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What is Email Marketing and Best Email Marketing Services 2023

What is email marketing and why and how is it done?

What is Email Marketing and Best Email Marketing Services

What is Email Marketing, Why and How do it, services, tips, What is Email Marketing | Email Marketing Kaise Kare

Today there are many means of earning money through online medium. And today its demand has also increased. Because in today's time people keep looking for opportunities to earn a lot of money sitting at home. Today we are going to give information about one such opportunity for them, that is email marketing. Through which you can earn a lot of money. Now to know what it is and how it is done, you have to look into this article. So read this article till the end.

What is email marketing

You must have heard the name Email Marketing if you are in the Digital marketing field. Locking Do you know what is email marketing, and how people are earning millions from email marketing? Today we are going to give you important information about Email Marketing Kya Hai. This topic is very important for you if you want to earn money through Online Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Let us tell you that through Email Marketing, we can promote our own product or any other product, Affiliate Product very easily. This method is very effective and powerful. Due to this, the conversion rate also comes very well.

So let's know in detail what is Email Marketing and how to do Email Marketing. So that you too can promote your blog or any type of product, brand like others.

Email marketing is the only successful method in the world whose conversion rate is very high compared to other internet marketing methods. Using email marketing does not mean that you will get success overnight, but if you work with patience and hard work everyday, then you can definitely fulfill your dream by earning good revenue.

What is Email Marketing

Marketing means promoting a product or service. This happens in many ways, such as through social media, or through online websites, or through blogs. But it can also be done through email. When we send emails to customers to promote a product or service, it is called email marketing. But email marketing means we are not talking about sending email through postal service. Here we are talking about sending email online ie electronically.

The amazing thing is that you can start email marketing absolutely free, but even if there is a little expense, it is so much that it can come out of your one month's profit.

According to a report, if someone subscribes to us and we send him an email, then the open rate of that first email is 82%. 

Friends, when we promote any Blog, Products, Brands or Affiliate through Email, then where does it go as Email Marketing. In which we do our promotion by sending mail with the help of Email Marketing Tool and Software.

Friends, now you have come to know that finally Email Marketing Kya Hota Hai.

In today's time, Email Marketing is at its peak. Because it is an effective and cheap way to promote. Mostly Email Marketing is used for Branding and Affiliate Product.

In today's time, there are many such Cheap Email Marketing Software and Tools in the market, with the help of which you can mail many people at the same time.

Once you have to enter your Audience's Email List in these tools, then you can mail on any day or any number of times in 1 day.

How is email marketing done? (How to do Email Marketing or Email Marketing strategy tips?)

How to do email marketing

Friends, today we will tell you how you can do Email Marketing? Which is a very easy task, but for this it is very important to have complete and correct information. So let's know.

Email marketing is not a very difficult task. This is done in the following ways –

  • First of all, you decide what kind of email you want to do. That is, if you are a blogger or have a website, then you have to create emails related to increasing subscribers to read your blog or increasing traffic to your website. If you have a business, you need to create emails related to promoting the product of your business. Apart from this, if you work for a company, then you can also email for that company.

  • Once you have decided what kind of email you want to do, then you have to prepare a list of email addresses to whom you want to mail. You will be doing a lot of emails, so you can have a list of email addresses in 2 ways. If you have a blog or website, then you can get the list from there, for this you have to install newsletter widgets in your website. Or you can also give the facility of commenting to the people visiting your website, so that both their name and email address will come to you.

  • Now that we have our list of addresses, we need to start emailing. But how will you email in so many email addresses. For this you have to use email marketing tools or software. With this you can easily send email. These tools are made only for sending emails to all the subscribers at once. In which you can also put a link to the new post by making a good template. When you email through it, the email will go to your customer in their name, which will attract them and they will definitely open the email. This will benefit you.

This is how email marketing is done. And in this, the more and more people will open your email and subscribe to it or click on the link given in it, the more you will benefit.

Note :- When you send email to your customers, you have to keep in mind that your email should look attractive and official to the customers. The email should be such that the customer starts following you immediately after reading your email.

