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How to start slippers making business in 2023?

How to start slippers business in 2023?

How to Start Slipper Making (Manufacturing) Business Plan (License, Cost, Profit, Packaging, Marketing)

Chappals are generally used in every household. Most rubber slippers are being used for regular and rough use in the home. With the increase in the use of slippers at home and sometimes outside, many manufacturers from different regions of the country are setting up the business of making slippers. It is a profitable business and requires comparatively less investment.

Slipper is a comfortable slipper, which is used by people inside the house. However, there are some sleepers which can be worn even outside the house. Different types of sleepers are sold in the market. Many small and big companies make a lot of profit by making it. You can also be successful in earning a lot of money per month with the help of this business. All the necessary information related to setting up this business is mentioned below.


How to start the business of making slippers (Slipper Making Business Plan)

How to start slippers business?

You can start the business of slippers very easily and its demand always remains in the market throughout the year, be it children, old people of all ages use it.

How much cost is required to start slippers business in India?

To start this business on a large scale or to achieve production in large quantities, manufacturers need around Rs 5 to 6 lakhs.

Large scale business can be started with medium size investment. On the contrary, those who are willing to start it with small production will have to spend at least Rs.1 lakh for the business setup.

You get a profit of lakhs of rupees from the business of making slippers, know what benefits you will get by doing this business –

How to do Slipper making business – How to make slippers at home – Chappal Business

In today's time people use Chappal everywhere whether at home or outside, in today's time Slipper has become a part of people's life and for this reason the demand for Slipper remains in the market. But the slipper making company sells its slippers at a higher price, due to which people are always looking for low-cost slippers to buy, in such a situation, you can easily start chappal making business i.e. slipper making business in hindi by doing chappal business. can make good money by 

The business of making slippers is such a business that you can start from your home also, for this you do not need to open a factory, if you want, you can start Slipper Making Business in Hindi even from a small place.

There should be just a room in your house in which you can work by keeping a slipper making machine and your work will be done. If you want, you can start the business of making slippers from your home first and see that your business Whether it is running or not, if your business starts running well, then later you can do your business well even by opening a company.

Slipper Making Raw Material

What is the raw material used to make slippers?

The business of making slippers requires two parts of the material. One is the raw material for the slippers and the other part is the packaging material. In the case of slippers, rubber sheets and straps are required. For packaging materials, there are plastic, cardboard boxes, and cartoons need to be packaged safely for the market.

These materials are easily available online. But while purchasing these materials make sure to choose good quality products.

The rubber sheet for slippers cost is different for different materials. Generally, it costs between Rs.300/- to Rs.450/- per sheet depending on their material and quality. Chappal straps are also available in retail or wholesale market. Bandages can be of different types. Fabricated Strap Lace 4/- to Rs. 8/- per meter. If you want to buy rubber strips, then its price ranges from Rs.75/- to Rs.100/- per dozen depending upon the quality of the product.

As mentioned, the slippers making business requires low investment.

The raw material required is aerial rubber sheets (Rs 350 per sheet), straps sheets (Rs 4 per meter) and materials required for packing (Rs 15- 40 per unit) etc.

Where to Buy Raw Materials for making slippers

This raw material can be ordered through these online websites

Slipper Making Machine

What machines are required to start the business of making slippers?

You need some machines to start the business of making slippers. the machine we will need is

The names of the machines required for this business are as follows.


      Hand Operated Sole Cutting Machine


      hole making machine


      Finishing / Grinding Machine


      Die cutting machine for different colors and sizes


      hand operated tool

1. Hand Operated Slipper Sole Cutting Machine

Rubber sheet is used to make slippers through this machine. With the help of this machine die is used to cut the rubber sheet in every shape. You can make many types of slippers

This machine runs on electricity and 3 phase electricity is required to run this machine, you can buy it from India Mart again online market very easily and you will get this machine for around 1 lakh.

