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What is Data Entry? How to start data entry business?

What is Data Entry?  How to start data entry business?

Data Entry Business

(How to Start  Data Entry Business from Home in India)

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Friends, you must have often seen that there are many women who do some work on online computer at home and earn a lot of money. Now this question must be arising in your mind, that what is the work that earns a lot of money by sitting at home, then let us tell you that this work is the work of data entry. Yes, data entry is such a work that people can do sitting at home, it just requires you to have some basic knowledge about computers. But let us tell you that you can do data entry work for a company or online or you can also do your own business. Here we are giving you information about starting your own data entry business.

What is Data Entry

If you want to get information about starting your data entry business, then you will get all the information related to data entry business in this article.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry means that when a person does any business work on a computer, it is called data entry. Digitizing the data of any documents is called data entry, as you can see that now the digital era has gone, so all The work is done on the computer with the help of internet. 

What is data entry business? (What is Data Entry Business Meaning)

Before knowing what are data entry businesses, you need to know what data entry is, then let us tell you that data entry is a work that you do on a computer. When a person enters data from a form, register or any other documents on a computer with the help of a computer keyboard, we call it data entry. That is, if we say in other words, digitizing the data of any documents is called data entry. The present era is the digital era, where everything is being computerized. Earlier, separate files were created to store all the data of any business. But now everything is saved in the computer. Which is now called data entry work and you can start it at home too. And for this you also get money. Now if we talk about data entry business,   

Data Entry Business Required Equipments and Software

You will need some equipment and some software required in it to start your own or online data entry business, which are as follows-

  • First of all, let us talk about its equipment, for this you must have at least one computer or laptop. Only through which you can do the work of data entry.

  • After this when you start data entry business, you need database software, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or SAP etc. All these software are present in a basic computer.

  • If you are expert in some other type of data entry like accounting or bookkeeping projects etc., then you will need QuickBooks software.

  • Apart from this, if you are doing it through online medium, then you will also need high-speed internet data to send and receive project files to your clients.

  • You will also need an Internet browser and a fast Internet connection to work on a crowdsourcing project, so that you can log into a company's computerized system to complete a project.

Data Entry Business Required Skill

Although, you do not need any certificate or special education to do data entry project business. But if you have knowledge of the terminologies used in this industry, then it is good for you. If you want to start data entry business, you must have the following skills –

  • First of all, it is very important to have a good command on your computer keyboard, as well as your typing speed should also be better.

  • After this any document will be provided to you, then you should also have the skill to digitize it.

  • You should also know about all the software related to data entry in computer, so that you can do data entry well.

  • You can get data in any format in data entry. Therefore, you also need to have the skills to read and enter all types of data. Along with this, it is also necessary to have knowledge of both Hindi and English languages.

  • When you are looking for data entry to start your own business, then you must have all the information related to the management of the business. So that your business is properly established and there is no risk.

  • You can be given or asked for data in both oral and written form, so it is necessary for you to have good communication in it.

  • While doing data entry, you will also need to pay attention to this time and deadline.

Data Entry Business Required Certification and License

Data Entry Business Registration

As we have already told, that data entry work can be done in 2 ways, first by opening an online website individually, and second by opening a company of your own. So if you do data entry online for some company, like if you do data entry for freelancer or elance website, then you have to register yourself as data entry operator with that company. But if you start this business offline, take orders for data entry from small or big companies and work with corporate clients. So you have to run it as a company. Which will also have a name, it will also be necessary to have a current account in your bank with that name, because the earnings coming from data entry will be deposited in the same account. For this, it is also necessary that you register your business with the registrar of companies and get the incorporation certificate as well. 

Data Entry Business Investments / Funding and profit

In data entry business, if you have a computer or laptop and have internet connectivity, then you do not need to invest in anything other than this. However, you may have to pay some fees just to register your business, and may also have to spend some money on internet connection. Along with this, if you hire some people in your company to do data entry, then you can give them some commission for this. In this way, you can invest in the business project of data entry and arrange its funding.  

