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Jharkhand General Knowledge & Current Affairs 2022

Jharkhand General Knowledge & Current Affairs 2022

In this post of Jharkhand General Knowledge and Current Affairs 2022, we discuss top 50 questions related to JHARKHAND GK which are often asked in the examination. And they cover all the topics related to Jharkhand.

If you are preparing for any examination conducted by the Jharkhand state, then studying these questions is very important for you.

Jharkhand General Knowledge & Current Affairs 2022

Jharkhand General Knowledge & Current Affairs 2022

1 . Where is the world's largest lacquer exporting center located in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Tori

2 . Japla is a major center of which industry?

Answer:- Cement

3 . When and on which river was Maithon Dam built?

Answer:- 1958 AD on the Barakar river

4 . Which group of rocks are found in the Son Valley region?

Answer:- Vindhya

5 . In which district of Jharkhand 'Chhau' dance originated?

Answer:- Seraikela

6 . The main deity of which tribe of Jharkhand is "Singbonga"?

Answer:- Munda

7 . From which place in Jharkhand has a bronze cup been found?

Answer:- Lohardaga

8 . When did the Mughal emperor give Anirudh the village of Untari in exchange for Thanedari?

Answer:- In 1661 AD

9 . The Hijla Mela of Dumka in Jharkhand is organized on the banks of which river?

Answer:- Mayurakshi

10 . Where is the "Science City" being established in the state of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Ranchi

11 . Gitiora belongs to which tribe's youth?

Answer:- Munda

12 . In which district is Chandrapura Thermal Power Station located?

Answer:- Bokaro

13 . How many Panchs are elected by the members of Gram Sabha?

Answer:- 4

14 . Who first raised the demand for Greater Jharkhand?

Answer:- Jaipal Singh

15 . The ancient cave of Muchkund Rishi is in the Pracharu hill of the Swarna Rekha river, in which district of Jharkhand is this place located?

Answer:- Hazaribagh

16 . What is the average annual rainfall of Jharkhand in cm?

Answer:- 140 cm

17 . What is the name of the first chess player from Jharkhand to become the world champion of Jharkhand?

Answer:- Deep Sengupta

18 . Which is the most polluted river in the state?

Answer:- Damodar

19 . Where was the Forward Bloc established?

Answer:- Ramgarh

20 . Who was the commissioner of Chotanagpur during the Revolt of 1857?

Answer:- Dalton

21 . Which is the district with minimum urban population of Jharkhand as per 2011 census?

Answer:- Godda

22 . The area of ​​Jharkhand is what percentage of that of undivided Bihar?

Answer:- 45

23 . Which place in Jharkhand was the main center of Buddhism during the Buddhist period?

Answer:- Dhanbad

24 . How many Jharkhand MPs are there?

Answer:- 20 MPs

25 . Which river of Jharkhand is famous by the name Keekat?

Answer :- Punpun

26 . Which district has the highest decadal population growth rate in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Koderma

27 . There is one sarpanch and how many panches in the village court?

Answer:- 8

28 . Who led the revolt of 1857 in Palamu?

Answer: - Nilambar- Pitambar

29 . The area under well irrigated in the state is?

Answer:- Gumla

30 . What percentage of mineral deposits and deposits are there in Jharkhand?

Answer:- 73 percent

31 . In which year the demand for Vananchal State was made by the Bharatiya Janata Party?

Answer:- 1988

32 . What is the total length of the roads in the state? 

Answer:- 4311 kms.

33 . After whom was the main gate of Ramgarh Congress named?

Answer:- Birsa Munda

34 . In which year Kharsawan, established by the second son of Vikram Singh, was formally established with the British?

Answer:- 1793

35 . When was the demand for Greater Jharkhand first made?

Answer:- 1939 AD

36 . Who was the founding founder of Jharkhand Party?

Answer:- Jaipal Singh (1950)

37 . What is the average height of the Rajmahal trap?

Answer: - 400 m.

38 . In which tribe Panchayat is called Panchera?

Answer:- Uraon

39 . Which state was founded by the Rathor Rajputs of Western India?

Answer:- Port

40 . On which river is Tilaiya Dam situated?

Answer:- Barakar

41 . At which place in the state is the Sun Temple located?

Answer:- Bundu

42 . Which rocks are known as deposits of metallic minerals?

Answer:- Dharwad era

43 . When did Shaista Khan, the Mughal Subedar of Bihar, attack and treaty Palamu fort against the Cherovanshi ruler Pratap Rai of Palamu?

Answer:- 1641-42 AD.

44 . Which district of Jharkhand has the least population?

Answer:- Lohardaga

45 . In which tribe marriage is called Bapala?

Answer:- Santhal

46 . The main reason for which revolt was the exploitation by Raja Jagannath Singh and his acquittal of the British?

Answer: Yes, rebellion

47 . Through where does the Tropic of Cancer pass in Jharkhand? 

Answer:- Ranchi

48 . In which district is Hundru Waterfall?

Answer:- Ranchi

49 . Who is known as 'Marang Gomke'?

Answer:- Jaipal Singh

50 . Where are the TISCO plants located?

Answer:- Tata Nagar

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