First Step:

To do Email Marketing, you must first have a Gmail Account and also it is necessary to have Bulk Mail List, on which you will promote by Mail. If you do not have any Bulk Mail List, then you can Buy Targeted Bulk email list from GoDaddy or any other Platforms. To do Email Marketing, first of all, it is very important to have an Email Marketing Software and Tool, through which you will be able to send Bulk Mail to all the people at the same time. There are many such tools available in the market, such as MailChimp, Aweber, Sendinblue etc.

Second Step:

Friends, now you have to create an account on any one tool to send Bluk Mail and add your Bulk Email List. There are many such tools which provide you free trail for 1 month. such as MailChimp.

Now you have to customize and make your mail attractive, so that no one goes without seeing it. You are provided with many types of Features, Template in all Email Marketing Tool, with the help of which you can use Video, Images, Text etc. in your Mail.

Third Step:

After doing all this, now you have to run a campaign in Email Marketing Software, so that you can send thousands and millions of Bulk Mail at once. Along with this, you can also find out in which folder your Mail Spam, Inbox, Promotions have gone. Also, how many people have seen your mail and how many people have clicked on the link given by you, you can see all these information in your campaign. Also, you can do re-targeting in future according to the performance of your mail.

How to make money from email marketing

When you have a big email list then you can earn money using these methods. Now we know about the method of earning money from email marketing.  

These methods are-

  1. Affiliate Marketing 

  2. Blog traffic

  3. Youtube traffic

  4. Sell products

In all these ways you can earn money through email marketing. Let us now read all these methods in brief and know how to earn money from email marketing?

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means selling the product of another company on online commission basis.

Marketing is needed to grow any company, a part of it is affiliate marketing. For this you have to register in the affiliate program of that company.

Then that company will give you a link of every product which you can reach to the people. If someone bought goods through that link, then you get some percentage commission of that product. 

That's why you can use email marketing to reach that link to the people.

You can send products of their interest to people through email software, which increases their chances of buying.

There are some great affiliate programs in the market-

  • Amazon affiliate

  • Cj affiliate

  • ShareAsale

  • Bluehost

To do affiliate marketing, you have to build a good relationship with your audience, for this you keep sending them regular emails and make them happy with your information.

2. Blog traffic

You can send people a link to your blog posts in email. After that you can earn money through your blog in many ways. These methods are-

  • Adsense

You can register on any adsense program and earn money by placing ads on your blog. Whenever a person will see these ads or click on them, money will be added to your profile.

  • Sponsored content

Sponsored content is of 2 types- 

Paid reviews and Direct ads. In Paid reviews, you can give a good review for any company or service. In Direct ads, you have to give some part of your blog to the company, from which you can take money as rent.

  • Sell website

If you succeed in creating a high authority blog or website with hard work, then you can sell it at a good price. Their price can range from a few thousands to lakhs.

  • Create and sell plugins

This method is beneficial for those who have experience in coding. Bloggers need plugins and themes to attract their blog. That's why you can develop a plugin or theme and sell them to bloggers.

  • Provide Services

You can ask for money for providing services or get more benefits from things like subscription fee and premium fee. 

Examples of such websites are-

  • Moz

  • Gaana

  • Neil Patel

  • Netflix etc.

3. Youtube traffic

Youtube is currently trending in our country. Many new people are joining here everyday and because of this many people are living a life of luxury.

It is known to everyone that to earn money from youtube, more views and subscribers are required. So you can add dream views and subscribers by sending emails to people.

Money can be earned from Youtube in these ways-

  • Paid reviews

You must have noticed many times that youtubers are sometimes telling about a product in the middle of their video and say that it is today's sponsor. They do paid review of that product.

  • Google Adsense

Google Adsense is very popular on Youtube. Now you must have got used to watching ads before watching the video. Youtube creators earn money from these ads.

  • Youtube Premium

Youtube premium is a paid memebership program where people can watch their favorite Youtubers without ads. Youtube keeps some part of the revenue from this membership and the rest is given to the creator.

4. Sell products

The best way to earn from email marketing is to sell your stuff. You can sell your product by applying a great marketing strategy. Following are some famous examples that you can take some inspiration from by reading about them. As-

  • eBook

By producing a great eBook, you can become famous overnight. This has happened to many people in the past as well. You just have to reach it to the people through email marketing. Then becoming famous is determined by your hard work and luck.

  • Online course

In a situation like Lockdown, people who provide online courses have benefited a lot. And according to the economic study, this trend will continue even after the end of the lockdown. Therefore selling online courses is a beneficial option.

