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PVC Pipe Manufacturing Business : how to start pvc pipe making business

How to start pvc pipe making business

PVC Pipe Manufacturing Business

If you are looking for information about the business of making PVC pipe, then surely you must be aware of PVC pipe. But if you do not know about PVC pipe, then we would like to tell you that PVC pipe means polyvinyl chloride pipe which is used in many ways in our homes. If you have ever noticed, PVC pipe is used inside the ground to take out the waste water from the kitchen, bathroom, etc., it is also used in the construction industry, electrical work, etc.

PVC Pipe Manufacturing Business

Apart from homes, PVC pipes are used in many places like shops, hospitals, offices, factories, etc. due to which there is a huge demand in the markets throughout the year and traders making PVC pipes earn very good profits. So due to its ever-increasing demand, if you also do business by setting up a PVC pipe manufacturing unit, then definitely you will earn a lot of money. So through this article, we are giving you complete information related to starting PVC pipe manufacturing business, so read it till the end.

pvc pipe making business

pvc pipe manufacturing Business

Pvc garden pipe manufacturing project report PVC pipe is a pipe used for polyvinyl-chloride water, in today's time this pipe is being used for most of the water because there are many advantages of using this pipe like; It is cheap and their life is very long and with this it is also very easy to install them.

That's why their demand is very high and there are many companies that produce Pvc pipes and do business worth crores and this is such a business whose demand will never decrease because the more buildings and houses are built, the more their demand will also increase. If person wants to start his business then he can start Pvc pipe Manufacturing Business.

Market Scope of PVC Pipe Making Business

Pvc pipe  Manufacturing Business Market Demand :-

The India PVC pipes and fittings market continues to grow and is projected to register a double digit CAGR of approximately 14.7% by revenue during the period FY'2018- FY'2026. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the third largest selling plastic item after polyethylene and polypropylene, so the market scope of this business is very good.

types of pvc pipes 

Types of PVC Pipes :-

There are different types of PVC pipe, which are meant for different purposes. Here below is a list of some PVC Pipes that you can check out, and start your own business by manufacturing any or all of these types of pipes.

  There are different types of PVC pipes, which are meant for different purposes.

1. Polyurethane Pipes   

2. Recycled PVC Pipes   

3. PTFE Lined Pipes   

4. UPVC Pressure Pipes   

5. Flexible Pipes   

6. UPVC Column Pipes   

7. PVC Plumbing Pipes   

8. Water Supply Pipes   

9. Waste Pipes   

10. Composite Pipes   

11. HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipes   

12. UPVC Agriculture Irrigation Pipes   

13. Sprinkler Pipes   

Essential things for PVC pipe making business

Pvc pipe Manufacturing Business Requirements :-

To start this business, many things are required, but the need of things depends on the size of the business, because if they start this business from a small level, then many things are not required and they start the business on a big level. So there are many Requirements.  



Business plan



Electricity, water facilities


Raw Material


Now below we will tell in detail about each and every thing that how much is needed.

Investments for Pvc pipe Manufacturing Business Making Business :- 

Investment inside this business depends on this business and the land because if you start a big business then more investment has to be done and if you start a small business (Toys banane ka business) then less investment in it. Have to do (Pvc pipe banane ka business) and have own land then work can be done in less money and if land is taken on rent or bought then more investment has to be done in it and there are many machines in it. There are different types of machines and their rates are also different, investment depends on them, after that, to start this business at a good level, you have to buy a machine, you have to build a building, inside which the machine will be installed, and to keep the stock, all the things have to be kept. For building, then electricity, water facility and raw material and vehicles have to be invested separately like;

Building =   Around Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 5 0,000 (can also be taken on rent)

Machine = Around Rs. 10   Lakhs  To Rs.  20  Lakhs

Raw Material =Around Rs. 5   Lakhs  To Rs.  10  Lakhs

Total Investment :- Around Rs. 30 Lakh to Rs. 40 Lakhs (if the land is self owned)

Suitable location to start PVC pipe making business

Land For Pvc pipe  Manufacturing Business

It really doesn't matter much what kind of location is required to start your PVC pipe manufacturing company. That's why you should not spend a lot trying to get a more expensive facility or location. You can set up your PVC pipe manufacturing company out of the city, as it can be cheaper to do so. In setting up your PVC pipe making factory outside the city, you only have to bear the cost of transportation of your raw material. So you will not have to spend much for the space in starting this business.

