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General Knowledge related to Jharkhand 2022

General Knowledge related to Jharkhand 2022

In this post of Jharkhand General Knowledge Quiz, we have prepared a set of top 50 such questions related to Jharkhand General Knowledge which are often asked in the examination. And they cover all the topics related to Jharkhand.

If you are preparing for any examination conducted by the Jharkhand state, then studying these questions is very important for you.

General Knowledge related to Jharkhand 2022

General Knowledge related to Jharkhand

1 . Which is the largest aluminum unit of the state?

Answer:- Muri

2 . In which year Mukhyamantri Gram Setu was launched in Jharkhand?

Answer:- 2001

3 . Who was the first Rajpal of Jharkhand State?

Answer:- Prabhat Kumar

4 . In which year Orissa was carved out of Bihar and made a new state?

Answer:- 1936

5 . The British officer who played an important role in suppressing the rebellion of the Santhals was

Answer:- Major General Lloyd

6 . Which is the main language of Jharkhand state?

Answer:- Hindi language

7 . What was the real name of Tilak Manjhi?

Answer:- Jabra Pahariya

8 . Which is the second largest tribe in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Uraon

9 . Which is the largest wildlife sanctuary in the state of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Palamu

10 . When was Jahangir imprisoned for not paying taxes to Maharaja Durjan Sal?

Answer:- 1616 AD

11 . What is the total length of the roads of Jharkhand state? 

Answer:- 4311 kms.

12 . What is the totemic clan found in the Oraon tribe called?

Answer:- Kili

13 . What is the percentage of forest in the total area in the state?

Answer:- 29.95%

14 . The industrial capital of Jharkhand is?

Answer:- Jamshedpur

15 . From which district does the Brahmani river originate?

Answer:- Palamu

16 . In which year did the Christian missionaries from Germany reach Ranchi?

Answer:- 1845 AD.

17 . Famous as "Queen of hills in Jharkhand"?

Answer:- Netarhat

18 . Which tribes of Jharkhand actively participated in the national movement?

Answer:- Oraon

19 . In which district is the Udhwa Water Bird Sanctuary located?

Answer:- Sahibganj

20 . In which area of ​​Jharkhand, maximum irrigation is done through tube wells?

Answer:- Lohardaga

21 . In the Battle of Plassey of 1757 AD, where was Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula kept captive by the British?

Answer:- Rajmahal

22 . In which tribe Pon Taka is called bride price?

Answer:- Santhal

23 . When was the Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act passed?

Answer:- 1949

24 . Where is Jawahar Diwas celebrated in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Ranchi

25 . In which year the workers union was established in Jamshedpur in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Year 1920

26 . The total area of ​​Jharkhand state is how many square km. Are? 

Answer:- 79714 sq.km.

27 . How far is Samudra from Jharkhand?

Answer:- 90 kms.

28 . Bedia caste people live in?

Answer:- In the Barkakana area of ​​Hazaribagh district

29 . Who is called "Dhubia" in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Dance

30 . Where was the capital of Bengal during Muslim period?

Answer:- Rajmahal

31 . When was the resolution regarding separate Jharkhand withdrawn by the Bihar Legislative Assembly?

Answer:- September 21, 1998

32 . In which district is Mahua Dand Bhedia Wildlife Sanctuary located?

Answer:- Palamu

33 . Who is the chief officer of Panchayat Samiti in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Chief

34 . From which river of Jharkhand, stone age tools have been found in Deoghar?

Answer:- Collazar

35 . Which woman from Jharkhand became the first cabinet minister?

Answer: Joba is mine

36 . What was the name of Birsa Munda's father?

Answer:- Sugna Munda

37 . Which Kalpa comes after the Silurian Kalpa?

Answer:- Devonian Kalpa

38 . In which district of Jharkhand is Kunde princely state?

Answer:- Hazaribagh

39 . In which district is the Konar Hydroelectric Station located?

Answer:- Hazaribagh

40 . In which tribe Gonong is known as bride value system?

Answer: - Yes

41 . Which was the first copper factory in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Ghatshila

42 . What is the literacy rate of Jharkhand state?

Answer:- 67.63%

43 . The capital of the state of Jharkhand is?

Answer:- Rochi

44 . With whom is Budhu Bhagat related?

Answer:- Kol Rebellion

45 . On which occasion Japi folk song is sung?

Answer:- hunting

46 . Which person of Jharkhand received the first Ashoka Chakra?

Answer:- Randhir Verma

47 . With which deity is Manda festival related?

Answer:- Mahadev

48 . How many districts are there in Jharkhand state?

Answer:- 24 Districts

49 . Who is the only person in Jharkhand to have received Param Vir Chakra?

Answer:- Albert Ekka

50 . How many blocks are there in Jharkhand?

Answer:- 259

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