  • Software

If you are a developer then you can build a software and sell it to people. In this IT world, people are always looking for good softwares so that their work becomes easier.

  • Eatables 

Food delivery companies collect a lot of revenue by sending emails of tempting deals and discounts to their customers every day. 

The food industry benefits the most from email marketing, together they use attractive photos and reviews.

How to prepare Email list?

To earn money from email marketing, you will need a big email list, only then you will be able to send emails to more people and reach them.

There are three ways to make it-

  1. You can buy email in bulk from web services like Campaign Monitor, Godaddy.

  1. You can request email id of others on your blog. Whenever they enter your blog, they will see a prompt box in which they can fill their email address so that they can get regular updates from our side.

  1. You can take email addresses of other people from social media. You can request people with similar interest from facebook, twitter, telegram etc. to keep getting emails from your side.

So friends till now you must have come to know what is email marketing and what are its requirements, now let's go ahead and see how to earn money from email marketing?

Which is the best email marketing service (Best Email Marketing Services or tool)

What is the Best Email Marketing Software?

So let's now talk about the Best Email Marketing Software which you can use for email marketing. By the way, you will find many softwares in the market, some of which are free and some are paid.

On this I am going to tell you the Best Email Marketing Software which I have used according to my experience :-

There are many tools and services available today to do email marketing. Here are some of the best email marketing services –

Constant Contact :-

Constant Contact is one of the largest and fastest growing email marketing service in the world. It is the easiest to use and best email marketing service for first timers. This is good because of the following reasons –

  1. You can easily manage your email list, contacts, email templates, marketing calendar and much more.

  2. Each account gives you easy tracking and reporting, a free image library, segmentation of inventory, adding Facebook ads, and a powerful ecommerce feature for Shopify stores.

  3. Its Email Plus account also includes some powerful features, such as email automation, surveys, coupons, online donations, and subject line A/B testing to maximize your open rates.

  4. Constant Contact offers great support with live chat, phone calls, email, community help, and a large library of helpful resources.

  5. In addition to online training, they also offer in-person live seminars throughout the United States. It also helps small businesses quickly learn the basics of email marketing. And at the same time it is good to use it to grow your business.

  6. If you have a small business that is not very profitable or you are a new blogger, then experts recommend using Constant Contact. Its pricing is great. Plus its top-notch support / onboarding team will help you get success with email marketing the right way.

For all these reasons, we call Constant Contact the best email marketing service out there. In this, 60 days free trial and after that its price starts from $ 20 per month.


Drip is a powerful email marketing platform for e-commerce, bloggers, and marketers. They provide a variety of tools to make marketing automation and personalization easy. Which is as follows –

  1. They provide seamless integration for all popular website builders including WordPress and WooCommerce. With this, you can easily add a signup form to your website. Can get more leads.

  2. Drip has intelligent marketing automation tools, smart email segments, groups for lists, and a visual workflow builder. These special features help you to reach the targeted customers in your email list to get more sales.

  3. Drip also has options like live chat support, webinars, automation training, comprehensive courses, free guides, and excellent documentation.

  4. Drip is used by many businesses because it helps them connect, engage, and maintain relationships with each customer on a personal level with smart ecommerce marketing automation.

  5. Drip offers free accounts for up to 100 subscribers. After that its plans start at $49 per month. And also it includes all the features.

  6. If you run an online store and want to do something advanced in it, then using Drip can prove to be good for you. Its personalization and automation features are extremely powerful.

Hence it is the best email marketing software for ecommerce websites and business owners who prefer more advanced tools.

Aweber (AWeber): –

Aweber is one of the oldest and most popular email marketing service providers in the world. It provides a variety of tools for small and medium businesses to manage their email marketing.

  1. If you are doing email marketing for the first time then it will be easy for you to start with Aweber. It seamlessly connects to multiple platforms including WordPress.

  2. You can do email templates, list managing, autoresponders and email tracking with all the detailed information in it.

  3. Aweber also has live chat, phone calls, email support, live webinars, and a large library of how-tos and tutorials.

  4. Aweber offers a free 30-day trial. After that its price starts from $19 per month. You can sign up for quarterly and annual plans to save more.


