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Lucent Jharkhand General Knowledge-Lucent Jharkhand Gk 2022

Lucent Jharkhand General Knowledge-Lucent Jharkhand Gk 2022

In this post of Jharkhand General Knowledge Quiz, we have prepared a set of top 50 questions related to Lucent Jharkhand General Knowledge-Lucent Jharkhand Gk which are often asked in the examination. And they cover all the topics related to Jharkhand.

If you are preparing for any examination conducted by the Jharkhand state, then studying these questions is very important for you.

Lucent Jharkhand General Knowledge

Lucent Jharkhand General Knowledge-Lucent Jharkhand Gk

1 . Dimna Dam is on which river?

Answer:- Swarnarekha

2 . Which deity/goddess of Rajrappa has a temple?

Answer:- Shiva

3 . Dhumkadiya is the main organization of youth of which tribe in Jharkhand?

Ans: Uravan tribe

4 . In which tribe there are two hereditary panchayats Madi and Goddi?

Answer:- Bijhiya

5 . When did the Kol rebellion take place in Jharkhand?

Answer:- 1820

6 . Jharkhand is carved out of which state?

Answer:- Bihar

7 . In which year did Major Ruffage enter the Ho Dium marked area?

Answer:- 1820 AD.

8 . Who was the first Chief Justice of the state?

Answer:- Mr. Vinod Kumar Gupta

9 . At which place of Jharkhand in India is the largest iron steel factory located?

Answer:- Bokaro

10 . In which district of the state Shatabdi Stadium is located?

Answer:- Ranchi

11 . Under whose leadership did all the people of Dhalbhum revolt?

Answer:- Jagannath Dhal

12 . Who was the guru of Jaipal Singh?

Answer:- Kanan Kos Grove

13 . Where is the origin of the conch river?

Answer:- Gumla

14 . When was the Sonot Santhal society established?

Answer:- 1970 AD

15 . What is the population of Jharkhand state according to the 2011 census?

Answer:- 3,29,66,238

16 . Which is the state animal of Jharkhand state?

Answer:- Elephant

17 . Which is the highest peak of the state?

Ans: - Parasnath (1365 m.)

On 15th November, 2000, Jharkhand was created as which state?

Answer:- 28th

19 . After the death of which ruler did the Cheras regroup and regain their lost kingdom?

Answer :- Akbar

20 . Where is Jubilee Park?

Answer:- Jamshedpur

21 . In which district of Jharkhand is Tetulia hot spring located?

Answer:- Dhanbad

22 . Jharkhand became independent after the death of which Mughal ruler?

Answer:- Aurangzeb

23 . Where is the first Taba smelting center in Jharkhand located?

Answer:- Ghatshila

24 . Where did Islam Khan move his capital from the palace?

Answer:- Dhaka

25 . Which animal is found most in Dalma Sanctuary?

Answer:- Tiger

26 . When was the separate Jharkhand resolution passed by the Bihar Legislative Assembly?

Ans: - July 22, 1997

27 . Which district of the state has the largest population?

Answer:- Ranchi

28 . When did the British control Kolhan?

Answer:- In 1837 AD

29 . Where is the Buddhist Bhadrakali Temple located?

Answer:- Chatra

30 . Sudheendra Narayan Singh is related to which caste?

Answer:- Dance

31 . When was the Jharkhand Panchayati Raj Act passed?

Answer:- 2001

32 . Where did the Chuar rebellion take place in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Singhbhum

33 . In which district of Jharkhand state Palko sanctuary is located?

Answer:- Chatra

34 . What percentage of Jharkhand is eligible for agriculture?

Answer:- 77%

35 . By whom was the Kisan Sabha formed?

Ans: - Put Urov

36 . Who pasted the pamphlets titled 'Our Swadhin Bharat' on the pillar at Giridih in 1913?

Answer:- Nirmalchandra Banerjee

37 . When was Ranchi district formed?

Answer:- In 1899

38 . Which is the second highest peak of Jharkhand state?

Answer:- Saruat Hill (Gulgul Pat)

39 . Korba is a Korean tribe, with whom does the life of this tribe meet?

Answer: Munda and Santhal

40 . When did the British Parliament officially name Chotanagpur?

Answer:- In 1872

41 . Under whose leadership a massive movement was launched in Jamtara district?

Answer:- Satyakali Babu

42 . In which district of Jharkhand is the Rajwadi of Chakradharpur located?

Answer:- West Singhbhum

43 . Where was Birsa Munda born?

Answer:- In Ulihatu village of Ranchi district

44 . In which article the social rights of Scheduled Tribes are described?

Answer:- In paragraph 23-24

45 . When did the Chero rebellion take place in Jharkhand?

Answer:- 1770-71

46 . According to the announcement of the Jharkhand government, the pension amount of freedom fighters was increased from 3000 to how much?

Answer:- 5000

47 . Which is the district with minimum area?

Answer:- Ramgarh

48 . What is the rank of Jharkhand state in the country in terms of population?

Answer:- 13th

49 . The capital of the state of Jharkhand is?

Answer:- Ranchi

50 . Who was the Olympic gold medalist who also founded a political party in Jharkhand?

Answer:- Jaipal Singh Munda

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