Good land is needed inside it because plant has to be built inside it, after that godown has to be built and some land is needed for parking.  

Plant :- 1500 Square Feet To 2000 Square Feet

Godown :-  1000 Square Feet To 2000 Square Feet

Total Space :- 2500 Square Feet To  4000  Square Feet

Machinery and Equipment Required for Making PVC pipe :- 

To start the business of making PVC pipes, you will need the following machinery and equipment.

High Speed ​​Mixer High Speed ​​Mixer :- First of all you will need high speed mixer which is nonshell type cap 50 kg per batch and hour and it will be full with full control and cooling system.

Rigid Pipe Extruder Rigid Pipe Extruder :- This business will require 65 mm per 18v ​​PVC Rigid Pipe Extruder Plant which is loaded with 2 Screw Extruder, Vacuum Sizing Unit, Cooling Tank, Haul of the Unit and Controls and Motor etc. There is also a cutting device.


Different sizes of dies and mandrels :- For making different sizes of pipes you need different sizes of dies like 20, 25, 45, 63, 75, 90 and 110 mm, and also The same mandrel should be of sizes such as 2.5, 4, 6 and 10 kg per square centimeter etc.

Scraper and Grinder: - You will also need a scraper and grinder along with a heavy duty electric motor.

Other equipment:   Overhead water tanks and recycling pump units, weighing balances, heavy type industrial models with moderate accuracy, pipe storage, racks, some hand tools, greasing and oiling equipment, etc.

Various Test Equipment :- Chemical Testing Lab Equipment like Chemical Balance, Oven and Testing Equipment, Bulk Density, Specific Gravity Lead and Tin Estimation etc., as well as Lab Capacity Testing Equipment like Impact Tests, Compressive Strength, Hydraulic Pressure (Long Term and Short term) etc.

Raw Material Required for Making PVC Pipe :- 

The major raw materials required in this business include PVC Resin, DOP, Stabilizers, Processing Acids, Lubricants, Colours, Fillers etc. And also there is a major utility required for electricity and water.

Raw materials required for making PVC pipe and where to buy (Raw Materials)

Apart from the above machines and equipment, the major raw materials required in the business of making PVC pipes include PVC Resin, DOP, Stabilizers, Processing Acids, Lubricants, Colours, Fillers etc. And also there is also a major utility required for electricity and water. You can find out about getting all these things by going to a big famous PVC pipe manufacturing company. Apart from this, all these materials will also be available to you in the online market. From where you can buy it.

License and Registration for PVC Pipe Manufacturing Business

Document For PVC Pipe Manufacturing Business If you start any business then some personal documents are required and some business related license is required like

Personal Document (PD): - There are many documents inside the Personal Document like:

ID Proof :- Aadhaar Card , Pan Card , Voter Card

Address Proof :- Ration Card , Electricity Bill ,

Bank Account With Passbook

Photograph Email ID , Phone Number ,

Other Document  

Business Document (PD): -   There are many documents inside the Business Document such as:

Registration with Registrar of Companies

GST registration

Factory License and Trade License

NOC from pollution and fire department

Udyam Registration or MSME Registration

Brand name selection and trademark registration

Registration & License Process for PVC Pipes Manufacturing Business

You have to obtain the following registration, certificate and license to start your PVC Pipes manufacturing business –

  • First of all, you register your business as a Limited Liability Company.

  • After this you obtain a trade license, insurance and tax identification number from the municipal authority.

  • Apart from this, it is also necessary to do ISO certification in some other permits, trademark registration etc. to protect your brand.