2. Chappal Grinding Machine

It is made by grinding the soles of slippers with the help of this machine. By doing this, the beauty of the sandal increases slightly. This machine can be run on 3 phase electricity. easy to find online market

3. Screen Printing

With the help of screen printing machine, you can create a design on the upper part of the sandal, this increases the beauty of the sandal. This machine is available for 2 to 3 thousand.

4. thong drill machine

A drill machine is used to drill holes in the sandal, then a strap is inserted into it. When the sandal is initially cut, only 3 small holes are drilled in it, the same holes are drilled by the machine. Through this it is enlarged so that the strap can easily enter this machine, you will find it in the online market for 12 to 14 thousand.

5. Strap Machine

This machine is attached to the sole of slippers, you will get 4 to 5 thousand from this machine.

6. Diy from 3 to 9 number for sandal size

With the help of this die, the sole of slippers is cut, the size of slippers is made from this die and this die is of different sizes, online its price is 400 to 600 rupees per die.

Where to Buy Slipper Making Machine

You can easily get all the above machines by contacting the link given below.

  • https://www.indiamart.com/

  • https://india.alibaba.com/index.html

Slipper Making Machine Price

The machines are available online as well as at offline stores. Dealers dealing in heavy machinery can have these machines. In terms of online stores, there are many websites that deal in slipper making machines. Anyone can check them online. Also, the specifications and capacities of such machines are mentioned on all these websites.

The price of these machines varies depending on their quality and capacity. Basic machines used for cutting soles can cost Rs.18000/- or more. These machines can do nothing but cut and shape the soles.

If manufacturers want to use high quality automatic slipper making machines, they come at a price of Rs 1 lakh and above. Some machines cost Rs. 2.5 lakh depending on how well they can provide service. These expensive machines are used to make not only slippers but any kind of shoes. These machines can also be used as finishing machines.

In the business of making slippers, it is necessary to buy all the machines in one set. For this, the trader has to spend Rs. 35,000 to 40,000 in total.

If the business is of a large scale, then the cost of the machine:



Sole Cutting Machine

Rs 1 lakh

drill machine

Rs 12000 – Rs 14000

strap machine

Rs 7,000


Rs 8,000


Rs 700

Slipper Manufacturing Process

How are slippers made?

sandal manufacturing process

The process of making chappals (slippers) requires certain steps and of course raw materials. The manufacturer needs machines to cut and shape the slippers. Also proper raw material is required. There are some steps that can be followed.

  1. Buy the necessary raw materials, set up the machines, and hire a worker or two to help you with the manufacturing process. It does not require any very skilled man as the machines do the job.

  2. The rubber sheet needs to be cut to size. There are a total of 9 sizes ranging from 1 to 9 in different sizes. Determine this size on the machines and cut the sheet according to the size. The straps will also need to be cut to size and shape.

  3. Drilling machines are required to drill holes on slippers. Drilling machines will drill holes and then put straps on those holes.

  4. After this the slippers have to be printed. The company name and size should be printed on the slippers. You can print slippers even before going through the hole and strap process.

  5. Once the paint is done, the slippers need to be dried so that the print does not get damaged. Dry them overnight and then start with the packaging process.

  6. Pack them properly with proper packaging process. Chappals are now ready to go in the market. Once the packaging and everything is done, ship them out to market for the consumer trade.

License for Slipper Making Business

What is the license procedure to start the business of making slippers?

The business of making slippers comes under small scale industries. That's why it is necessary to register the business under MSME. Also, there are some other license and registration processes related to this business. Issuance of business license and registration with RoC (Registrar of Companies) is mandatory for setting up any business. Hence the manufacturer needs to register his company as well as issue a trade license to start manufacturing and selling his products.

While registering with RoC, it would be better to register as LLP or OPC for this type of business. Lastly, if you are using your own brand name for slippers then the copyright on the brand name has to be issued by the manufacturers from ISI.

If you are starting this business on a small scale, then you must first register your business under Udyog Aadhaar or MSME of Government of India. Apart from this, you have to file the registration of your brand under ISI. To run the business smoothly, you also need to prepare trade license, firm's current bank account, PAN card etc.  

