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Patanjali Paridhan Franchise Plan : How to take Patanjali Apparel Franchise?

How to take Patanjali Apparel Franchise? Patanjali Paridhan Franchise Plan

How to start Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Apparel Franchise Business

Yoga Guru Baba Ram Dev is such a person, who not only revived the age-old Indian Yoga in India but also made it recognized in foreign countries. It is true that Yoga is a centuries-old tradition of India, but people had forgotten it, then Baba Ramdev organized many camps from India to foreign countries and explained its importance to the people and he himself also established a separate identity for himself. After this Baba Ramdev ji launched Ayurvedic medicines and health related products under his name Patanjali and his brand Patanjali Ayurveda became very famous. This journey of Baba Ramdev did not stop here, but he established himself in the FMCG sector leaving behind many domestic and foreign companies. Now Babaji has added one more thing under his brand Patanjali, that is clothes, now Babaji has launched indigenous clothes for women, men and children with his new name Patanjali Paridhan. Now to see it is How successful is this new launch of his, the special thing is that you also have a chance to start business with Patanjali. Patanjali will open its showroom on franchisee mode. If you want to start business with Patanjali then this is the right opportunity. Know here all the information related to taking the franchisee of the company

Patanjali Paridhan Franchise Plan

What is Patanjali Paridhan?

Yogguru Baba Ramdev has registered his presence in the cloth market as well and through this special effort, he has once again called upon the people to adopt Swadeshi. The first store of Patanjali Apparel has been opened in the Indian capital Delhi. Under this brand, he has launched jeans t-shirts as well as sports wear. In this new launch of Patanjali, there will be three brand names, namely Aastha, Sanskar and Livefeet, in which apparel related to women, men and sports will be sold respectively. In this new branded showroom, Babaji has included a wide range of clothes, which will include clothes worn in Yoga to clothes worn on any special occasion. The most important thing in this will be that the clothes of this indigenous brand will be very cheap as compared to the multinational companies and the entire income from its sale will remain in the country.

Baba Ramdev has launched a complete range of indigenous clothes. It includes indigenous clothes ranging from indigenous jeans to indigenous clothes for women and men. At the same time, Acharya Balakrishna had said that the company wants to accelerate its growth. That's why some more segments are being launched in the market. He told that Patanjali has set a target of 50 thousand crore rupees by the year 2022, which will be completed on time.

When it is started – Patanjali Apparel

Patanjali had put his steps in this new sector in the year 2018 on the day of Dhanteras just two days before Lakshmi Pujan. If we talk about the day and date, then this day was 5th November 2018, Monday. The first store of Patanjali's new launch has been opened in Delhi and after this the company aims to open about 500 stores across the country by the coming year.

How to get Patanjali Paridhan Franchise (How to Get Patanjali Paridhan Franchise Online) –

It is very easy to take the franchise of Patanjali Apparel as compared to any other foreign company. You can take Patanjali's franchise only through a mail or phone. But it is mandatory for you to follow some conditions to take its franchisee. If you fulfill all the conditions of Patanjali, then you can apply for it anytime.

If you fulfill these conditions and want to apply for the franchise, then you can mail to enquiry@patanjaliparidhan.org. Baba has also given some phone numbers on his Facebook posts and tweets. You can know the whole process by calling them.

For Patanjali Paridhan Franchisee you have to mail on the following mail id

Email Id – enquiry@patanjaliparidhan.org

Patanjali Apparel Main you can also take franchise by dialing some phone numbers.

Following are the phone numbers of Patanjali Paridhan (Patanjali paridhan contact number) – 

7302315131, 7302315017, 7302315129, 070333 44433

Criteria and Requirements for Patanjali Paridhan Franchise –

If you also want to take the franchise of Patanjali Apparel, then you will be required to follow some of its conditions, only then you can earn profit by being a part of this Patanjali Apparel. The following are the essential conditions for taking the franchise of Patanjali Apparel –

  • As per Patanjali rules, you will be given priority if you have experience in the field of clothing or related field.

  • Apart from this, the most important condition for taking the franchise of Patanjali Apparel is related to its place. If you want to open a store in your city by taking its franchise, then the most important condition is that you have about 2000 square feet of space and at the same time the front portion of your place should be 20 feet, whose height should also be at least 10 feet. It is mandatory to be

  • If you want, you can start this business on leased land, but if the land is your own, then you will be given priority.

  • The location shown by you for the store must be in a mall, commercial complex or a market place.

Baba Ramdev himself had revealed the terms of Patanjali's franchise by tweeting. According to Ramdev, it is necessary to have your own property to open a showroom. The property should be located in a mall, commercial complex or high street. The space for the showroom should be at least 2000 square feet on the ground floor, whose frontage should be 20 feet and the height should be at least 10 feet. Must have prior experience in Garment or Textiles.

Investment for Patanjali Apparel Franchise – 

According to the information received so far, you may have to spend 1 crore or more for its franchise. In this one crore, you have to spend 35 lakhs to set up your store, while you will have to spend about 75 lakhs on the first stock in your store. In addition to the clothes of Patanjali apparel, various accessories and jewelry will also be included in this. In this way, if you are able to spend one crore, then only you can consider this business.

Profit Margin and Profit – 

According to the information received, you can earn a margin of about 30 percent in this store. If we calculate in this way, then you can get the benefit of up to 30 lakhs in a year. In this way you can earn up to 2 lakh 50 thousand in a month, which is a respectable figure.

In this way, Yoga Guru's new initiative in this new field will also promote the use of indigenous goods. This new initiative of Patanjali will not only benefit any one institution, but now the youth will also get new employment opportunities through this. This new initiative of Baba Ramdev was condemned by many people, but it is not an easy task to hoist our flag in many areas in just a few years. And Baba Ramdev not only established his own name, but he also brought down the market of many foreign companies. Many small and big industries got encouragement from his brand and thousands of youth got employment. The work done by him is commendable.


How much margin is available

The company's retailers' margin is also up to 20%. Dealers' margin is said to be much higher than this. The company sells products through three different channels.

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