Data Entry Business Setup

When you start this data entry business, you have to start a company first. Then you can start this work by taking orders from small or big company. In the beginning you can do this work alone. But data entry is such a business, in which it is updated on time and with the advent of any new technology. So when you start getting orders in large quantities and you have to fulfill them on time, then you can also choose a partner for yourself in your company. Who has adequate skills related to data entry. That means you can also do this business in partnership. If this business is started in partnership, it will make it easier for you to run the business, and the risk will be very less. In this way you can setup the business of data entry.

Data Entry Business Clients and Marketing

After you have setup your data entry business, you have to identify your customers, from which customers and companies you can take orders for data entry. Many times many companies also give ads to get data entry work done, so that people can reach them through their ads and do data entry work for them. For this they are also given some commission or money. So if you want more and more people to order your company for data entry, then you have to market your business for this. You have to advertise your company, so that different companies can contact you to do data entry work and place orders with you and you and your business can get more benefits. There are some multinational companies of western countries, who get the work of data entry done by the people of other countries, such as India, Because they have to pay less to get the work done by the people here. You can earn more profit by searching for such customers, but keep in mind that you need to be alert from such customers who demand money from you for data entry work. So in this way you can avoid risk by identifying customers in your data entry business.

Data Entry Business Scope in India

There is a lot of scope of data entry business in India, because there has been a lot of development in India's IT sector since last few years. Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had started the 'Digital India Project' a few years ago, under which citizens in the country were motivated to do all things in digital form, such as money transactions, online registration in any scheme. Doing and keeping any documents safe in digital form in computer etc. Along with this, Modi ji had started 'Digital India Platform' to transfer the data files available in all the offices in the country into digital form. By starting this platform, the government's goal was to digitize all the data and provide employment to the unemployed youth sitting at home. Through this people can earn 10 to 20 thousand rupees per month sitting at home.

15 Best Online Data Entry Jobs Sites 

data entry website in india- Here we will tell you about 15 such websites data entry jobs online from which you can work for your data entry business;- Data entry business franchise in India

  • MegaTypers

  • Write

  • Lionbridge

  • MTurk

  • TranscribeMe

  • Rev

  • Fiverr

  • Upwork

  • Naukri.com

  • Indeed

  • Freelancer

  • Clickworker


Friends, if you want to start this business while living in India, then you can do it easily, because this business can prove to be a very profitable business for you.

People also ask

What is data entry business?

The business of data entry is such a business, under which any paper works are written under computer software.

What are the types of data entry business?

The business types of Data Entry are as follows: Online Form Filling, Audio to Text, Updating Database, Image to Image Data Entry, Copy and Paste, Formatting and Editing, Captcha Entry, Medical Transcriptionist, Online Survey, Image Processing, Content Writing, Parole Data Entry Operator, Entering Tata into Web Based Catalog Data Entry Operator etc and many more.

How long is the data entry course?

In how many days can we complete the data entry course? The answer is this. The duration of each course is different. But in 3 – 12 months you can become a data entry operator by completing the course of data entry operator.

What to do to become a data entry operator?

To become a data entry operator, it is important to have basic knowledge of computer, and along with this, working on software like Ms-word, excel, etc. and the use of e-mail should be known. By which you can get job in the company on the basis of your typing speed and computer knowledge.

How to earn money by doing data entry from mobile?

To earn money by typing from mobile, you can use Google Docs, MS Excel, MS Word or WPS app and you can earn 200 to 500 rupees sitting at home by doing online data entry work daily and many such freelancing There are websites where you can earn $20 an hour by doing data entry.

How to learn data entry?

Practice your customer service skills. Interacting with customers is an important part of most data entry roles. To practice your customer service skills, practice using a professional tone on the phone, write a draft email to a customer, and roleplay a confrontational situation.

What is the work of data entry?

The data is entered and stored by the data entry operator on a particular computer software. For example, data entry work is done on many software like MS Office's Word Pad, Excel. Anything is input into the computer through the keyboard. It is also called data entry.

What is the salary of data entry operator?

Data Entry Operator Monthly Salary (Monthly Salary of Data Entry Operator) – There is no fixed salary for Data Entry Operator. This salary has been fixed differently in different fields. But fresher data entry operator can get around Rs 10000/- to Rs 20000 in a month.

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