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How to start a solar cell or solar energy business in 2023

How to start a solar cell or solar energy business with the government

How to Start a Solar Energy Plant Business in India

how to start solar panel business solar panel business kaise start kare, how to set up solar energy plant

Right now the field of solar energy is completely empty in India, so the government is also promoting solar energy keeping the environment in mind. People benefit from this that they get 24 hours electricity facility for less money. The problem of power cut is more in rural areas. In other cities, people are worried due to the high cost of electricity bills. In such a situation, solar panel is the only option to solve this problem. This could be a business opportunity for you. If you are looking for such a business. Which will give you good profit in future also, then solar panel business can be better for you. In this article, we are going to give you detailed information about Solar Panel Business, so read this article completely.

Solar Energy Plant Business

To promote Solar Panel Solar Panel in the country, the government of the country had also started the Solar Power Scheme, through which any youth can earn by starting their own business. In such a situation, you can also earn by joining this scheme. Or you can also earn by installing a solar plant and supplying electricity through it. The country has a target of generating 25,000 MW to 100,000 MW of solar power by 2020 on WTO standards. This is likely to create new jobs.

If you are thinking of starting this business, how can you start it, how much you will have to spend in it, whether you will need any training in it or not, and how much profit you will get from it, we will answer your questions. Today we are going to give through this article.

In the solar industry, business can be started on the basis of both product and service. Although for this you have to attract a large number of consumers or instead of this business can be started by attracting a particular class, but for this it will be necessary to understand all the aspects of solar business in depth.

  • Solar Energy Auditing – This is completely information based business, as a solar energy auditor your first task is to collect information related to energy requirement. Whenever someone wants to install solar energy panels, then he has to do this work first. Although the auditor is actually a salesperson, who markets energy sources, and gives information to people regarding energy consumption, this business requires very few resources, it can be started from home as well. Can.

  • Solar Panel Installation – There should be enough knowledge and technical skills to start the business of solar panels. These businesses are very profitable and it also gives attractive revenue. Apart from fresh panel installation, you can also look for repairing service. Although there is little investment, staff and marketing related expenses in the business.

  • Solar Product Distribution - If you want to do the business of distribution or trading in the field of energy, then these are the most suitable businesses. However, for this you have to find such a good company, which is looking for a distributor in your area. You can also import goods from other countries to sell in your area.

  • Solar Product Manufacturing - This is a capital intensive business, in which you should also have a business plan for marketing and financial projection. Apart from this, you can also develop traditional items of some solar products. Among these, the most trending segments are solar lights, solar gadgets and solar rechargers, if your product is liked by the consumer, it can become popular immediately.

  • Solar System Repairing & Maintenance - This is an after market service business, even after the installation of the solar project, it needs to be maintained and repaired on a daily basis. That's why there are many possibilities in this field as well, although technical and networking skills are required in this business, but it is a low cost startup.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar Panels Solar Panel is a type of device through which electricity is generated from sunlight. Which you can use in your homes. A solar panel is made up of small cells joined together.  

On which as soon as sunlight falls, they convert that light into current or electricity with the help of those cells. Similarly, many cells together form a large solar panel. 

solar panel product 

At present, considering the increasing rates of electricity, many types of solar panel products have come in the market. Which has a lot of demand in the market. In such a situation, you can earn at least one lakh rupees in a month by selling these products.

  • solar pv, 

  • solar attic fan,

  • solar thermal system,

  • solar cooling system 

  • Solar mobile charger, 

  • solar water heater, 

  • solar pump, 

  • solar lights 

How to start Solar Power Business?

How to do Solar Panel Business Solar Panel Business Kaise Kare

There is one such fast growing industry in India in which people are seeing their future, that is the solar industry. As soon as the name of solar comes, you must be understanding that the business of solar panels. People also know Solar Panel in Hindi by Solar Plate and Solar Energy. It is used to generate free electricity and electricity is needed in every home, factory, school, hospital, office. So you must have guessed about its future growth.

Haryana's solar company Loom Solar is giving business opportunity to any startup, businessman or professional company under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's campaign Atmanirbhar Bharat. Under this there are 3 ways to start solar business. Loom Solar is the largest solar panel manufacturing company in the country. The company manufactures solar panels and AC modules using the latest technology. Especially works keeping in mind the use of solar panels in homes. Loom Solar has a solar panel manufacturing factory in Sonipat, Haryana. Presently the company has more than 1500 retail dealers.

