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How to earn money online from photography in 2023

How to earn money from photography | How To Make Money From Photography

How to earn money online from photography in 2023

In today's time mobile which many people call smart phone. They have various features and facilities. These smartphones have started coming with very good camera quality, from which very clear photos can be taken. Nowadays people like to take photos and selfies, and after taking photos, people also upload it immediately on social media. People take photos through mobile phones and share it with people through social media, but let us tell you that they can earn money from this too. Yes, you read it right, money can be earned even by taking photos in mobile. You will get detailed information about how this happens here in this article.

How to earn money from photography

In today's era, if you have the art of taking photographs, then you can earn money from photography while sitting at home, that is, make money with photography online. Huh 

How to earn money by taking photos from mobile

There are many people who like to take photos from mobile. They can also make this choice a means of earning their money. Nowadays people have smartphones anyway. Then why not people earn money by using it. Seriously, if you know how to take great photos, then this can be the best option for you to earn money. You can earn money by taking photos from mobile in the following ways.

How to earn money by doing Photo Sale

Make Money By Selling Photo

With the launch of www.imagesbazaar.com, earning money by selling photos has become even easier. Earlier the model had to spend a lot. But Sandeep Maheshwari made the work of all these very easy. Apart from ImagesBazar, there are many websites where money can be earned by selling photos. The earning of the photographer depends on the photo quality. A lot comes in Photo Quality. Photos downloaded from the Internet cannot be sold here. Because the owner of that photo is someone else. Only own creation can be sold here.

In order to do a good photo shoot, skills are also needed in addition to Quality Camera. To give effect to the photo, it can also be edited and sold. It is also mandatory to have knowledge of Photo Editing Software for Photo Editing. There are many websites where photo editing can be done online as well. But the best of all is Adobe Photoshop.

To earn money online, it is necessary to have some talent inside you. If you also have the talent of photography, then this post is for you.

Selling photos to website

Yes, nowadays there are many such websites on the internet in which people are given money in return for taking photos of people. Like if people take photos from their mobile and sell it to these websites, then they are given some money by the owner of the website. It is not necessary that you have the best quality professional camera, you can also take the help of your smartphone with a good camera. From which good photos can be clicked. In this work, you have to pay special attention to some things and that is the quality of pixels and photos. For this it is necessary that you keep patience and work hard. Then you will become expert in doing this work.

Reasons to buy photos through websites

You have come to know that various websites buy the photos taken by you and give you money in return. But now this question must be arising in your mind that by searching on Google, those websites can automatically download any and any number of good photos, that too for free. Then why do they buy photos by paying money. This question arising in your mind is absolutely correct, but let us tell you that there are many photos and images on Google which have copyright. For which they either have to buy the photo or take permission for it.

There are some small companies who need some photos or images. So some people need a photo without copy right even for personal use. These people do their work by downloading photos or images from Google. Because using image or photo by small fat companies does not make much difference. Many times they do not even get to know about it or even after knowing about it, no action is taken. But in this place, when it comes to big companies, then it makes a lot of difference to the people with copyrights. If those big companies use photos without purchase and without permission, they have to bear the brunt of it. Legal action can be taken against them. In order to stay away from the hassle of legal action, these big companies buy photos and images taken by them from people.

You can earn money by taking this kind of photo

In this, you do not need to sell your photos, but for this you can sell the following types of photos by pulling them from your smartphone.

  • Photos related to nature like – trees, plants, forests, rivers, sea, mountains and fields etc.

  • Roads, streets, houses and localities of a city etc.

  • Vehicles like train, bus, car, ship and bike etc.

  • Photo of a person or farmer working in agriculture,

  • Animals, birds, animals and animals etc.,

  • Any type of goods like book, pen, laptop, chair table etc.

  • Some food items like food, fruits, vegetables, milk, tea, coffee, snacks etc.

  • Photos of some types of utensils like cup, jug, plate, bowl, spoon etc.

  • wedding or function of a party,

  • or any festival,

  • etc of the market

Things to keep in mind while taking photos

  • First of all the photo and clarity and quality should be excellent.

  • The object or whatever is used in the photo and the background behind it should be good.

  • There should not be any problem of copyright for anything in your photo, no matter what it is.

  • Before taking a photo and selling it, read all its terms and conditions.

  • The photo should not be downloaded or stolen from anywhere.

  • You have to take the photo from your own phone. No one else can avoid the problem of copy right.

Where to sell photo

  • www.imagesbazaar.com

  • www.dreamstime.com

  • www.shutterstock.com

  • www.gettyimages.com

  • www.istockphoto.com

You can sell your photos taken on these websites

You can sell the photo taken by you on the following websites, after taking the photo, all these websites also sell it to other big companies, in which some websites can also give you a share of it.

ShutterStock: - This website is at the top for buying photos and using them. At least six and a half lakh people from more than 150 countries are connected with this website. And more than 250 million photos have been bought through this website. This website provides at least 5 to 10 dollars for good quality images and photos.

123RF :- This is the second most famous website which buys photos by paying money. In this, you can also sell videos and stories made by you. The customers of this website are from big companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, who are ready to buy photos for up to 60%.