  • Also, for this business, you will also have to open a factory, where you can manufacture pipes. For this, you will have to obtain 'NOC' from the Pollution Control Board and also you will need to do VAT registration.

  • You must find out all the requirements before starting the PVC enterprise. And also you have to apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME Online Registration for your industry.

  • You are also required to obtain BIS certification i.e. quality certification for quality control of your pipes.

  • Along with this, you should also have a current account in the bank. For this, you should give priority to the nationalized bank.   

Process to start PVC pipe business

If you start the business of making PVC Pipe Manufacturing from home, then you do not have to do much process inside it, you can start business with raw materials at home by hand, but if you do business on a large scale, then according to a process inside it It has to be started as for this many activities have to be done like area analysis, land selection, project plan, registration, financial arrangement etc. then all the work has to be done according to a process.

Area Analysis (Area Analysis) :- If you want to start any business, first of all it is necessary to analyze the area, in Area Analysis, research is done inside the area where you are thinking of doing business, you have to know everything like How many plants are already there, what kind of product they are making, how much is the price of their product, can you price less than that and find out everything what is the demand of the customer.

Land Selection (selection of place) :- After doing Area Analysis (area analysis), the location has to be selected and keep in mind that there should be good road facility and water facility and electricity facility at that location.  

How to start PVC pipe manufacturing business

Project Plan (Business Plan): - After the location is selected, prepare your business plan and put all the things that have to be done inside the business like how much investment will have to be made, which machine will have to be brought and which one. Will make the product, all such things should be added inside the business plan.   

Financial Arrangement (Financial Arrangement) :- When the business plan is ready, after that Financial Arrangement has to be done because nothing can be done without investment.

PVC Pipe Machinery Purchasing:-   When you get the license for business, then buy the machine for business because no business can be done without machinery.

Electricity Fitting and Machinery Installation :-   After taking the machinery, do Electricity Fitting for them and then install the machine.

Worker Hire: - After doing all the things, bring the worker according to your business, after that you can start your business.

Process of making PVC pipe

To make PVC pipe, you have to follow different steps. Here we are giving you information about the process of making it with all the steps –

Extrusion :-

Unlike pipes made from some other thermoplastics, PVC is not amenable to direct processing without resin. Some additives are required to be mixed with the PVC resin for necessary processing and end stability. Here following are some of the additives that are commonly used to manufacture Rigid PVC Pipes.

  1. Plasticizer:- The common plasticizers used for manufacturing PVC pipes are DPO, DIOP, DBP, DOA, DEP, Reoplast, Paraplex etc.

  2. Stabilizer :- Common stabilizers for the manufacture of PVC pipes include lead, barium, cadmium, tin, stearate etc.

  3. Lubricants :- The widely used lubricants in the manufacture of PVC pipes are buty-stearate, glycerol mono-stearate, epoxidized monoester of oleic acid, stearic acid etc.

  4. Fillers :-Along with this, fillers can also be used for the manufacture of special quality PVC pipes. For example calcined clay is used to improve the electrical properties of cable compounds. In the extrusion operation, the PVC resin is mixed with plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants and fillers in a high-speed mixer. So that process improvement and stability can be improved. After this the mixed PVC resin is poured into a double screw extruder and a die of the diameter of the pipe to be made is fitted there. The mixed PVC then passes through a heated chamber and melts due to the temperature and compression of the screw. And it is converted into the shape of pipe to be made. Then after taking it out, marking is done on the pipe.

Sizing :-

After the pipe is taken out from the extruder, it is cooled in the sizing operation. Basically two types of sizing are used for this. They are – pressure sizing and vacuum sizing etc.

Traction :-

The next operation required after sizing is traction. Tube Traction Unit is essential for continuous transportation of pipes extruded by the extruder.

Cutting :-

After this the last operation is cutting. There are basically 2 techniques for cutting Rigid PVC Pipes. Which are manual and automatic. Pipe cutting is done through this. The pipes are then tested for ISI mark, and made ready for supply.

