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How to start notary business in 2023 and make money

Notary Business Idea - Start the business of notary, you will earn well, know the business plan!

What is Notary Business, Meaning, Rules, Advocate, Education, Eligibility, Work, Application, License, Profit (Notary Business Ideas, Plan, Education, Eligibility, Work, Application, License, Profit)

At present, if a person wants, he can start the business of notary, but to start this business, you need to take experience and training. This is the reason that not every person can start the business of notary, because the business of notary is related to government rules and regulations, that's why people have to take the service of notary even if they don't want to. So today we will know through this article what is the business of notary, how to start the business of notary, then read this article till the last.

By the way, you need specific type of training and education for starting each business. We are talking here about starting the notary business, so you will need special training and education for its knowledge. Without this it is impossible to start notary business. Because a proper education gives a proper place to a person living in the society. Without this, this business cannot only be started but also run. Today we will know how you can start this business by entering it and how you can get success in it.

Notary Business in hindi

What is Notary Business

If seen, the business of notary is mainly the business of law. However, when the notary certifies a document, in return he can earn a lot of money from the customer. If you also start such a business, then you can get good returns from the business.

Understand in simple words, a person is hired to assist a common man in the notary business, who is able to stamp the government on all facilities ranging from the residence certificate of the common man to electricity, water, gas cylinders etc. . A person working in this profession, commonly known as a Notary Public, is appointed by the Central Government or the State Government. That person carries out some specific tasks for the general public, which includes the work of making many types of documents, the work of making affidavits, the work of preparing documents related to basic needs. In return for this help, he charges a fixed fee from the general public from which he earns. In the same way, gradually fulfilling the legal formalities, the notary business becomes both a profession and a business for him, in which he helps the public and earns income for himself.

Notary's Work

Once you become a registered notary, you are authorized to attest many documents and put your signature on them.

  • Verifying many such documents which are necessary for the public, they are name change certificate, rent agreement, land related documents, age certificate etc.

  • Attestation of documents on the basis of existing facts. This means that you have read those documents.

  • Preparation of any kind of affidavit.

  • To record evidence as directed by the court for any criminal trial.

  • Act as a mediator when needed.

How to start notary business?

However, everyone knows that any person can start the business of notary, not every person can start it. After this, the most important thing is that you should have LLB degree to start the business and along with it experience should also be there.

Notary Business Requirements

Although no basic items are required to start this business, but there are some things without which this business cannot be started. All those requirements are shown in the following options.

education :- To become a notary, you need to pass a specific type of education. Like for this you have to study law which is also known as LLB. In LLB you need to get 3 or 5 years of degree. If you are thinking to fill your enrollment under 5 years LLB then before that you have to pass in Higher Secondary Examination. Apart from this, to do LLB of 3 years, you have to complete your studies from any stream. While taking admission in LLB in maximum places or universities, there is Common Law Admission Test i.e. entrance test, only after passing which you are considered competent for this study. Along with all these training, it is also very important for you to have the training of notary, only after that you can fill the application for the license. For which you also need some time practice experience certificate.

Need to do internship :- When a person finishes LLB course then he needs to do internship for about 1 year. If seen, the duration of the internship is decided by the institution. But almost in government organization it is for a period of 1 year.

Qualification required to become a Notary :- To become a Notary, where it is necessary to do LLB, it is also very important to get experience under an experienced registered advocate. Reserved category in which all castes like SC, ST are included, it is necessary for them to get at least 7 years of experience to qualify in this category. Whereas a general category person must have at least 10 years of experience.

Income Potential: - In this business, income is usually obtained from those people who get their legal work done by notaries. Like getting government stamp on legal documents, getting government permission on issues related to real estate and getting permission for anything in banking sector. To facilitate all these facilities, the common people provide a fee to the notary which earns them an income.

Notary Training :- Notary training can be done both online and offline. In the offline process, there are some good institutes or colleges available around you, you can get training by filling your enrollment in them. There are many YouTube channels in the online process through which you will get a lot of training, apart from this there are many other websites which make the entire process of this training public.

State Bar Council Enrollment:- It is mandatory for you to be enrolled as an advocate in any Bar Council of the State. This will happen after you have successfully completed your one year internship. You can be enrolled as an advocate only after you have acquired the necessary experience and qualification to apply for a license to be a notary based on the provisions of the Advocates Act, 1961.

Expenses for notary's license :- At least 1000 rupees have to be paid for notary's license. This fee is for 5 years, after which the fee for renewing the license can be Rs 500 or more.

Notary Eligibility Requirements in India

To become a notary, it is necessary to fulfill some basic eligibility criteria, which are as follows: -

  • To become a notary, first of all you must be at least 18 years old.

  • If you want to become a notary then you can fill your application only in the state in which you reside.

  • The biggest condition for joining the notary service is that you should not have any kind of felony or legal fault.

  • Before becoming a notary, your antecedents are also checked to see that you have not received any cancellation certificate from any notary commission.

Note :- The guidelines for becoming a notary may be different in each state, only after knowing which you should fill the application for notary studies and to become a notary officer.

How to apply for Notary (How to Apply for Notary?)

There is some procedure to apply for notary, which if you follow smoothly, you will soon become a proper and excellent notary.

  • For this you have to go through some paperwork in which first you have to fill your admission. After that you have to submit all types of education certificates, background check, citizenship, certificate of your identity verification and all certificates related to residence etc. related to yourself.