You have different types of ways to do Solar Panel business. Which you can choose according to your budget. 

How to do business by taking franchisee from solar panel companies Solar Panel Franchise Kaise Le

So you can start your business by taking a franchisee from solar panel manufacturing companies. You can earn profit by selling solar panels to more and more customers. You get more profit in this. There are many such big companies in the country who are looking to build more and more stores in the cities. In such a situation, you can start your business by contacting those companies and joining them. To take franchisee from any Solar Panel Solar Panel making company, you have to get yourself registered. To get the registration done, you also have to pay a charge which can range from thousands to lakhs. Those companies charge you heavily because those companies already have a name in the market. People like to buy only after seeing their product name. Therefore, after taking the franchisee of these companies, you do not need to spend money for marketing. because 

They just have to find the nearest store of the customer to reach their product to the people. That's why these companies do business by opening their stores in different cities by giving franchise to other people and also give opportunity to other people. If you have a budget of 10 to 15 lakh rupees, then you can earn big money by taking franchisee from solar panel companies. Apart from this, it is mandatory for you to get your own GST number for your store. For marketing the product, you get dealer certificate, sales manager, shopper board, T-shirt etc. from the company. 

Do business by setting up a solar plant Solar Panel Plant se Business Kare

Solar Power Scheme has been started by the Modi Government to promote Solar Panel Energy in the country. Through which you can start your business by installing solar plant in any kind of vacant place, generating electricity and supplying it. The central government is also providing loan for this work, which you can take advantage of. To start this business, you have to get license from the government companies providing electricity in your area by contacting them. After taking license from power companies, the investment for setting up a solar plant will be Rs 60-80 thousand per kilowatt. You can do electricity trading only up to 500 KW in this work, not more than this, there is no maintenance cost for setting up a solar plant. According to experts, you only need to change the battery in 10 years. Apart from this, this plant has to be moved from one place to another. Shifting on the spot is also quite easy. One kilowatt solar panel can easily run the electricity cost of a house. If there is air conditioning, you will need two kilowatts. Presently this facility is available in Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. Other states will have to wait a little longer for this. 

By taking distributorship (Distributor for Solar Energy Business) 

A distributor is a person who acts as a link between the end customer and the dealer. This is the person who makes the devices available to customers through various stores, or through various online channels and dealers. If you want to become a distributor of solar equipment, then you will have to invest more for this. For this, you will also be given training through the company and you will also have to take some licenses according to your state government and other departments.

Investment to become a distributor –

To become a distributor, you will have to invest relatively more, to get Bharat Solar Energy Company distributorship, you will get an investment of 7 to 8 lakhs. In which about 1 lakh is taken from you as fees from the company.

Profit – In this, you will have a relatively large market to serve, so the percentage of your profit will also be high. Through this also you can earn thousands to lakhs of rupees every month.

Start business by becoming a solar maintenance advisor 

If you are interested in technical related work, then you can start a business by becoming a solar consultant. People want to get good information about the first solar plant, before installing solar panels. In such a situation, you can also become its technician by getting good knowledge about fixing the solar panel. 

In today's time, diploma or certificate courses related to solar panels ranging from 6 months to one year are also available. By doing which you can get information about it and can also earn by joining solar panel companies as a technician or you can open your own technician shop. 

Become a Solar Equipment Agent for Business –

Even if you do not have much money to invest in this business, you can make money by investing in this business. To earn money in less investment, you can adopt the option of becoming an agent in this. By becoming an agent, you can sell and install the products of this company. In return, you will be given commission by the company.

Investment – ​​As we have already told you that you have to invest very little to become an agent, then you can earn profit by investing only 8 to 12 thousand in this.

Profit – You can earn a lot of profit by becoming a solar equipment agent and by installing or selling the company's products. Estimatedly you can earn thousands every month through this.

Solar Business Associate 

Solar Business Associate is the person to whom the company provides complete training regarding all its equipment. Now further this person gives this information to the people in his area and works to sell the company's product in the market. In this way the company's product gets a place in the market and the company gets profit. The company gives you your commission for every sale you make. In this way, once the investment is made on training, it is a completely commission based business.