Sendinblue is a complete SMS and email marketing software for businesses. It is one of the fastest growing email marketing platforms in Europe. The facilities provided in it are as follows –

  1. It is an extremely easy to use platform with advanced tools to create beautiful and highly engaging emails. Its simple drag and drop tools are perfect for first time email marketers. For this, it is not even necessary for them to be experienced in this marketing.

  2. The Sendinblue marketing service includes beginner-friendly automation tools that allow you to send transactional emails, create workflows, and segment users. It can also choose the right time to send emails using its AI algorithm.

  3. This is completely free email marketing plan, it gives you 300 emails per day, but all your emails must have its branding. In this, the paid plan starts from $ 25 per month. You can also add SMS to your account. But the cost may vary depending on your shipping requirements.

  4. If you are a business owner and want a powerful marketing automation tool that combines both email marketing and SMS messaging, then Sendinblue is the best tool for that. Using this platform is easy. And it allows you to manage both email and SMS from a single interface.


Convert Kit is a robust email marketing platform for professional bloggers, writers, and marketers. It is very easy to use, and powerful too. It has the following features –

  1. In ConvertKit, you can easily provide content upgrades and incentives with an email signup form. It also comes with easy to manage autoresponders, which allow you to send drip emails.

  2. With ConvertKit you can easily segment with contacts who might be interested in or have already purchased. It helps you increase conversions with automated emails that feel personal.

  3. It offers email based support, and it has a huge knowledge base with great educational content.

  4. Some of ConvertKit's many features are specially designed for creators and professional bloggers. That is why this marketing service is the best email marketing service for all those professional bloggers out there.

  5. It offers 14 days of free training, and their pricing starts at $29 per month. They also offer a 30 day refund policy.

  6. If you are a professional blogger or content creator. Then ConvertKit is a great option. It is an easy to use platform with advanced segmentation that will help you take your blogging business to the next level.

ConvertKit is a full fledged email marketing software created by Nathan Barry. In its use, automatic email and email marketing can be done. It is one of the fastest growing email marketing companies. It also provides optin forms, signup forms, pop ups to help bring in email subscribers.


Mailchimp is primarily a platform from one of the most popular email marketing service providers in the world. Because it regularly provides free email marketing service plans. It has the following features –

  1. Mailchimp offers options such as an easy email builder, autoresponders, segment contacts into groups, and simple tracking for analytics.

  2. It allows you to setup delivery times based on the user's timezone, and you can also setup segments based on geolocation.

  3. You can easily integrate Mailchimp with WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and other platforms.

  4. The Mailchimp platform is quite limited when it comes to marketing automation features compared to other email marketing services like ConvertKit or Drip. Mailchimp has tried to add some advanced features in the last year or two, but it is simple compared to others.

  5. Mailchimp supports email, live chat, and a large tutorial knowledge base. It always offers a free plan, in which you can send emails from 2,000 to 12,000 subscribers.

  6. In this, having 500 subscribers, the payment plan starts at $ 10 per month. And with the increase in customers, its price also increases.

In this way people can earn profit by promoting their current business with email marketing. This is a good and easy way to earn money online, which you can do even while sitting at home.

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you send emails and communicate with your customers and audience. Through this, you can also collect your subscribers and you can also send email to those who are already your subscribers or audience. This is an email marketing software and is also very popular. You can use it and if you like it, you can also take the paid version. ,


Mailerlite is also a very popular free email marketing software. In its free version also you can apply email automation which you do not get in any other free email marketing software. The special thing about mailerlite is that it is very simple to use, due to which even a newbie blogger can easily understand it and can start email marketing from it.

Why is email marketing good? (Why Email Marketing is Good?)

Email marketing is good for many reasons, here we are going to tell about some of the reasons –

  • Email marketing costs less :- Email marketing is cheap. You can do this yourself, or it can be done through an email marketing agency. Email marketing helps business owners reach hundreds of thousands of consumers with little or no cost. Because in this you only need internet and a computer or laptop. For small business owners, this marketing is a much better option than other traditional marketing channels such as TV, radio or direct mail.