  • If you pass the notary process, you get a job under a prominent notary in the state to gain a few years of experience. After which you get a certificate of experience from that notary, which later comes in handy in your job.

  • When you get proper experience working with a proper notary, you can get a job at a higher position notary.

  • After that you can help people by putting government stamp on many decisions that come under the government, and start your notary business like a notary.

Required license?

When you get about 7 years of experience as a lawyer, then you can apply for a license to start the work of notary. To get the license, the trader has to fill the form in the government office, when your form is accepted through the authority, you will be provided with the first practice certificate. Through which you can start the business of notary.

After this, you have to deposit some rupees as a fee to get the license. If we talk about the fees for getting the license related to notary, then about 1000 thousand rupees will have to be paid and the validity of this license is for about 5 years. If you renew the license after 5 years, you will have to pay a fee of Rs 500.

How to apply for obtaining license for notary business (How to Apply for Notary License ?)

To get the license of notary, you have to go through the following small process.

  • First of all, a prescribed form has to be filled and submitted to the concerned department. When your application is approved by that department, a certificate will be issued to that person, which allows that person to act as a notary.

  • After this your name will be enrolled in the official gazette and then your name will be registered in official documents as a notary. After this whole process, you will be authorized to notarize limited types of documents under notary.

Some Important Things to Use in Notary Business

Although the work of a notary starts only after getting its license, yet apart from the license, some things are necessary for the work of a notary.

Paper – All the work of notary is done on paper only, so first of all you need paper on which you can prepare necessary documents like affidavit and certificate.

E-Stamp – One more important thing in notary is E-Stamp. Earlier stamp paper used to run, but now e-stamp has become prevalent and it is convenient.

Internet – Internet is also required in the work of notary.

Stamp – You will also need a stamp in the notary's work, so that you will be able to verify the documents.

How clients come to the notary

(Notary Business Customer)

Who will be the customers in the business of notary?

If seen in the present time, some paper is required to do all the small and big works properly and there are many such papers which need to be certified by the notary.

  • If you start the business of notary then you have to target such customers. The one who does not have a residential certificate and wants to take advantage of the schemes run by the Government of India.

  • After this, you have to search for such a customer, who has been away from education for a long time and that person wants to start education again.

  • If any person wants to change his name then you can also contact him as a customer.

  • If someone wants to get the rent agreement of his house made, then he has to go to the authorized notary officer.

  • Any kind of affidavit has to be made such as age, name change or any other kind of affidavit, then that work is also done by the notary.

  • Notary is also required to get the papers of house, shop or any other land attested.

Notary Charges

  • Rs 35 for documents up to Rs 10,000

  • Rs 75 for documents between Rs 10,000 and Rs 25,000

  • Rs 110 for documents between Rs 25,000 and Rs 50,000

  • Rs 150 for documents above Rs 50,000.


There are many types of business, but some business are such that they give an important status to the person in the society. One of them is the profession of notary in which one gets respect in the society and a high status is also obtained. Through this business, you can comfortably get a reasonable monthly income.


(People also ask)

Q: Is becoming a notary a difficult job?

Ans: To become a notary in the notary business, it is necessary to get complete training, after which you can easily serve the society by becoming a notary.

Q: Can a lawyer also act as a notary?

Ans: Generally speaking, there is not much difference between a notary and a lawyer. Both of them have to get a specific type of education to reach this post and after that if you want to become a notary then you have to file an application for that. As a lawyer, you also get a waiver on the fees you pay through those applications. After that you can work as a notary public even after being a lawyer.

Q : Can a notary give legal advice?

Ans: He cannot give any kind of advice regarding any document or certificate to any customer coming to the notary. Full freedom is given to the customer as to what he wants to fill in his documents and certificates and what not. Apart from this, if we talk about legal advice, then a notary can independently provide legal advice to the consumer on his own free will.

Q: What is the difference between a notary public and a lawyer?

Ans: A notary where the services of preparation of will, filing of affidavit and preparation of documents are provided to the consumers. On the other hand, lawyers provide complete assistance to the clients in all types of legal matters both inside and outside the court. Notary is not required to become a lawyer, both have different functions and both cannot interfere in each other's work.

Q : Is the Notary a Gazetted Officer?

Ans: Yes, if we say in simple words, then notary is an ordinary lawyer of the public who is also a gazetted officer. Where as being a lawyer he is also called an officer of the court and when he serves the public he is known as a notary. That's why his name is entered in the official state paper by the Government of India.

Q: What is the work of notary?

Ans: Notary is a very popular legal system. Notary is used to attest a document. The state and central government appoint some lawyers as notaries to reduce their work load. These notary lawyers attest some agreements and affidavits between people.

Q: What needs to be done to become a notary?

Ans: To become a notary lawyer, the following are the qualifications for any court and tehsils. If you want to become a notary lawyer and you have to take the exam for that, then you have to clear the B.A.LLB exam for that. Whoever has worked as a lawyer in Tehsil or Court for 10 years, 7 years or 5 years can become a Notary lawyer.

Q: Who does notary?

Ans: Notary is a lawyer or legal practitioner who has been appointed by the central government or the state government under the notary act 1952. The Central Government can appoint Notary in any corner of the country while the State Government can appoint Notary anywhere in its state.

Q: How many types of affidavit are there?

Ans: By the way, any type of affidavit can be attested in two ways, from the Oath Officer and from the Notary, but the affidavits which are given in the court can be attested only by the Oath Officer, apart from this, the affidavit which is issued by any government or non-governmental organization. They are given in the government office, you can get them attested only by the notary.

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