How much investment you will have to make for Solar Business Associate (Investment For Solar Business Associate) – If you want to do this business by becoming a Business Associate, then you will have to spend about 25 to 30 thousand rupees once and take training from the company. After this you can go to the market and sell its products and earn profit.

Profit Of Solar Business Associate – If you choose this method of business, then the profit in it completely depends on your hard work. The more hard-won equipment you sell in the market, the more profit you will get. By the way, if you want, you can earn from 10 thousand rupees to lakhs of rupees every month.

Dealership for Solar Business 

If you want, you can also start your business by taking a dealership of solar equipment. Many companies present in India are making dealers in different cities to increase their business. But for this you have to invest more and it is also necessary to have a sales and marketing team. If you take a dealership of a company, then the company gives you full assistance in marketing and promotion, but the success of your business depends more on you.

How much investment will have to be made for taking a dealership (Investment For Dealership) – How much investment you will have to make in getting a dealership of solar equipment, it completely depends on which company you are taking the dealership from. If you take the dealership of Soo-Kam Company, then you will have to invest 2 lakhs for this, but if you take the dealership from Bharat Solar Energy Salt Company, then you will get the dealership for 50 thousand. But according to their condition, you will have to buy goods worth 3 lakhs in the first purchase, thus your total first investment will be 3.5 lakhs. Apart from this, you can also think about dealership with other solar companies like Moser Baer, ​​Indosolar and Aditya Solar, you will get complete information about them on their official site.

Profit In Dealership – The profit in this also completely depends on your market, if your area is like this and you have more sales of these equipment, then you can earn more money through this business. Can If you want, you can earn lakhs in this.

Major Solar Power Companies in India (Solar Equipment Companies In India) –   

Seeing the immense possibilities in this field, many leading companies are drawing their attention to this. At present, the companies working in this field in India and their official sites are as follows.

License and Certification

For this, many types of certification will be required. You have to qualify to get these licenses and certificates, which include the following certificates.

  • TIN number

  • The article of association

  • An article of Memorandum

  • An article of Commencement (Certificate of Commencement)

If the authority gets any wrong information, it will not give you the license, two main certificates and documents named the Article of Association and Article of Memorandum, you will need them strictly to start the business.

Government subsidies in the solar business

The most important step taken by the Government of India in the field of solar energy production is the establishment of "Jawahar Nehru National Solar Mission". Its objective is to produce 20 thousand MW of solar energy by 2022. It produces solar energy in an area of ​​20 million square meters.

Apart from this, there are subsidies through another government scheme "Solar Energy Subsidy Scheme", which promotes the use of solar panels. It does not help in making solar panels, but is useful for the consumers of solar panels. They give subsidy to those people who have installed solar panels in their house. Another project SECI project aims to install rooftop solar panels on a large scale. This is a project run to take maximum advantage of the schemes of the government by concentrating them at one place. This makes its construction and installation easy for those who want to install solar panels on their roofs. If you start any business related to solar energy, then it will be a profitable deal for you, because India's climate is somewhat like this. Kind of like, that solar equipment works well here. Along with this, there is a dire need of such equipments in rural areas. Looking at these possibilities, many big and well-known companies have also come down to do business in this field. You can also earn good profits by joining these companies and settle yourself.

Why Solar Power Is The Business Of The Future?

Due to rising electricity prices and high power cuts in rural areas, the demand for solar panels is increasing rapidly. Now more people are not aware of it, but due to the increasing electricity prices in the coming time, people will start using it. Knowing about will be more aware. Due to which the business of solar panels will grow rapidly. On the other hand, according to WTO, a target has been set to make solar power from 20 thousand MW to 1 lakh MW by 2022 in the country. Apart from this, India has set a target of generating 40% electricity from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030 under the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Solar panel energy is also being promoted under the Make in India mission in the country. In such a situation, you can guess that how profitable the solar panel business can be for you. 

The government is also promoting this business because a large number of employment opportunities are opened for the youth through this business. ,

What is 'One World, One Sun, One Grid' plan?

This is a detailed plan to connect the world with solar power, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeated many times. Under this, there is a plan to connect 140 countries through a common grid. The plan for a global grid will strengthen the International Solar Alliance (ISA), co-founded by India, which currently includes 67 countries including India. This solar grid will be divided into two zones. East Zone will include countries like Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Lao, Cambodia. Whereas the West Zone will cover the countries of the Middle East and Africa region. With this you can get an idea of ​​the opportunities in this sector.