Adobe Stock Images: - This is also the top image buying website. These websites buy and sell the highest resolution, royalty free images. In this, big businessmen buy photos and big photographers sell photos. With this, there is a possibility of getting a value of at least 33%.

istockphoto :- From this website you can get 15 to 45% profit by selling your photos.

Smugmag :- To sell photos in this website, membership has to be taken on a monthly basis, which is bought for $12.50. But the special thing for this is that if you have sold photos to this website, then its value can not be decided by that website but by you yourself. These websites are also ready to pay up to 85% for photos.

Phonestockphoto: - In this website, the photo is uploaded on the basis of category. There can be earning in this in 2 ways, one, you can take money by selling your photo, which gets 5 to 10 dollars per photo, and secondly, money can be earned by taking a share on every purchase.

ShutterPoint :- This website is also a photo buying website which gives 1000 rupees per photo.

Animals Animals :- There are some who are fond of taking very good photos of animals. These websites buy pictures of the same from people and pay up to 50% for it.

Stockfood: - This website buys images and photos of food and also gives good money in return.

How to sell photos on websites

  • To sell photos on a website, it is necessary that you register yourself in that website, for this you will have to create an account on that website.

  • After this, according to the terms and conditions of the website, you will upload the photo in it.

  • After that those websites will review whether they like it or not, whether this photo is stolen or not, whether it is downloaded from anywhere, whether it is meeting the rules of the website or not etc.

  • If the tests are correct, then you get its approval and it is put up for sale.

  • These websites do not buy photos from you themselves, nor do you get paid for uploading photos on this website. When a company or other website buys it, then this website gives you its money. It acts as a mediator in a way.

So this was the easy way to earn money by taking photos from your smartphone. In this business, you will not get much profit in the beginning, but when you start experiencing it, then you will start earning well in it. You can do this work in your part time or full time as per your wish and can earn money.

What is Photography

Photography is a science, an art, a practice, in which a fixed or moving picture is made by recording the radiation emanating from an object. Camera is used for this. Now everyone has a camera in their pocket, that thing is different, everyone's photo quality is not right, I am talking about mobile phone. But there are some mobiles whose photo and video quality is very good.

Nokia had a phone N73, whoever has used its camera, tell in the comment. N73 had 3.2 mega pixel camera but today's 12 Mega Pixcel Camera had better photo quality.

What is necessary for photography

  • Camera

  • Light

  • Photography information

How to start PhotoGraphy

You must have heard the name of Sandeep Maheshwari. He did many Startups but people came to know his name only from Photography Startup and Sandeep Maheshwari got many awards in his name. In the beginning, he also joined a studio to learn about photography. If you also want to become a good photographer, then you have to learn PhotoGraphy. Photography can be started from mobile too!

When and how will I get the money 

  • Create an account on the above website.

  • Upload your own shot photo on this website.

  • The price of your creation will be decided according to the photo quality.

  • The website also takes some commission on each sale.

  • After deducting your commission, your money will be transferred to NEFT in your account.

  • To get money in the account, one has to share with Bank Detail Company.

  • Just as Bank Account Detail has to be given to get money from Adsense, similarly it has to be given here too.


To earn money from photography, it is mandatory to have knowledge about photography. In the beginning, one should learn by working in a studio. Some people have some talent from birth. If photography is your hobby then start trying to convert the hobby into a career. There is a lot of money in the photography field too, only a person who works with dedication is needed. Last year I went to a bar in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi with my friends, the photographer who came there used to charge Rs.5000 Per Day.

I hope you have understood all the things, if you have any question then you can ask in the comment box.


People also ask

Q: How to earn money by taking photos from mobile?

Ans: By selling the photo taken by you to the photo buying website.

Q: Is it necessary to take the photo from your mobile only?

Ans: Yes, because there are no chances of copyright in it.

Q: Which website buys photos?

Ans : ShutterStock, 123RF, Adobe Stock Images, istockphoto, Animals Animals आदि.

Q: How to get money by selling photos in the website?

Ans: After selling the photo in your website, when it is bought by a company, then you get money for it.

Q: Can I sell photos downloaded from Google?

Ans: Not at all, that website itself can do this work. But it has copyright. That's why it is necessary to take the photo from your smartphone only. Otherwise, you will not get its approval after checking the photo.

Q: How to earn money from photography?

Ans: Photo Selling Paise Kaise Kamaye – Best Photo Selling Apps

Choose the best photo selling apps or website for yourself

Create a new account on it

Start taking good photos from your mobile

Upload those images and share them on social media

Photo Selling Apps will automatically sell your images by bringing them in trend.

Q: How to sell photos?

Ans: To do online photo business, you have to click professional photos with the help of your phone or if you have a camera, your pictures should look unique only then the person buying your photo will like your photo. And your photo will be sold.

Q: Can you earn money by taking pictures?

Ans: Full-time photographers can usually make anywhere between $30,000 and $75,000 per year, and some can earn even more. Many photographers choose to transition into photography part-time so they can get an idea of ​​whether it will be financially sustainable as a career.

Q: How to earn money from mobile?

Ans: Ways to earn money from mobile sitting at home

Earn from YouTube Video content has increased a lot in recent years. ,

Earn money from Instagram...

Make money from blogging...

Earn money by playing games...

Earn by doing survey...

Earn money by referring ...

Earn money from mobile by selling photos.

Earn money from Google Maps

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