  • Easier to measure in email marketing: Most email marketing tools provide the ability to track what happens when you send an email. This allows you to specifically track delivery rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, click rate, and open rate. This gives you a better understanding of how your email marketing campaigns are working, and which ones aren't working. You cannot ignore all these things. These have an important part in your internet marketing campaign. Your customers can also unsubscribe from your emails by getting annoyed with the daily emails. That's why you have to keep in mind that you do not email too much. This is purely to know your customers and provide them better content.

  • The reach of email marketing is huge :- Email marketing can reach a lot of audience in a short period of time. And this allows the recipient of the email to act on the message immediately. This campaign can be implemented with minimal software, hardware and personal investment.

  • It improves brand awareness and relationship between customers :- Regularly sending email messages with the right subject and logo spreads awareness in the company. And also email creates a reciprocal relationship, which improves the relationship between the right customers.

  • It is an effective way to reach the customers :- There are some consumers who like the products of some particular brand very much. But they do not get to know about the offers or other things of that brand. And the company is also unable to reach its customers. In such a situation, if the company or brand tells people about their brand through email marketing, then they can reach many customers. So it is also an effective way to reach the customers.

  • It's personal :– When you send an email marketing effort with an engaging subject line, you have a 20 percent better chance of the recipient opening the email. To encourage or promote small business, you can send some emails to your customers regarding birthday greetings from your company, product offers and interests related to previous purchases. And when customers read the email, it can benefit you.

For all these reasons email marketing is convenient, and it can also attract customers.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Friends Email Marketing is a very very good way in today's time. Now we are going to tell you about its benefits. So that you can know completely why all Companies, Brands, Media, E-commerce etc. take support of Email Marketing.

  • Friends, through Email Marketing, we can promote our Affiliate, Blog, Brands, in very little money and by staying at one place, anywhere in the world.

  • Through Email Marketing, you can deliver your Products or Service to the Targeted people, what people really need.

  • In today's time, Email Marketing has completely abolished Traditional Marketing. From this you can imagine how effective this method is proving today.

  • Email marketing has less cost but more profit. For this you only need internet and laptop or computer.

  • Email marketing takes less effort.

  • Its success rate is very high because you can make a personal connection with your customers.

  • Its reach is very high as email can be sent to many people simultaneously.

  • It is easy to track it. You can find out through the software where you are making mistakes, so it is very effective.


Friends, I hope you would have liked this topic of ours today, What is Email Marketing. In which we told you what is Email Marketing or how it is done. In today's time, all people must do Email Marketing for their Blog, Brands, Products, Affiliate. That it is very cheap and also gives good conversion. In today's time, Trading Marketing has not been of any use at all. I am sure that you must have understood that how to earn money from email marketing. I am sure you must have liked this article. Friends, please do share this topic of our today with your friends and family. So that they too can get to know completely about Email Marketing and can also know how it is done. You keep your love on us like this. We keep bringing such interesting and important topics for you.

FAQs About Email Marketing

What do you understand by email marketing?

When we send emails to customers to promote a product or service, it is called email marketing.

What is the primary objective of e-mail marketing?

Email marketing is the process of targeting your audience and customers through email. It helps you increase conversions and revenue by providing valuable information to help customers and clients achieve their goals.

What is e-mail marketing, tell its types and benefits?

Email marketing can allow you to create targeted and personalized messages. This can help you build meaningful relationships with your customers. It can also improve response rates to your direct marketing campaigns. However, it is important not to overuse email marketing.

How to earn money from email marketing?

When you have a big email list then you can earn money using these methods.

Affiliate Marketing

Blog traffic

Youtube traffic

Sell products

Q2. What are the best tools for email marketing?

Best Email Marketing Software are




How to do email marketing?

The things you will need to do email marketing are-

  1. Email list in which the email address of people is stored.

  1. Email software through which you can send emails to people, analyze statistics etc. There are many good email softwares in the market like-

  • Convertkit

  • Aweber

  • Mailchimp

  1. Business email address so that you look professional. This is an optional requirement.

What is the email address?

An email address is a unique identity for sending email. The email address is used to send and receive email through the Internet. Just as in earlier times a home address was needed to send something, similarly if someone has to send email and receive email from someone on the Internet, then email address is used for that. Every email address has 2 main parts. First username and second domain name. The username comes first in the email and the domain name comes after the (@) symbol. For example, you can see the below email address in which subopedia is a username and gmail.com after @ is a domain name.


I hope now you have understood what is an email address and what it is used for.

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