Why are there opportunities for you in this sector?

This is the most important question before starting any business. The answer is that the geographical location of India is such that there is an average of 300 days of sunshine in a year. Natural fuel is decreasing and the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing continuously. In such a situation, the government wants the country to go towards solar energy and reduce the dependence on electricity. That's why the state and central governments are continuously providing facilities to promote the use of solar energy. Only last month Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a 700 MW solar plant in Madhya Pradesh, it can be estimated that how fast India is moving towards solar energy. Overall, solar panels are such a business that you can easily do and earn money under PM Modi's self-reliant India.

Where will the money for investment come from?

Although its initial investment is very less, but even if you do not have money, many banks finance it. For this, you can take SME loan from Tehel Bank of Solar Subsidy Scheme, Kusum Yojana, National Solar Energy Mission. According to an estimate, from this business one can earn from 30 thousand rupees to 1 lakh rupees in a month. Along with this, Government of India gives subsidy of up to 30 percent under several schemes for solar business. You can get information about this scheme by visiting the renewable energy department of every district.

Associated with which solar company?

You must have understood from the above Solar Business Opportunity. Now the matter comes with which solar company to start this work. Haryana's solar company " Loom Solar " which was started in 2018 and has brought new products, fast home delivery and premium installation to every household in the solar industry, due to which around 2500 solar resellers have been formed in today's time. You can start working by joining this company.


what did you learn about business in the article

Solar business is growing at a speed of 3 times every year. Those who started this business as a dealer have now become distributors in their district and those who started as a solar influencer are running their own installation and business today. This would have given you an idea of ​​how the future of solar business would be. In this article, we have told you about the low budget to high budget business related to solar panels. You can choose the same business model of the same solar panel as per your budget.  

In this article, we have told you how to start solar panel business, solar panel business kaise start kare, how to plant solar energy plant, solar energy plant kaise lagaye, how to make solar energy business plan If you have liked this related information, then you must tell us your opinion in the comment box. If you have any kind of question regarding this business, then you can ask us your question through comment. We will do our best to help you. Thank you 

people also asked

Q. What is Pradhan Mantri Free Solar Panel Yojana?

Ans: Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Yojana

By taking advantage of this scheme, the farmers of the country will become strong and self-reliant. In 1 year, 1 mega watt plant will provide 11 lakh units of energy, your created energy company will buy units at 30 paise. Two types of benefits will be given to the farmers through this KUSUM Yojana through the Prime Minister.

Q. What is solar business?

What is Solar Business?

Ans: According to the need of electricity and the budget of the people, solar gives them such facilities, which helps them to run electric appliances in their homes, and for such facilities, solar is a profitable business by selling solar. It is called business.

Q. How much does the solar light cost?

Ans: If we talk about the price of 1kW solar panel, then its price ranges from about Rs 20,000 to Rs 36,000, depending on the technology, quantity, quality, brand and service of the solar panel. If we talk about the price of watt on solar power plate, then it is available in the market from Rs 18 to Rs 36.

Q. How to make solar plate at home?


  1. Take a copper plate and cut it into equal parts. ,

  2. Heat a copper sheet for about 20-30 min. ,

  3. Connect a copper wire to it. ,

  4. Take another sheet and attach it to the wire as well.

  5. Take a plastic bottle and cut it in the middle, now make a solution of salt and water in its bottom.

Q. What can run in 1 kW solar panel?


  • Specifications of 1kw Hybrid Solar System Particulars Description Solar System 1kW. Solar Panel 335 Watt No. of Panels 3 Nos. ,

  • Recommended load and power backup with 1 kw hybrid solar system home appliance load capacity backup time 4 led + 4 fan + 1 tv 800 watt 3 hours 4 led + 3 fan + 1 fridge 800 watt

Q. Which company has the best solar panels?

Ans: Tata Power Solar

Tata Power Solar is India's most trusted and reliable manufacturer and supplier of solar panels and solar energy products. The company has always been in the forefront in providing new products in the field of solar power.

Q. How is solar energy produced?

Ans: The sunlight falling on the earth and the heat present in it is called solar energy. Solar energy is the only energy source on the earth which is available in abundance as compared to other energy sources. A large amount of energy reaches the earth from the sun and it is also used to generate electricity on the earth.

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