security in Homestay

The best feature of a homestay is that it makes the guests feel at home. Where there is a family, who takes full care of their food and drink and their safety. Therefore, when you start a homestay business, you should also keep in mind that along with the food and drink of your guests, you will also take full care of their safety, because when a guest comes alone from outside, he is afraid of his own safety. Is, This is especially the case in the minds of women. So you eliminate this fear of them and make them feel safe. When they book your homestay online, you can arrange for a car and driver to pick them up at the airport or railway station. You can do the same thing to leave them. Ola Cabs can be a better option for this. With this, the guests will be happy to tell others about the service of your homestay and more tourists will join you.   

Get Security Charges from the Guests in the Homestay

You will try your best to ensure that the guests do not face any kind of trouble and inconvenience. But if any of your property is damaged by the guests, then the loss is yours. For this it is better that you take some security fee from the guests before providing the facility. However, if you want, you can also return it to the guests while leaving.

FAQ’s (People also ask)

Q: What is homestay concept?

Ans: Homestay concept is to provide service to the people coming to another city for tourism or work in another country or in India, along with family or friends. In this, the guests are given a home like feel apart from all the facilities offered in a hotel.

Q: Is homestay a good idea?

Ans: Homestay provides home-like atmosphere to the guests coming from other places, so most of the people prefer homestay instead of hotel. So this is a good idea.  

Q: Why do foreign tourists prefer homestays in India?

Ans: Foreign tourists like homestay in India because they like the culture of India which is 'Atithi Devo Bhava'. And staying with Indians and adopting their culture, they prefer homestays only.

Q: Does the income received in homestay business come under the ambit of income tax?

Ans: Whether the income received in the homestay business comes under the ambit of income tax or not depends on the scale of the homestay business. That is, it is determined on the basis of income.

Q: Are all homestays safe?

Ans : Yes, especially if one comes with big and reputable homestay services. And which makes sure that they provide all kinds of security to the customers. And also they have got good reviews from various guests who have also reviewed other places. So this can be a safe place.

Q: How to make home stay?

Ans : 

1- For registration in the Home Stay Scheme, after allotting their rooms for the building owner, a registration fee of rupees five hundred will be deposited in the office of the Regional or District Tourism Development Officer of his district.

2- This fee will have to be given by bank draft in the name of Chief Executive Officer, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Council, Dehradun.

Q : How to start homestay business in Uttarakhand?

Ans: To apply online under the scheme, it is necessary for the applicant to register first. To take advantage of this scheme, one must be a native of Uttarakhand. To apply under this scheme, the applicant must have his own house. According to the plan, it is necessary for the applicant to make arrangements for 1 to 6 rooms to stay.

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