Transport :-

After manufacturing of PVC pipe, the last step is transportation. You will need to arrange suitable vehicles to transport the PVC pipe to the buyers.

In this way you can manufacture PVC pipe of special quality.

Quality Control of PVC Pipes

If you want this venture of yours to achieve more success, then it is necessary to pay special attention in managing and controlling the proper quality of the product (i.e. PVC pipe). You must test the quality of your product, in which you must test the tensile strength, seal and durability of its corrugated area. In addition to testing their products, you must research and study the techniques used by PVC pipe manufacturing companies. You will also have to pass standard organization tests and certifications before bringing your product to the market. With all these things the quality of your PVC pipe will also be controlled. And this business of yours will be able to start well. 

In this way you can earn a lot of profit by starting your own PVC pipe manufacturing business.

Marketing of PVC pipe manufacturing business

PVC Pipe Making Business Marketing :- If any product is to be sold today, then its marketing is necessary because if the customer does not know about the product, then how will the customer buy it, so whatever the business may be, its marketing is necessary and talk about the marketing of PVC Pipe. So the demand for PVC Pipe is very high in the market. PVC Pipe can be sold in the market in retail or wholesale

Total investment and profit in PVC pipe making business

To start the business of making PVC pipes, you have to invest in machinery, equipment, raw material, space and other things like employee expenses etc. You will get a PVC pipe making machine for up to Rs.20 lakh, apart from this, the total cost of equipment, raw material and space may cost you up to Rs.10 lakh. Therefore, to start this business, you will have to make a total investment of 30 to 40 lakh rupees. However, once you invest in all these things, then you will not need to invest in them again and again. It will serve for a long time and you will get a lot out of it. Because these days people are getting more number of PVC pipe connections done in their homes, so this can be a profitable business for you.         

Loan for PVC pipe making business

Loan for PVC Pipe Making Business If you start PVC Pipe Making Business from home, then there is no need of loan for this, but if you do this business on a big level, then you can take a loan for this from the Government of India to do business. “Mudra Loan” is being given, in which you can also do Mudra Loan for doing PVC Pipe business, for this you have to go to their office and give the details of your business, what are the things you need in the business of making PVC Pipe. You will have to give details about and how much money will be required to buy those things, after that you will have to submit your application.


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People also ask

Q: What is PVC pipe?

Ans: Polyvinyl chloride is a pipe, which is used by construction industry, electricity and irrigation for water and electricity supply wire. 

Q: How many types of PVC pipes are there?

Ans : Mainly 2, UPVC for cold water, PPVC for hot water.

Q: Which brand is best for PVC Pipes & Fittings?

Ans: Paras Pipes & Fittings

Q: How can do the business of making PVC pipes?

Ans: You will have to arrange necessary equipment and machinery for this and then obtain a license for it. Then you can start the business of making it.

Q: How much will it cost to start a PVC pipe making business?

Ans: At least 30 to 40 lakh rupees

Q: Are PVC pipes safe?

Ans: Yes.

Q : How to apply online for Prince Pipes

Ans : 

  1. First of all go to the official website of Prince Pipes Dealership.

  2. Contact Us option will be found on the home page, click on it.

  3. Fill all the details in the form and then submit the form.

  4. After that the company will contact.

Q: What is the rate of PVC?

Ans: A businessman told that petroleum products are required for PVC pipes. The raw material for making plastic pipes was earlier available at Rs 100 per kg, which has now become Rs 150 to 200 per kg.

Q: How is PVC made?

Ans: Polyvinyl chloride is manufactured by the polymerization of monomer vinyl chloride. Pure PVC is basically a white, hard and brittle solid to which plasticizers are added to make it soft and flexible. Phthalates are most commonly used as softeners.

Q: What is the full form of PVC?

Ans: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a high strength thermoplastic material used in a wide variety of applications. PVC is produced by the polymerization of the monomer vinyl chloride.

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