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Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022-Jharkhand Gk 2022

Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022-Jharkhand Gk 2022

In this post of Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022-Jharkhand Gk 2022, we have prepared a set of top 50 questions related to JHARKHAND GK which are often asked in the examination. And they cover all the topics related to Jharkhand.

If you are preparing for any examination conducted by the Jharkhand state, then studying these questions is very important for you.

Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022

Jharkhand General Knowledge 2022-Jharkhand Gk 2022

1 . In which district of Jharkhand is Keenan Stadium located?

Answer:- Jamshedpur

2 . Where were the branches of Wahabi movement opened in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Rajmahal

3 . Where is the deposition of infratrapene found?

Answer:- In Mahadev Sangh, in Rajmahal trap, in Pat area

4 . The jewelery worn by the Khongso tribes is related to which organ?

Answer:- hair

5 . The Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) industry was established with the help of which country?

Answer: Soviet Russia

6 . Which folk dance in Jharkhand is performed by men on the occasion of birth anniversary etc.?

Answer:- Pavadia Dance

7 . Which state is the largest producer of coal in India?

Answer:- Jharkhand

8 . When was the aluminum industry established in Jharkhand?

Answer:- In 1937 AD

9 . Which is the most recent physical structure of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Rajmahal Trap

10 . From which tribe do many traditional beliefs of Khadia tribe meet?

Answer:- Dravidian

11 . What was the period of Tana Bhagat movement?

Answer:- 1913-14

12 . In which district Rajmahal Fasil Sanctuary is located?

Answer:- Sahibganj

13 . In which tribe is the mark of a coin found in the hands of men?

Answer:- Santhal

14 . What is the name of the first Chief Minister of Jharkhand State? 

Answer:- Babu Lal Marandi

15 . What is the total length of National Highways in Jharkhand?

Answer:- 1960 kms

16 . What is the rank of the state of Jharkhand in the country in terms of area?

Answer:- 16th

17 . Who was the first Chief Minister of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Babulal Marandi

18 . Where is Birsa Bhagwan Biological Park located?

Answer:- Ranchi

19 . Who was the first Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly?

Answer:- Shri Inder Singh Namdhari

20 . When did Tana Bhagat first join the national movement?

Answer: - From the non- cooperation movement

21 . Denwari, Bhogtamanjhi, Raut etc. are the sub-castes of which tribe?

Answer:- Kharwar

22 . Who was known as Dharti Aba (father of the earth)? 

Answer:- Birsa Munda

23 . After the death of which ruler, the Cheras reunited and regained their lost kingdom?

Answer :- Akbar

24 . Which is the largest mining area of ​​Jharkhand?

Answer:- Dhanbad

25 . Sonpura princely state is in which district of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Palamu

26 . When did the Maratha invasion first start in Jharkhand?

Answer:- 1741 AD.

27 . Which river flowing in Jharkhand is called 'Sorrow of Bengal'?

Answer:- Damodar

28 . In which tribe first attention is given to "witch-bisahi"? A man is called a baid and a woman is called a witch?

Answer:- Khadiya

29 . Who was the first Advocate General of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Mangalmay Banerjee

30 . How many tribal groups are there in Jharkhand?

Answer:- 32

31 On the banks of which river did the Ho tribe people attack Major Rufus in 1820-21 AD?

Answer:- Roro River

32 . To whom do Virhor tribes belong?

Answer:- Primitive Tribes

33 . What is the name of the first Hindi daily paper of Jharkhand?

Answer:- National Language

34 . Does it rain in Jharkhand when monsoon returns?

Answer:- September-November

35 . What is the length of Jharkhand state from east to west?

Answer:- 463 kms.

36 . In what form is Lohardagga mentioned in Ain-Akbari?

Answer:- Kisatee Lohadgga

37 . When was the Chera kingdom of Palamu established?

Answer:- In 1572 AD

38 . When did the Deoghar Conspiracy Case happen?

Answer:- 1927

39 . How many residential schools for scheduled tribes are running in the state?

Answer:- 89

40 . Who was the first Chief Secretary of the state?

Answer:- Shri V.S. Dubey

41 . When did Jai Prakash escape from the Hazaribagh jail?

Answer:- November 9, 1942

42 . In which year Mansingh came as the governor of Bihar?

Answer:- In 1589 AD

43 . Where do the people of Birhor tribe mainly reside? 

Answer:- On the mountains of Kaimur

44 . What title did the Mughal emperor Jahangir give to Ibrahim Khan, the leader of the Kokrah campaign (against the Nagvanshi kingdom of Chotanagpur Khas)?

Answer:- Fath Jung

45 . Which district of Jharkhand is known as the gateway of Madhya Pradesh and Orissa?

Answer:- Gumla

46 . What is the length of Damodar river in Jharkhand?

 Answer:- 290 kms

47 . In which area did the Mughal Subedar Man Singh make his capital?

Answer:- Rajmahal

48 . In which festival does an unmarried girl decorate a wooden or boss's decorated frame with colored paper and dedicate it to a nearby river?

Answer:- Tusu

49 . In which area of ​​Jharkhand did the Chuar Rebellion take place?

Answer:- Panchet

50 . What is the total length of state highways?

Answer:- 6886.40Km

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