Slipper Packaging

How is the packaging process of slippers done?

The packaging process for slippers requires a few simple steps. First of all you need a plastic bag or cover to pack the slippers. Get these sheets or plastic bags from the market, you can paste your company logo on it or leave it as it is.

After wrapping the slippers in plastic packet, then pack them in carton box. Also you can use company sticker or logo on the carton box to show your brand name. Now, you need a big cartoon box to pack a lot of slippers and send them to the market or retailer. All these packaging materials are easily available in the market.

You can use cartoons for its packaging. You need to get the cartoons according to the size of the sleeper you want to make. You can apply different types of colorful stickers on your chappal packets to make them attractive. Apart from this, you can do packaging by pasting the sticker of your brand on the cartoon.

Marketing Plan for Slippers

What should be the marketing strategy for the business of making slippers?

Slipper is such a thing which is used by almost every household. Chappal or commonly known as Hawai chappal is being used extensively by every section of the society. It is obvious that there will be many manufacturers who are in the same business. So marketing strategies must be unique to you in order to attract more customers to your product or business.

First of all it is important to market the product as much as possible. This can be through advertisements or offers (discounts) etc. The manufacturer has to ensure that the product gets maximum exposure in the market so that people come and buy your product.

You can market your slipper in all the big and small sandal shoe shops in the city. You can also expand your business very easily by delivering your sleeper to various big shopping malls. Also, you can promote your slippers through radio, newspapers, hoardings, posters etc.

What are the target areas for marketing?

Since slippers are being used in every household, the target area can be any locality. Apart from local markets, manufacturers can also sell their slippers in malls or large departmental shoe stores. Manufacturers have to advertise and popularize their slippers before selling the products.

To make it more popular, manufacturers can use advertisements in local newspapers, leaflets, kiosks, banners and hoardings. For indoor commercials, radio channel or television commercials can make a lot of difference.

Location required to set up slippers business

You need a little more space to start this business. Since different types of machines are used to run this business, therefore you need a minimum of 300 square meters of space for this.

Slipper Making Business Cost

How much does the business of making slippers cost?

As mentioned above, a total of 1 to 2 lakh rupees will be required to set up the sandal making business. Apart from purchasing raw materials, machinery and packaging materials, the business requires a handful of workers.

The machines used in making slippers do not require skilled labor to handle them. They are less complex and require few workers as they are not automatic machines.

On the other hand, if the manufacturer is not using a drill machine or strap fixing tool, they may need more workers to fix the straps. For this. Another Rs 30,000 can be added to the cost of the sandal making business.

The overall cost of running this business is decided by the scale of your business. Here the total cost for business on both small and large scale is described.

  • To establish this business on a small scale, an amount of at least 1 lakh rupees is required.

  • If you want to do this business on a large scale, then you may have to raise 5-6 lakhs.

Slipper Making Business Profit

What is the profit margin in the business of making slippers?

The cost of making slippers is Rs.30/- to Rs.40/- per piece and the selling price of these slippers is Rs.100/- and above. This means that per shoe maker can make a profit of at least Rs.60/-. If the setup for the manufacturer is small then with a low quality machine he can produce at least 100 dozens of slippers at a time. This calculates to a minimum profit margin of Rs.60,000/- and above for the manufacturer.

Generally, if there is a small setup in the business of making slippers, then at the end of the month a profit of Rs.10,000/- to Rs.20,000/- has been seen. If there is a huge setup for the same business, the makers can earn Rs.40,000/- and above for a month.

Generally the total cost of making one sleeper is Rs.30 to 40. This sleeper is sold at a total price of Rs.90-100 in the market. If you make sleepers with the help of this machine for 12 hours a day, then 100 dozen small scale and about 250 dozen large scale sleepers i.e. 3500 to 4000 sleepers can be made in a day. Therefore, with the help of this business on a small scale, about 10,000 per month and on a large scale, about 30,000 to 40,000 rupees can be earned.

Slipper Making Precautions

What precautions should be taken to start the business of making slippers?

The first thing that should be kept in mind while setting up a sandal making business is the location. A lot of space is required to set up the slipper making machines. As mentioned, the business of making slippers requires a variety of machines, and also requires a lot of space. So the builder should take care of the space that he is using for his business.

The first caution in this business should be related to quality. Rubber sheets are also available in the market at low prices, whose quality is not good. If slippers are made with their help, good marketing of your slippers will not be done. While cutting sleepers from rubber sheet, it is necessary to keep in mind that the sleepers are being cut in better shape. Apart from this, you should make a safe arrangement of electricity at the place where you have to make sleepers.

What are the risks involved in starting a slippers making business?

The biggest risk associated with the business of making slippers is the quality of the rubber used. There are different types of rubber sheets available in the market. Also various lower-quality sheets that are less expensive are available. Be sure not to use them when making sandals or regular slippers. These low-quality rubber sheets get damaged easily and are not sensitive to weather. While using rubber sheet make sure to get the best quality rubber sheet for the sole of the shoe or sandal.

Slipper making business is one of the most common and profitable business in India. As mentioned above people do not need much money to start this business. Within Rs. 1 or 2 lakhs, one who has enough space can start his own sandal making business.

Where did you go by making slippers?

After making slippers, the biggest thing comes that where should we batch them, you can sell slipper in two ways, either you can sell them in bulk to traders selling shoes and slippers or you can sell them to local shopkeepers. . 

Local shopkeeper will be a best option for you if you are making fewer slippers and batch but if you are making more number of slippers then you will have to sell them to a big trader who will buy all your goods at once. 

How to deliver the slippers to the market?

First of all, some people will have to do this work to take these slippers to the market so that these people can go to the market and deliver your slippers to the wholesale and retail seller. This will give you the advantage that your slippers will be marketed and sold.

Now once the order of chappals starts from the market, your business will come to the fore. You have to take special care of the quality of slippers in your business. If your machine is good, then your quality will be very good and your slippers will be sold in the same quantity. Pay special attention to where raw materials are transported and where they are not.

Slipper Making Business Loan

If you do not have the money to do the business of making slippers, then you can take a loan from the bank for this and start your business, all banks provide “Mudra loan” to any person to start a business, with the help of which From which you can start your business.

To take slipper making business loan from the bank, you have to apply for Mudra loan and then write information about your business in it, such as what you need to do slippers making business and how many rupees are the things you need. I will make a statement like this and submit it with your loan file, as soon as your loan is passed, you will get the money in your bank account and then you will be able to do your business.

People also ask

FAQs on how to start a slippers business

Q. Is sandal business profitable?

Ans: The average amount of profit that can be earned by the individuals involved in the business of making slippers is estimated to be between 50,000 to 1.4 Lakhs for those businesses that are working on a small scale.

Q. How do I become an online sandal retailer?

Ans: How to start online sandal store business

  1. Write a business plan for your online shoe store.

  2. Register a domain name.

  3. Design your online store and get secure hosting.

  4. Get state and local business requirements for your online sandal store.

  5. Get your sandal store merchandise through wholesalers and distributors.

  6. Prepare for the customer service and shipping needs of your online sandal store.

Q. How much will the slipper making machine cost?

Ans: Slipper making machine in just 9,000

Q. How many types of slippers are there?

Ans: Stylish Chappals For Summer

  • Hawaiian slippers

  • Men's Flip-Flops Slippers

  • Athletic Sandals

  • Single Strap Sandals

  • Men's Crossed Sandals

  • Men's Synthetic Sandals

  • Kolhapuri (Kolhapuris)

Q. Is the business of making slippers profitable?

Ans: 10,000/- to Rs. At the end of the month a profit of Rs.20,000/- is seen. If there is a huge setup for the same business, then the producer can earn Rs. 40,000/- and above for one month.

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